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Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of the franchises from which I will borrow content/elements/characters.

Like I said, I would be writing an AU version of LordOfLust’s “Stop Teasing Us Sensei” and if you check the second page (I think) of the discussion page you can see he gave me permission. That said, a lot of things are going to be different in this story. Kushina will cheat on her husband, but it’s not just due to her not getting some. Also, the power scaling issue in this story will be fixed because THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL that KIBA can beat Naruto, even by porn without plot standards. Secondly, Kushina will not have full power over Kurama’s power because LOL, I don’t mean to be rude but you can’t just get rid of all that hatred like that. She will be strong, but not S Rank or SS Rank as Lord showed it. It messes everything up. Even Mito Uzumaki wasn’t able to completely control Kurama. Anyways, I guess it was mostly the bashing that got to me. I mean Naruto isn’t even a bashing worthy character.

Also, I sort of don’t know much about writing. I mostly try to rip off my cousin’s writing style who’s kind of famous on FF.net. You probably know him as Rifat or RifatAlam, the guy who wrote “The Uchiha Prodigy”. As much as I hate him, his rapid improvement is sort of what caused me to write better stories instead of just plain smut. PS: I’ll also try to add some layers to the characters, but again I’m not a good writer and doing this for fun. There will be some dark and serious moments, because I really want to show that actions have consequences in this world.

The Fourth Hokage’s greatest failure.

That’s what they called him. Every day and every night, he heard those hushed whispers. The snickers, the laughs, the taunts. Each day a part of him suffered hearing those words. Always shrouded by the shadow his father’s greatness, Naruto struggled to make himself stand out.

Not because he wanted attention, but because he wanted to be himself. Yet, they only saw the son of the Fourth or the Tailed Beast in human skin. Now, here he sat in the middle of Training Ground Seven, his fists bloodied and tears threatening to break out. And again, he failed to prove his might. All because…he wanted to keep his word.

I see you’re finally accepting your fate,” a dark, cruel voice whispered to him. “Tell me boy, do you want power? Do you want to break free and prove everyone wrong?”

‘Shut up.’ He stared at the ground, refusing to hear those words. He couldn’t even cut the connection off due to his messed up chakra control. That…freakshow of a woman in the Forest of Death did a number on him with that seal thingy.

“Why? Is little Naruto scared and angry after losing to the Inuzuka runt?”

‘I said, shut up,’ Naruto said to the beast inside him.

“I don’t blame you though,” the beast of malice casually spoke. “You did promise your mother you would let her students fight you with everything they had. Then again, I wonder what the fight would be like if you had proper chakra control. To think your own parents ignored teaching you all that. You’d probably be better off as an orphan.”

Naruto tried to counter those words. He failed. He didn’t hate his parents, far from it…he loved them. However, with Minato getting the life sucked out of him because of his position along with his mother, who for some reason spent nearly all her time with her team, he rarely got time to trained by them. His mother, Kushina, joined the active roster five years ago after a long time.

But, never did he once complain how they didn’t manage to teach him properly. He wasn’t bright or a genius, Naruto freely admitted that. That title, rightfully, belonged to people like Sasuke.

Sasuke had gone through so much, lost his entire family, yet persevered. And Naruto despite having everything, was left with nothing. That made him even more jealous of the Uchiha prodigy and, again, Naruto failed his teammate by not going to the final round.

Maybe, he shouldn’t have listened to Kushina and let Kiba power up to his full capacity. It was stupid of him.

“You’re damn right it was stupid,” the Fox said once more. “Then again, your parents do consider you stupid. I mean they did hide the fact you were a Jinchūriki from you for fourteen years. Still, I thought you’d catch on after the villagers, who so lovingly trust their Hokage, beat your ass into the ground when you were ten.

‘I don’t want to talk you, fox,’ Naruto choked the words out, trying to forget that horrible night. ‘Go away.’

“No, I rather enjoy breaking you down. And the funny thing is,” he could feel the beast smiling, “your parents ignoring you is helping me weaken the seal. I really should thank them. Looks like I’ll gain freedom sooner than I think. First thing I’ll do is rip my other half out of your bitch mother. Watching her die will put the biggest smile on my face.

