The Ghost In Our Hearts

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What’s up, you magnificent bastards. That’s right this here is my first story. Originally, my first story was supposed to be an AU version of “Stop Teasing Us Sensei” but then I read that part about Kiba beating Naruto and I just quit. I’m sorry LordOfLust, but even by illogical adult ff standards that was plain stupid. Kiba is trash. The lowest of the low, the bottom of the barrel, all he can do is Fang over Fang and not take showers for weeks. While this story has clichés, it is written better than most stories and will follow a normal story mode – though there will be sex. But those parts might be weaker compared to the prose itself. Fuck it, just read this.

Hiruzen Sarutobi’s eyes remained fixed on the paper.

Each letter, each word, each sentence analyzed under his scrutinizing stare. Smiling at the success of the mission, the Third Hokage closed the scroll and looked towards the ANBU operative kneeling in front of his desk. Drinking some water, the aged shinobi smacked his dry lips before speaking.

“Another successful, mission.” Sarutobi expected a reply, but merely received a shrug. “I think I may give you a raise on this one, Yūrei.”

“Whatever suits you best, Hokage-sama.”

The ANBU’s voice was bored and Sarutobi shook his head in mirth. Leave it to Yūrei to ignore pay. Then again, he does have a lot of money.

“Is that all for today, Hokage-sama?” Yūrei asked, his mask now clear in view –it resembled a modified skull with tribal markings on one side. “Or is there another mission?”

“In fact there is one mission, Yūrei,” came the reply from the Professor. The Hokage took his crack his knuckles. “It involves reconnaissance and observation. Subversion if needs be.”

“I see.”

“Long term too, it may take more than a year or years in fact.”

“I don’t see a problem with that, Hokage-sama.”

“Also, you’ll have to quit being ANBU.”

“I understand and…wait, what?”

Sarutobi’s grin widened as he heard the surprise in Yūrei’s voice. It was to be expected.

“Hokage-sama,” Yūrei continued. “I think I heard you wrong, but did you just say that I have to quit ANBU?”

“You didn’t hear anything wrong, Yūrei,” the Hokage replied, taking up his pipe and lighting it. “I need you to go on this mission, it’ll take time as I mentioned before –years even.”

Sarutobi heard a small sigh leaving from the masked shinobi. “And what exactly is the mission?”

“Keeping the Uchiha heir in line,” Sarutobi explained with a semi-serious look. “Ever since the Uchiha massacre, there’ve been signs that he’s a flight-risk. Inoichi’s previous reports from his trauma sessions with the boy seem to indicate so. Plus someone of your age and skill hiding among them to keep an eye on him seems like a good cover.”

“Except you forgot about the part where you lose an S Ranked shinobi. The only one other yourself in the village right now,” Yūrei countered and the Hokage remained quiet for some time.

It was true. Barring himself and Jiraiya, there were no real monsters on Konoha’s side. Yūrei was the answer to his problems. He was respected by the ANBU, feared by foreign shinobi, hell even Danzo was proud of the thirteen year old. ‘The best we’ve had since Itachi,’ was what his old rival in the shadows said, and Sarutobi knew Danzo never complimented anyone from the new age, save a few.

“Don’t worry, this will be an S Ranked mission along with the payment you get,” the Hokage smoked as he picked up a file. “I took the liberty of making up a good cover for you. The upside is since you’re a loner, there won’t be suspicions.”

“I see, and how many people will know about this…mission?” Sarutobi choked back a laugh when he heard the disdain in Yūrei’s voice.

“Danzo, Homura, Koharu, and the Ino-Shika-Cho trio, along with your ANBU troupe.”

“And I must be the one who takes this mission?”

“Yūrei, take off your mask.”

It was an order, and Sarutobi saw the ANBU slowly take off his mask. Blond hair, one amethyst stared back at him while his right eye was closed, a scar running over it. The boy’s face had a look of annoyance and anger.

