My Bestfriend's Mom

BY : Naruto_911
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"Hi Sasuke, come in!" she said, standing in the open back door to her house.
"Hey Mrs. Uzumaki. Is Naruto here?" I asked, trying not to drool too much. Kushina Uzumaki was dressed in one of her sexy outfits, and her smooth white legs were looking particularly delicious today.
Naruto and I had been friends since the Academy, sleep overs, block parties, long training sessions in his yard, and best of all, he had private hotspring. Until I discovered that hugging his Mom did something funny down there, and then best of all his Mother was always around. He lived in the house a few spots up on the dead end behind our house. Though our parents never hung out much, we were still tight. Frick and Frack, Thing 1 and Thing 2, we just got along really well. It didn't hurt that his Mom was ridiculously hot and mainly the reason I hung around their house so much after I hit puberty. Kushina was about 5'2", and had the most smoking body I have ever imagined. Her husband worked a lot and was pretty much sleep and out of the house most of the time.
Kushina had been my Jounin teacher, always involved, always bouncing up and down when she got excited, which drove me crazier as I got older and appreciated the things bouncing up and down. I guess she liked me because she had Naruto invite me on several of their vacations to summer places they would rent. I knew that I was there so Naruto had someone to hang out with, but I went because it was an effortless way to see Kushina in a bikini. Let me tell you folks, that thing barely held in her sexy curves.
She had really big tits for a short woman, a fact that became more apparent and convenient when I outgrew her and had a better view every year. One year[.1] was the summer of the white bikini. I swear, this thing was not much fabric; barely enough to hold her up with a thong bottom that barely covered her pussy. I had to spend a lot of time in the lake or with a towel wrapped tightly around my lower section.
I shook my head to come back from visions of Kushina's boobs in the Barely There Bikini. She was snapping her fingers in front of my face, giggling saying "Hello, anyone home?" 
I smiled, focusing on her face, not daring to stare down at the rack inches from my face. I was standing on the bottom step of their back porch with this Lycra and spandex clad goddess at about eye level several steps up.
"No Hun, he's with Sakura and her family." she said with a scowl, unable to hide most of the scorn in her voice. Naruto was dating Sakura Haruno, a tall pink-haired girl from our team that he'd made his mission to bonk. I'd turned eighteen already August, Naruto wouldn't until October. 
"Oh, bummer. I wanted to train with him. Is he gonna be around at all this weekend?"
She turned around and looked at me, a sympathetic expression on her face. "He just called a little while ago; he's going with her family up to Suna until Tuesday." I nodded disappointed. Sakura was nice enough; her family was loaded with summer homes on three villages. 
She put a hand on my shoulder in sympathy. I couldn't help sneaking a look, her tits looked too damn good not to. Her cleavage took my breath away to the point where I didn't even care if she caught me I was so fucking hard for this woman.
"Sasuke , have you got a sec?" She asked, my gaze dropping quickly. I swear she wasn't wearing a bra and I could make out the texture of her nipples. Getting harder by the second.
"Sure Mrs. Uzumaki, what do you need?" I said, finally looking at her face. Her red hair framed her beautiful face, trailing down about halfway down her back. She had it pulled back from her face by a hair clip of some sort, a few loose strands framing her high cheekbones.
"I just bought a bunch of clothes and I need an opinion. Minato and I will go to Kirigakure, and we're going to be at a lot of dinner parties, so I went shopping, but I want a Real Man's point of view on the stuff." She took my hand, seemingly excited by the prospect. Her eyebrows rose as she practically danced from foot to foot with excitement. Trying not to follow the bouncing boobies, I stared straight into her amazingly purple eyes.
"Sure, check you out in evening clothes? Always my favorite thing to do..." I said daringly. I gave up trying not to stare as she squealed and began jumping up and down, her knockers bouncing around inside her top. She sprang forward hugging my arm tight, pushing her firm tits into my shoulder. ‘Yup,’ I thought to myself, ‘No bra today.’ She pulled me inside and bounced like a kid, that perfect ass making its way through the kitchen in front of me, leading me on in a haze of lust. I pulled the door shut behind me, the optimist in my brain telling me this was the day.
Looking back on that naive moment, I was sooooo right.
"Okay, wait in the living room, the first one's kind of boring though," she said, rushing into her bedroom.