‘If you touch her,’ Naruto spoke, venom clear in his eyes as they turned red for a moment. ‘I’ll kill you.’

He heard the Kyūbi laughing like a madman in his mind. “Big words coming from a runt who got his ass kicked twice in 24 hours. At least the first woman was strong, strong enough to shame your parents even. The second one…hahahahahahha! You could’ve easily beaten that brat if you had your powers or you didn’t let him gain his full strength. Oh wait, you did. And who was it that told you to fight fair against them? That’s right, that whore of a redhead told you.

“SHUT UP!” Naruto yelled as he slammed his own forehead against the ground.

The metallic part on his headband dented and  the blond felt something trickling down his forehead. He was still retaining injuries from his last two fights, and now this. Getting up, while rubbing the blood off with his sleeves, Naruto started to walk off until he felt someone was behind him.

“Naruto,” a voice, calm and cool spoke. “I’ve been looking for you.”

The boy truly did his best to fight back his tears this time. He couldn’t turn around and face his sensei. In his mind, he failed the famed Copy Ninja.

“Naruto,” his sensei’s voice was more soothing now. “You need to go back to the infirmary. Sensei’s been looking for you.”

“And mom?” He couldn’t help but ask. A part of him was dying to know. He loved his mother more than his father, it sounded like favoritism but it was true. For the first eight years of his life, it was just him and Kushina. Minato was there, but not like her. She was his pillar of support, his dream of Hokage stemmed from the fact she could never attain that position. He wanted that hat to fulfill his mother’s dream.

Instead of hearing an immediate ‘Yes’, he heard his sensei sigh. “Kushina-san’s gone to train her team. Last I heard she and Kiba came to visit you at the infirmary.”

Hearing his name made a scowl appear on his face. On top of that, his mother was with him. They spent too much time together, she and her whole time. It was disturbing at times, and their joint mission at Wave only increased his dislike of them more.

Takako and Komachi, along with the resident skank Ami, were the ones who looked down on him the most. He understood why. They all lost family in the Kyūbi rampage and their relatives fed them hatred and prejudice. But, Kiba…he really didn’t know why the boy hated him. Naruto knew the Inuzuka didn’t like him, despite their loudmouthed and brash similarities.

“Naruto, I asked you a question.”

“What?” the boy said, still not looking at him. Glaring at the ground was far more comfortable. The blond felt a hand ruffling his hair. It was nice.

“I asked you why ran away from the infirmary.”

Naruto couldn’t answer. He thought his imagination was getting the better of him in that place. For a second he though he heard his mother and Kiba’s voice there, and some sort of slurping noises. He wanted to ignore that and the Kyūbi’s taunts about debauchery wasn’t helping.

“I…I didn’t want to meet anyone.”

Hearing his sensei sigh once more, Naruto prepared himself for words of disappointment. “It’s okay, Naruto. You didn’t get through this time, you can try again in six months.”

And Naruto couldn’t hold his tears back anymore. It was almost cruel. He didn’t want to be left behind, not anymore. He was the dead last son of the Fourth and the Habanero. A fucking failure.

“Oi, oi,” Kakashi said finally coming in front of him, forcing the blond to look at him. “That’s not the genin from my team. I thought you never gave up.”

“Kakashi-sensei,” he choked out. “You don’t understand. Every time I do something, someone compares me to Dad and say how he was better at my age. I’m not him! I don’t want to be him. I want to be myself. Why can’t people understand that? Either it’s always comparing me to Dad, saying how he and Mom have a failure of a son or the Kyūbi in human form. I don’t like it anymore!”

Kakashi let the boy cry it out.

In the jōnin’s mind, sometimes it was better to let the emotions out. Bottling them lead to severe consequences, Kakashi knew that firsthand and if Minato along with his wife weren’t alive, he would’ve spiraled further into that depressing state. Bless the Sandaime and his sacrifice to keep the village safe. His student was a complicated one, just like Sasuke.

Whereas Sasuke lost everything, Naruto had his parents but none of the support. It was tragic almost. The Copy Ninja tried to hint it at the blond’s parents, but they were more thick than he assumed.