“Please hand it over,” Sarutobi said and Yūrei stood there before getting up and placing his mask, his flak jacket and greaves on the desk. As he reached for his tantō, the Hokage spoke up, “You can keep that. It was always yours.”

“I see,” the boy known as Yūrei said and picked up the file. “When do I start?”

“Tomorrow morning at the Academy. Who knows? You might make some friends too.”

This was the other reason he picked Yūrei. The ANBU had served him fine, dutifully as any loyal shinobi would do. But to be an ANBU for the last six years, it was something no child should’ve gone through. Sarutobi was glad the boy didn’t become emotionless unlike so many others who failed.

“I don’t need friends at the Academy. I have my ANBU squad for that.”

“You do realize that you don’t associate with them much.”

“I do. When you’re not spying on me with that crystal ball of yours.”

Sarutobi wasn’t expecting that. Since when did he-

“I’ve known since I was seven. Some of your on-spot guesses were far too accurate to be coincidences.”


“When do I fill out my resignation form?”

“ANBU is directly under me, I already retired you.”

“I hope this plan works the way you want it to, Hokage-sama. I for one am not going to enjoy this.”

“It will, keep an eye out for snakes and rats.” Sarutobi saw the teen nodding at his words.

“I’ll be leaving then, Hokage-sama,” the teen formerly known as Yūrei said.

“One more thing,” the elderly man said and the teen stopped. “Happy Birthday, Naruto.”



“Go fuck yourself, old man,” was all the blond said as Sarutobi finally laughed at the insult.

After the blond left, Sarutobi’s gaze shifted to the four portraits hanging by the western wall of the office. “I wonder what you’d think about this, Minato.”

Naruto Uzumaki walked to his home with a frown on his face.

A muscled twitched every now and then as his annoyance seemed to reach his peak. He still couldn’t figure out why the old coot did what he did. The blond had half a mind to go rogue right now. Naruto now understood why missing nin abandoned their villages in the first place: senile old men and their twisted orders.

Shaking his head, the blond turned to see a local dealer trying to sell his ‘high quality shit’ to a boy who looked around his age. The boy had red marks on his cheeks and a pup on his head, on a side note the canine looked angry. Naruto walked away from the scene and rolled his eyes.

People his age were stupid and, sometimes, far too carefree. Granted it was peacetime and there was ‘peace’ throughout the nations, but every time there was a graduation ceremony the former ANBU laughed. Naruto genuinely laughed his guts out at the low standards the Academy had, in his opinion Kumo did a better job with their education standards; he should know, he did stay there for six months.

“What are you yapping on about?” the teen heard a growling, deep voice in the back of his mind. It was followed by a loud yawn.

‘Nothing, just seeing stupid kids and their stupid charades,’ Naruto replied to the voice inside his head.

So, anything interesting happened?”

‘I got kicked out of the ANBU.’

“Yeah, very nice and…wait, what?”

‘I was forced to retire and take a S Rank mission to observe someone.’


‘An Academy student.’

Hearing the loud growl and the rain of curses showering from his tenant’s mind, the blond stifled back a chuckle. His best friend, a gigantic fox heralded as the most powerful demon in the world was expressing his opinion by…well some very creative sentences.

And put his head on a stick like a goddamned fucking pig!

‘You done, Kurama?’ Naruto asked, thoroughly amused at the fox’s coping session.

Yeah, anyways,” Kurama, the Kyūbi spoke, “just which glorified piece of human flesh are we to observe?

‘You’re not going to like it, but it’s the last Uchiha in the village,’ instead of hearing a wrathful growl, words that were foul, and some well delivered scowl, Naruto heard the Bijū laughing. It was disturbing to be honest. ‘Are you actually happy about this?’

Fuck the hell yes! Man, I remember when you found the kid. The moon was full that night, right? Kinda reddish too.”

‘It was.’ Quite the dangerous color the satellite in space took. Foreshadowing was never more epic in his mind.