As I passed the fridge, I grabbed a drink and went to sit in the living room. The door to her room was closed as I walked by. I could hear her moving around in there, so I went and sat down in the living room on the long leather sofa across the room from her door. My dick was already painfully hard in my shorts, I put my drink down to rearrange things, but wearing boxers and loose shorts, I couldn't hide it well. I ended up just pulling my cock up so it pointed towards my belly button, tucked my shirt in to hide it, and sat down, crossing my legs. The soft leather was cool and comfortable as I sat in the air conditioned room, trying not to sweat, thinking of cool responses and good pickup lines that sounded so great in my head, but knew would flop even with the skanks in Academy, who would put out for anyone.
Knowing that this goddess, this voluptuous perfection was changing right in the next room had so many different scenarios bouncing around my head; I desperately tried to keep my dick in my pants. I was adjusting myself for the tenth time when the door opened. She stepped out in a white pant suit, complete with a cropped jacket that halted at the waist, the collar of her shirt buttoned up to her neck. Her red hair was loose around her shoulders and face, and her cheeks tinged with a rosy pink glow that made her look stunning. There is nothing like your absolute crush walking out and modeling clothes for you and giving you a perfect excuse to take in all of the lush curves and straight lines of her thirty seven old body. My Mom was forty, and she looked NOTHING like this sex pot. Her tapered pants started about an inch above her shapely ankles, tight across her calves and lush thighs. When she turned around, her perfect ass was on display, but the flow of the material was uneven in places. I cleared my throat and tried to speak.
Taking a sip of my drink to put some moisture in my throat and trying not to stutter, I said, "Kushina, you are wearing panties?"
"SASUKE! BY THE LOG!" She squealed. My cock shrunk several sizes at the audacity of what had escaped my lips, but the tone of her voice didn't match the corners of a smile on her lips or the blush that infused her cheeks even pinker.
"No no!" I laughed, taking a chance. "The pants are beautiful, but you can see the panty lines and the fact that they're bright red. There are some things you just don't mess with."
"Sasuke? Are you staring at my ass?" She raised one eyebrow, her full lips curling into a grin.
"Hey! You wanted my opinion, I'm giving it. You got a thong?" I shot back, sitting back on the couch throwing caution to the wind. ‘I've taken it this far, what's the worst that can happen?’ I thought.
Her eyes and smile were big. "Yeah, I do. Several in fact."
"Okay" I stood up, moving towards her. "Take the jacket off, please," I said, slowly walking around her, examining her critically. She started slowly turning in the opposite direction, unbuttoning the jacket slowly; her eyes following me as I moved around her. She waited until I stood in front of her, then teasingly slow, began pulling the front of it open, her smile widening as my eyes got bigger, exposing a creamy white silk shirt trapping her delicious tits. I frowned suddenly, shaking my head.
"What," she said the seductive pose vanished, her hand going to her hip letting the jacket close. She pursed her lips like she was upset, but there was definitely something in her eyes that was enjoying this just as much as I was. Trying not to drool or tent out my shorts, I felt like I was part of some seductive game, and I was praying that I wouldn't lose my chance at seeing more skin before the game was finished.
Looking her up and down, I could faintly see her red bra underneath the silky shirt. I clucked my tongue several times, reaching out and started to pull the jacket from her frozen fingers, glancing quickly at her face to see her reaction. Her face had relaxed and she nodded, so I pulled it slowly off one shoulder, moving my face forward to look closely at her shoulder. Her full ripe breast was inches from my chin, but I pretended to examine her shoulder. Her nipple hardened as I drew close, betraying her thoughts. Reaching out with a finger, I touched the top of her shoulder where I saw the strap of a red bra through the material. I tried not to inhale loudly, but I took a long deep breath of her scent while I had the chance, her perfume intoxicating. I took a split second to exhale and breathe in again, her long deep breath in time with my own, causing her chest to rise even closer to my face. I drew back suddenly, before I either passed out from her breathing too heavily, or gave myself away through my shorts.
I turned away dismissively, saying over my shoulder, "Yeah, that's not going to work, I can't give you an accurate opinion. Go change. I want a white thong and a matching bra; make it lacy if you have one." I sat back down on the couch, sliding the jacket over the back, looking up at her. She nodded the smile expectant and sexy. "The lacier the better!" I yelled after her as her amazing ass moved away from me.
She came out a few minutes later, a nice lacy pattern barely visible under the shirt, which was now open to the third button. She walked boldly across the room, her strut right off the runway. The thing was, runway models aren't as 'blessed' up top as she was so her firm tits bounced deliciously for me. She stopped two steps from me, hands on hips, one eyebrow arched in question. I could tell she was warming up to my attempted seduction by the flush in her cheeks and looking down, her nipples were rock hard. "Clasp your hands in front of your waist," I said, my mouth watering. ‘Oooh yeah,’ I thought. "That's the ticket!" She cocked one hip, folding her hands in front of her, the result of which pushed her ample tits together, straining the shirt buttons down the front. I stood and casually adjusting the member straining against the front of my shorts, stepping forward and moving the strap on her left shoulder to keep it from falling off.