“I just,” Naruto spoke after several moments. “I just want to prove to everyone that I’m someone else. That I’m not a failure, I’m not the Kyūbi, and the reason I’m improving isn’t because I have strong parents or something.”

“I understand, Naruto. Believe me, I do,” Kakashi said. “Now, I’ve got one question to ask you and you’re going to answer it honestly.”

“Alright,” the blond said, uneasiness growing inside him.

“Why didn’t  you use Shadow Clones against Kiba? You only went for timed attacks and long ranged shuriken attacks, which really isn’t your forte.” Kakashi finished and heard his student mumbling. “What was that?”

“I can’t use my chakra,” Naruto muttered.

“What?” Kakashi asked, his eye widening. The Copy Ninja took off his headband, the Sharingan gleamed as it analyzed Naruto. His student fought against Kiba and lasted more than fifteen minutes in this state. Kakashi didn’t know whether to feel proud or be sad at the predicament. “Your chakra…why is it so..”

“Fucked up?” Naruto said, not caring about his language and saw his sensei nod, hesitantly. “It was the freaky woman we faced in the Forest of Death, the one who had large snakes. She hit me with something on her fingers. Ever since that, I can’t use it and you know how horrible my control is.”

Kakashi winced at those words. He wasn’t a good teacher, far from it he was almost biased and lazy. “Well, the latter is my fault; I should’ve trained you more –all of you. As for the woman, well she did do a number on you. It was a seal she used, one made specifically to mess up your chakra control. Were you using it’s chakra by any chance?”

“Yeah, I was using his chakra,” Naruto said. “How do I fix this? I need to train more. I can’t afford to be behind anymore.”

“Unfortunately, I can’t break that seal,” Kakashi said, his student seemed more hopeless. It was too similar, the hopelessness in his eyes. The failure of not being able to do anything. “But, I do know someone who will be able to break that seal.”

“I’m not going to Dad.”

Naruto’s eyes were unwavering and Kakashi sighed. At least his student still had spunk. “I was thinking of someone else. In fact, he might be the best teacher you need right now considering I’ve got to train Sasuke for the next stage.”

Naruto flinched at the mention of Sasuke. “Sensei,” the blond said. “Could…you tell Sasuke I didn’t make it to the finals?”

“Naruto,” Kakashi said. “Like I said before, don’t worry. You can improve, in fact if you use your Shadow Clones you can improve quickly. Surely you know that.”

“What?” Naruto asked and Kakashi raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean improve quickly? They’re just expendable clones.”

“Well you do know that your clones send you information when they dispel right,” Kakashi said as his students nodded. “You can train with them. Say you do the same thing with 50 clones, and you’ll get 50 days of training in one day. You…didn’t know that, did you?”

Naruto could only stare like an idiot at his words. How didn’t he notice this before?! “Oh man…”

“It’s alright, Naruto,” Kakashi couldn’t help but chuckle. “It’s probably because the chakra overload wasn’t a problem for you. Now, let’s go. A perverted sage awaits.”

“Not him…when did Pervy Sage come back?”

Kushina smiled as she went home and stretched. It had been quite an eventful day. Or a mouthful, she giggled to herself as she remembered sucking Kiba off near Naruto’s unconscious form. It was so wrong, yet it excited her. Kiba, Takako and Komachi were oddly gifted for young men.

Resisting the urge to rub her clitoris, she entered home and loudly yelled, “I’m home!”

She saw Minato coming out, with a bowl in his hand and his classic apron on. A smile, albeit strange, presence on his face. “Welcome back, Kushina.”

“Minato,” she went forward and kissed him.

It was strange really. She still loved Minato, but physically there was this urge inside her. It stemmed from three years ago and it finally broke when she took on a team.

Of course it was all harmless, and Kushina was thirsty for some. Her students were still children though, it would be over soon. She was a married woman at the end of the day, and her little act could only escape Minato’s eyes for so long. Still, it was fun and she enjoyed the desire in their eyes. But she would never stoop to Mito’s level when the Kyūbi showed her a very…disturbing memory.

Nothing would make her do that.

“You’re home early,” the redhead said and Minato shrugged.