So you’re telling me I get to watch an Uchiha, one whose mind got mentally fucked over by his brother, saw his clan getting gloriously slaughtered, squirm in angst and pain. Then you ask me if I’m happy? Naruto, buddy, mi amigo…this is the best thing ever.”

‘I sometimes wonder why we’re best friends, Kurama,’ Naruto spoke in his mind with dead honesty, shaking his head at the words of tenant. ‘Remind me to get you a therapist.’

Joke’s on you, chakra masses don’t have issues.

‘Really? What about all that “Oh get rid of the seal young one! I can help you! Let the hate flow and kill them all!”? Was that for shits and giggles?’

Would you believe me if I said ‘yes’?”

‘I would actually. I’ve known you for nearly ten years, Ku-chan,’ Naruto heard the beast growl, the teen smiled. ‘I think I know when you’re serious and when you’re shitting people.’

Shut up, human. Your words are annoying me. Kurama the Great going out for the night.”

‘Yeah that’s right, go to sleep you bunny eared, dirty slut of a fox.’

“FUCK YO-“ Naruto chuckled as he cut off the connection to Kurama and entered his raggedy, old apartment in the shadiest part of town.

Going to his room, Naruto took off his clothes and headed for the shower. The warm water was nice, eased his muscles and helped him forget all the heads he severed today. He chuckled as he remembered the last nin who offered his own wife and daughter to let him live, Naruto shook his own head before taking the guy’s head off. Later on he had dinner, and it was what the ANBU called his ‘Five Star Meal’: instant ramen, nutrition bars, and milk. Good stuff.

Deciding to catch up on the times, Naruto went to the couch and turned on the TV. To his inner joy, Yukie Fujikaze appeared and he couldn’t stop the smile forming on his face.

“Ah, Yukie-chan,” he almost said in a sing-song voice, “one day I will find you. Then we’ll make a Icha-Icha movie, all for ourselves.” He then began to giggle perversely as he thought about all the lewd scenes and dialogues. Even if the book was heavily clichéd, Jiraiya the Toad Sage contributed his part to humanity through the form of smut; of course that didn’t excuse the Sannin from the other duties he had in life.

However, if Naruto was to be honest…he truly didn’t care. He was a shinobi first, a human second and it was on that path he discovered who he truly was. Still, he hoped his new…mission wouldn’t be too boring. He could use some entertainment in life.

Teens were…difficult.

That was all Naruto could say regarding the people of his own age. They were unruly, loud, and annoying. Especially the rabid ones.

“Hey, you!”

‘Speak of the devil,’ Naruto thought as he stood in front of the class, the eyes of his…classmates (urgh!) inspecting him. Trying to figure him out. ‘Idiots all of you. As if you’re ready to figure me out.’

“Hey, you!” again the familiar yell reached his ears and Naruto forced himself to look at the child who shouted. The boy was around his age, brown wild hair, slitted eyes, red marks on his cheeks. An Inuzuka. Not just any Inuzuka no less.

“I heard you the first time, err…who are you again?” Naruto said, looking at the Class Teacher for some info. The man’s name was Iruka, an average chūnin but one that took his job very seriously—kind of funny in a sad way.

“His name is Kiba, Naruto-san,” the scarred chūnin replied, a smile was present on his face and Naruto felt it was a true one.

“I see. Thank you…sensei,” Naruto almost retched at the word. Saying sensei always made him feel queasy; even Kakashi had no qualms when the Jinchūriki called him ‘Kaka-nii’. Of course he would start calling him senpai later on. Now, that man was a true teacher.

“Hey, you!”

“Oh my God, I heard you the first one thousand times. What do you want?” Naruto rolled his eyes as he looked at the boy with distaste. Kina, or whatever his name was, was taken aback at his words. Now, the blond just felt more annoyed. “What? Cat got your tongue?”

“Why, you!”

“I’m genuinely starting to believe you’re speech capability is limited to two words. One of them being ‘you’.”

“How dare you!”

“Okay, so three.”