"Turn around" I said softly, itching to grab her and have my way with her whatever the consequences. At first, I had thought I was imagining it, but by the look in her eyes, her breathing practically coming in pants, and the nipples threatening to rip through the shirt, I could tell she was turned on. I could almost feel her lust washing off of her in waves. She slowly turned, keeping eye contact until she was facing away from me. I stared down at her ass and wished for a cup to catch the drool that I swallowed quickly. Two perfect globes perched within inches of my sweating fingers, was almost too much for me. Wanting to move to the next phase, I sat back down, not bothering to hide the rocket in my pocket.
"Yeah, that's much better. That's the thong you want, it's almost invisible. What's next?" I said matter of factly.
She stared into my lap for several moments, her eyes slowly drawing upwards until she looked me in the eye. "Yeah, it's not just me," I thought, swallowing hard.
She turned and started walking towards the open door of her room saying, "Formal dress, or slinky black one?" When she got to the door, her hand on the knob, she turned back to look at me. She smiled at me seductively and answered her own question, "The hell with the formal."
To this day, I can't ever remember being so hard for so long. Visions of slinky dresses hugging her soft curves danced in my head, each one better than the last, each one exposing more cleavage, or more thigh, or clinging to her perfect ass.
I sat for quite a while before saying, "You comin out?"
"Need to make sure the stuff that goes with it is right too 'Mister Underwear needs to be Right'" she playfully mocked from behind the mostly closed door.
As I tried to figure out why she'd left it open at all, she came out. She didn't just walk out and say, "What do you think", and stand there. She CAME out.
The door inched open slowly, her hand pushing it to the wall with two long fingers. She came slinking out into the living room and stopped in front of me, biting her lower lip in a really sexy way. She had done her hair so it fell in red waves across her shoulders two small groupings of braids pulling back the front, other thin ones falling across her chest. The dress was WAY short, and unfortunately had a higher neck than I would have liked, but it was sleeveless and as she turned slowly, her profile almost made me pass out. Her firm high breasts jutted out, the material hugging the swell of them to show off her flat stomach and continue down her front. As she continued turning, I saw the dark seam going up the back of her stockings, loving the way they accented her shapely calves and thighs. Combined with the six inch spiked heels and makeup to complete the whole package, I was speechless staring as her ass turned in front of me, finally completing a circle to face me.
"So?" she practically whispered.
"You better be careful with that dress Kushina" I said boldly, using her name. Her smile widened as she put her hands on her hips.
"Oh yeah" she said teasingly. "Why's that?" she continued challengingly.
"Minato going to have to beat the guys off with a stick. You look absolutely amazing." I sat back on the couch, admiring the curve of her legs to the swell of her hip, seeing her hand poised there.
"Come here" she said, motioning me with her finger. I stood up quickly, which fortunately or unfortunately, allowed the head of my dick to pop out of my shorts in front of my tucked in shirt. I covered it quickly with my shirt, but her gasp of surprise told me she had seen it. I stood in front of her and she caught my eye. She kept my gaze as she turned around and offered me her back.
"Could you zip me down?" she said, the look on her face not even attempting to hide her lust. I reached up slowly and undid the clip and slid the zipper down slowly, running my finger along her skin as I slid the zipper down with my other fingers. She moved away from me and slid the dress off her shoulders, down to her waist. I could see the clasp that held the black bra in the back, the lace worked into it in a beautiful, intricate pattern. I gazed across her creamy white  shoulders and her red hair as she slowly turned around to face me. Her large breasts were encased in black lace, her long nipples obvious even through the material. They were covered, but the bra barely held her chest in place, her cleavage calling out for my dick to nestle itself between.
"Is the underwear okay Sasuke-kun?" she asked me seemingly innocent. I looked into her eyes and could see how little control she had left. I almost reached out and grabbed her, but not quite.
"I'd have to see it all to give my full opinion Kushina." I said desperately, putting every ounce of lust I was wrestling with into my voice. She simply let go of the dress, my eyes following it to the floor. I brought my gaze up from her six inch heels to the stockings to where they ended in garters attached to a lacy number that held them up. It was then I realized that she had no underwear on; her pubic hair glistened with moisture. My eyes bugged out and my cock jumped in my pants, pre-cum soaking a wet spot in my shirt.
"Well?" she said her smile sexy and inviting.