“Well, I had some less work today and on top of that there’s no sign of Orochimaru,” Minato frowned a bit. “Maybe he was just here to mark Sasuke. But if he does show up, he’ll die.”

The sharp venom in Minato’s words almost made Kushina jump him. She missed that fire of his, being Hokage took away this thing Minato had. The aura of command around him. It was hot. Something her students had.

“Anyways,” her husband, the Yellow Flash said. “You should probably go freshen up. I’m making dinner tonight.”

“Right,” Kushina said and went to her room. Standing naked in front of the mirror, she admired her fit frame. Understanding why men lusted after her, she shrugged it off as she chilled under the cold shower. Fixing her hair and putting on her nightgown, she came down to see Minato ready with dinner.

It had been some time since Minato came home this early. Maybe they could have one of their nights again, it had been a long time. Looks like the sound barriers would have to come up, she didn’t want Naruto getting scarred or something. Speaking of him.

“I’ll go get Naruto,” Kushina and got up, but Minato stopped her.

“Naruto isn’t in the village.”

“What?” she nearly snapped. “What do you mean Naruto’s not in the village? Is he still blowing off steam? I swear to God, I get that he lost but geez. He doesn’t have to be so overdramatic.”

Maybe Kiba was right about her son being a complaining idiot. Perhaps her biased view of her son was not letting her see the fail-

“Kushina,” Minato spoke with a small frown. “You really shouldn’t say that.”

“Well, if he stops acting like a brat then maybe I will.”

“Look,” Minato said, rubbing his head. “Naruto…he’s kind of angry right now and since Jiraiya-sensei was in the village, I sent the two of them on a mission. We need to find Tsunade for Lee’s treatment. I can’t risk having the Ichibi Jinchūriki running wild.”

“Minato,” she said, “you and I both know we can handle an out of control Jinchūriki. Back to the point at hand, why did you send Naruto with the pervert of all people? He’s not a good influence.”

Kushina did note the amount of hypocrisy in her words, but why did Minato send her son off with the pervert? There was no point. Naruto had been slacking from what she’d seen today, and all his claims of improving seemed like lies. When he got back—

“Kushina, that’s enough,” Minato said, leaving no room for argument. “Jiraiya sensei for all his flaws is a good person, he did teach me. I know him, besides Kakashi did a good thing when he took Naruto to him. The seal needed to be broken.”


“You didn’t know?” Minato asked her and Kushina’s confusion grew. What seal?

“What are you talking about?”

“Naruto didn’t tell you? Although he didn’t want to tell me either, I guess he was embarrassed,” Minato continued, rubbing his chin.

“Minato, what are you talking about? What seal?”

“Naruto and his team, do you know what happened to them?”

“Other than Orochimaru marking Sasuke which was supposedly his objective, nobody told me anything else,” Kushina clarified and saw her husband sigh.

“I need you to remain calm, okay Kushina?” he said and watched his wife nod. “Naruto almost died.”

The words came as a blow to Kushina, she felt a pang in her chest. “W-What?”

“Orochimaru,” Minato said, his tone not hiding the hatred. “He didn’t just go after Sasuke. Sakura told me that Naruto used ‘red chakra’ to fight Orochimaru and for a moment, our son did have the upper hand. Tearing through two of his large summons until Orochimaru stabbed him with a sword.”

Kushina clenched her fists as she thought about the image. Her boy, the one she possibly loved the most in the world, stabbed by the traitorous snake. Her stomach churned and for a moment she heard the Kyūbi growl.

“Thankfully he was able to heal and Orochimaru, then placed a Five Pronged Seal on top of the Eight Trigrams,” Minato finished with a sigh. “Well that explains why he performed so poorly. Kakashi said that Naruto was shaken up about it. Still, I’m surprised he lasted that long.”

“S-So,” Kushina almost stuttered and took a  moment to compose herself. “He fought Kiba while not having access to his chakra.”

“Yeah,” her husband said. “The guts on him surprises me every day. Makes me feel like I should spend a bit more time training him. What about you? Did you teach him something new?”

“Uh, no,” she said, a bit nervously.

“What? I thought that’s why you get up so early in the morning. Then where do you go?” Minato asked, his brows furrowed.