“I’ll kill you.”

“Do I count that as four?” Naruto asked looking at Iruka, his homeroom teacher and the students seemed to have been enjoying the banter if their laughs were anything to go by.

“That’s enough teasing, Naruto-san,” Iruka said, who was still smiling. “But I do hope you make friends.”

“Do I have to make friends? I mean it’s not written in the curriculum.”

“You’re quite the jokester, Naruto-san,” the chūnin said. “Now why don’t you introduce yourself.”

“Again, do I have to?”

“Yes. Hokage-sama told me about how you spent almost your entire life outside the village,” Iruka said with a sad frown, Naruto labeled the man as one of the few who saw him as a human. He did find a miracle. “Having comrades helps, it is what the Leaf is proud of.”

The words were so true it got to Naruto on a spiritual level. Teamwork was indeed the backbone of how Konoha functioned. Even the ANBU.

“Fine,” Naruto said, pure resentment present in his voice. “My name is Naruto Uzumaki, or so I was told. I like eating ramen because it tastes good, reading Icha-Icha, watching TV, and enjoying a nice Sunday afternoon with a bottle of sake with no one to disturb me. I’m done, can I go to my seat now?” Naruto finished and looked at the teacher whose expression was one worth of note.

“Y-You read an adult novel!” Iruka spluttered the words out and Naruto rolled his eyes.

“Yes. I’ve read all of them. I mean it’s a bit clichéd, but it’s good stuff.”

“I…I don’t know what to say. You do know they’re perverted?”

“You do know they’re written by a Sannin?”

Naruto saw Iruka rubbing his forehead against his palms. Poor man must’ve never faced someone like him, then again there weren’t many like him. Sure it was arrogant of Naruto to think that way, but people who knew him assured him of that fact many a times.

“Never mind, Naruto-san. Just-“

“Hey, you!”

“Oh for fuck’s sake,” Naruto cursed as he looked at the Inuzuka boy. “What? What do you want to say? Why are you begging for my attention?”

“You think you’re too cool or something?!”

Naruto looked at the chūnin with squinted eyes. “Please tell me he did not just say that.”

“Kiba, that’s enough.” The chūnin leveled a glare at the boy who looked disappointed.

“But sensei, all of us have been here for years,” the Inuzuka ranted, Naruto was tempted to throw a dog biscuit at him; the blond kept treats with him in case Pakkun or any of Kakashi’s pups showed up every now and then. “And now this guy shows up a few months before graduation and you’re allowing this!”

“Kiba Inuzuka,” Iruka said with a no-nonsense tone, Naruto would’ve whistled but the blond figured the man’s thunder would be stolen. “Are you questioning me? The Academy? Hokage-sama himself who vouched for this boy’s skills?”

“Well, no-“

“Then why are you even bothering with all this?”

“It’s not fair, Iruka-sensei! I hate people who are just given free shots!”

“Free shots?” Naruto chuckled as everyone looked at him. “Is that coming from the guy who bought drugs last night?”

A silence took over the room as everyone stared at the blond and the Inuzuka boy. Iruka’s face paled and even the stoicy-stoic Uchiha, who seemed interesting to Naruto, was paying attention.

“Naruto could you repeat that?” Iruka said with a stern tone.

“I live in Downtown, near the Red District,” Naruto said, slowly shifting his hands into his trouser’s pockets. “I saw little Miss Inuzuka there buying something from a junkie. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t dog food.”

“Is this true?”

Naruto yawned as he saw the Inuzuka sweat bullets and the pup was almost glaring at his master. ‘Smart animal’, Naruto thought as he slowly grew bored of the entire ‘shocking discovery’. “Can I take my seat now? I’m kind of bored and I really want to go back home ASAP. There’s this special at 3’O clock and I don’t want to miss it.”

Everyone could only stare at him as the blond shook his head, yawning once more.

‘God I hate everyone here.’

So, this is the prologue. Hope all of you enjoyed. Make sure to review and bye.

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