"Kushina? I wouldn't change a thing. I don't know what to say..." My eyes were locked on her tits, the lacy black fabric a thousand times better than anything that had I'd been imagining her in.
"What would you do if you were faced with a woman who wanted you really badly but couldn't touch you?" She said coyly, looking down at her feet, her hand reaching up to play with a strand of her hair.
‘Is this a game? Is she asking me seriously?’ I thought, my breath catching in my throat. I thought I'd keep playing.
"Well, first of all, I'd probably want to let her know that she was the most amazing woman I had ever seen, and that the black lace looked really great with her white skin  and her red hair."
"Mmmm, that'd be an effective way to start. What else?" She spread her legs slightly apart, her finger teasing as it slipped along the top of her garter, coming close to her uncovered sex, but not quite. I looked at her face and saw her staring at me through her lowered eyelashes.
"Well, I'd definitely let her know how much it was affecting me, but that I'd never push her into something she wasn't comfortable with. Also, I think if she was half naked, that I would definitely have to be the same, you know, to both even the playing field, and hopefully give her something to look at as well" I said, trying to sound like I was answering a question in a class at school. As I was saying it, I pulled off my shirt, and pulled down my shorts, adjusting my boxers to mostly cover everything. I kicked off my sandals, pushing my clothes behind me with my foot.
"Ah, I see what you mean. Trying to show her some evidence of how much your body appreciated her body right?" The finger drew dangerously close to her pussy, teasing the hairs along the top where they brushed the garter across her waist. She was definitely wet now. I could see a lot more moisture glistening in her quickly swelling labia.
"Oh totally. I think that a woman's beauty is something to be cherished and worshipped, her needs satisfied before a man's. As for me" I continued, flexing my cock proudly at this point, going all in. "I'm a big boob man, so I'd definitely want to see her chest. There's something to be said for seeing people in bathing suits and bras, but I'd want to confirm what I'd always believed" I flexed my dick holding the pole out to tent the boxers.
"Confirm what, may I ask?" she said, her fingers coming up to cup her breasts, her gaze not even bothering to hide behind lashes anymore. Her bright red fingernails reached forward, pinching her nipples, almost making me shoot in my pants from the combination of her hands and the look in her eyes.
"That they were real, and that they could stand up all on their own"
She nodded her expression serious. She reached behind her and undid her bra, sliding the straps slowly down her arms until her perfect white breasts were exposed. As I had first thought, her nipples were long, flushed dark red. She ran her fingers along them, almost causing me to cum in my shorts. "Yeah, I can see how you would want to know that. It's important to know when you are standing there staring at a tent in someone's pants, thinking it might be because of you, wanting to see the whole thing. You know what else I like?"
"No, what's that" I said, turning around and dropping my shorts. I turned slowly, my long cock standing straight up, the head suffused with blood, practically pulsing.
"I like looking at big, fat, long cocks; makes me so wet and horny. And big balls full of presents for my mouth and my tits," she said, her hand parting her pubes, sliding down into her crotch.
"Yeah, I can see how that would definitely make someone horny. You know what I like?" I said, my hand grasping the shaft of my cock. She licked her lips and slid her fingers inside her pussy. I looked at the tops of her stockings and they were already dark with moisture.
"Mmmmm, no baby, tell me. Tell Kushi-chan what you like..." Her eyes were heavy; her hand sped up in her cunt.
"I love putting my cock in a woman's pillows and stroking up and down while my balls slap the bottom. I mean real hot, slick, sloppy, part blowjob, part titty fuck." I reached down and started stroking my cock, wanting nothing more than to split her open with it, but relishing the game. The balance of the torture of having it so close, but knowing that playing this hand through would be worth it, kept me from busting a nut all over the carpet.
She moved up in front of me and went down on her knees and without a word, began greasing up my rod with her lips. She took a lot of it in her mouth, coating it with copious amounts of spit. After a minute or two of her amazing lips, she lay down and spit into her cleavage, rubbing her round globes together getting them nice and slippery. I knelt down across her flat stomach and slid my dick between her warm creamy breasts. She pushed them together and I began slipping it in and out, her mouth and tongue grabbing at it as it poked out the top.
"Really?" she remarked between strokes. "Do you like nice soft tits or big firm tits" she asked, her breath coming in gasps as I fucked her huge tits slowly, my balls brushing against her before retreating, seeing the dark head disappear between her tits.
"I like em soft enough so it's like a hug, but firm enough so that I can feel the firmness sliding along the length of my sloppy wet cock." She twisted and pinched her nipples, her arms holding most of the weight of her delicious globes as they encased my hot cock, slipping in and out of her perfect cleavage.