“To teach my team,” she said and ‘Sucking them off’. The last bit was in her mind of course.

“Oh,” the Fourth Hokage said. “I guess that’s a good thing.”

“It would be biased wouldn’t it? Me teaching my son over my team?”

“As a sensei, yes. But lately,” Minato said with a tone she hadn’t heard in a long time. Not since Rin died. “I feel like he’s growing distant and if today’s behavior was anything to go by, then I’m sure he resents me on some scale.”

“What happened?” she asked. Fear overtaking her mind.

“Well, it wasn’t Naruto who told me that Orochimaru placed a seal on him,” Minato explained. “Kakashi told me he’s going to train Sasuke, and he took Jiraiya to break the seal. When I asked why Naruto didn’t come to me, he said…Naruto didn’t want to see me right now. I even checked the infirmary but he didn’t return. Then Jiraiya sensei came and for some reason, he was disappointed. I haven’t seen him looking at me like that since I failed the Bell Test.”

Kushina’s worried increased with each word her husband said. It was…it was something she didn’t want to hear. It wasn’t like she ignored Naruto or something. She just left him to his own devices, he did seem determined and never asked for help or training. Self-made all the way.

“Then I gave Jiraiya sensei a mission to find Tsunade, if they couldn’t do it in four weeks then to return immediately.”

“And Naruto,” she finally spoke. “He went along willingly.”

“From what sensei said, yes,” Minato said. “It would be best if he spends sometime outside the village, right now he’s pissed. Still, he could’ve said something about his condition or at the very least not let Kiba thrash him around like that by telling the truth from the start.”

Kushina never felt hypocrisy hitting her more than it did today. She remembered asking Naruto to fight fair against her students and he probably did his best to keep up with Kiba, powered by his clan’s pills. An ugly pit formed in her stomach. She called her son a slacker when he was essentially fighting Kiba with both arms tied.

“Well, let’s have dinner then,” Minato said. “Don’t want it getting cold.”

“Yeah,” Kushina said and ate quietly. Small word exchanged between the couple, her explaining how she had a well planned training (and sexual) routine planned with her students. Yet, some of the excitement was lost and she found her mind going to back to Naruto repeatedly.

He didn’t even come home and left in that state. Going to bed, she lied quietly when the Kyūbi spoke up.

Not thinking about fucking your students anymore,” the beast spoke, its words were condescending.

‘Shut up, furball,’ Kushina mentally said. ‘Why the fuck are you even talking to me?’

It’s only a matter of time. Mito did the same thing, Uzumaki have a large libido and being a Jinchūriki only affects it more.”

‘So you’re doing this to me?’

Oh I’m doing nothing,” the beast said. “The desire to cheat and lust is there, I’m just amplifying it a bit. Besides, you’re the one who got bored and let herself be ruled by children eager for a fun fuck. Mito did the same, her husband was always so busy. And now, you’re son will probably do the same.

‘You leave him out of this,’ Kushina said, her chains threatening to bind the beast, painfully.

Oh you can do that all you want, we all know you want to be tied up and fucked over by those three students of yours,” the beast said. “As for your son, I don’t have to do anything. He’ll fall sooner or later, after all…being ignored by your mother…even I couldn’t handle something like this.”

Kushina cut off the connection as she tried to sleep. Yet thoughts of Naruto and sex with her students kept coming back. It intermingled at times. She ignored it and thought of how to improve her relationship with her son and avoid what Mito became.

If Kushina knew what was to come  because of her inner desires, then the redhead would’ve stopped right there and then.

But fate had much bigger plans, both for her and her son.

And that’s it for the first chapter. As you can see, there are some differences. First of all, it seemed that LOL forgot about the fact that Naruto had the Five Pronged Seal on him otherwise he couldn’t use the Kyūbi’s chakra much less use it against someone like Kiba. There will be some bashing, mostly because I saw LOL writing about Kiba saying he hated Naruto and Kushina’s reluctance to correct him. Basically, power scales are fixed in this story. TC and review people, don’t forget to review. They really help.

PS: Make sure to check out my other story "The Ghosts in Our Hearts", it's much better written than this and has a rather interesting storyline that's more compelling to read. Review that too.

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