"I REALLY like when guys cum in my mouth. Mmmm, it's awesome, do you like cumming in a girl's mou..." she began, interrupted by me sliding forward, burying my dick her mouth, exploding with hot fluid blasting into the back of her hungry mouth. Her fingernails locked into the cheeks of my ass pulling me deeper in her mouth and throat as her lips and tongue milked every drop from my cock. I rolled off to the side and sat down on the floor next to her as she licked her lips, propped up on one elbow smiling at me.
"What else do you like Kushi-chan?" I asked, hopefully. I figured if we had taken the game this far, might as well see how far we could go.
"You know, it's nice to be able to have a friendly conversation with someone who is so understanding. I mean, it's not like I'd ever cheat on my husband or anything. I just love talking about sex with someone who understands, and feels kinda like I do about it. Love is one thing, sex is another," she said as she put her high heels on either side my waist, standing over me. Her snatch was practically dripping with her honey as she slowly bent her knees, holding herself above my still stiff hard prick.
"I love sex, don't you?" she said thoughtfully. I put my hands out, holding the perfect globes of her ass, inching my fingers towards her hot wet slit, pulling her labia gently aside. She put one hand behind my neck to pull my mouth to her nipple, her other hand grasping my pole at the base, holding it in place. She shuddered as I ran my tongue around her nipple, tracing the darker patches around them, her hips slowly lowering closer to my dick. I could feel the heat as she put pressure on the head of it, her soft velvety cunt lips parting slowly to give the head of my cock a hot wet kiss. She opened to me, relaxing to allow the head to slip inside. I kneaded her ass, gripping it tightly, my lips and tongue busy on her tits.
"I really like big dicks, Minato's is just not big enough. I mean, his is about 6 inches, but it's not wide. I like young hung studs who know how to use it who want to take me nice and slow at first."
I lowered her inch by inch, her hands gripping my hair and directing my mouth back and forth between her beautiful tits. I licked and sucked and nibbled on her nipples as inch after inch of my long, wide prick disappeared inside her. She breathed in and out slowly and steadily, calming the muscles in her tight cunt that was slowly splitting her open.
"I wish I could find someone who had a cock like that, that I could trust, you know what I mmmm oh... mean?" Her eyes were closed, her head thrown back, thrusting her chest in my face, turning slowly to slap her tits against each cheek, my tongue licking her nipples as the moved back and forth.
"Mmmmm" I groaned as our pubic hair meshed together, her ass now resting on my thighs. "Yeah, I think I know what you mean, someone who could give you a satisfying fuck when you really needed it, without having to worry about anyone finding out, especially your husband or your son."
"Yeah, I wish I could find someone like that. Someone that understands that I need to have a nice slow fuck first to get things moving, and then feel cum splash inside me."
"Just once and you're done?" I asked, sliding her small body up and down the length of my prick.
"Oh no" she said, her hands resting on my shoulders. "I like the first one to be nice and slow, and then I like the second one to be doggy style. I love the deeper penetration, and they can grab my tits and bang the shit out of me hard and fast. Oh... Wow, that'd be... ooooh nice to find. Does thinking of doing that make you want to cum Sasuke? Huh oh, God I know I want to cum..."
I just nodded and slid her up and down faster holding her above me as I felt the walls of her pussy spasm, causing the boiling in my nuts to erupt, exploding inside her. "Oh YEAH! MM HMMM I know what you mean... YES"
"Oh my god that would be awesome... oh yeah yeah Yesssss" she moaned loudly, as I let go of her ass, settling her in my lap, sliding down the last few inches, my cock still sheathed within her.
We caught our breath for a minute or two, just moving our hips around, my dick still hard inside her. She slumped against me, her arms going around my back, resting her chin on my shoulder.
"You, young man" she said breathing heavily in my ear, her pussy massaging my cock, "are a very naughty boy." Her throaty chuckle when I jumped, pushing deeper, was the kind of voice that would make any male's balls twitch. Her tongue ran along the outside of my earlobe while I massaged her hips and her ass, pulling my hips slightly back and forth, the small motions stirring up our passion once more. She pulled her head back to face me, her hand on my cheek.
"If you don't take me into that bedroom right now and fuck me silly, I swear I will cut your balls off." Her sexy chuckle turned to a high pitched scream as I lunged to my feet, crushing her to my chest. Her legs wrapped around my waist as I hugged her huge tits to my chest, the motion of walking across the room making her moan from the play of my cock in and out of her soaking wet cunt. Her panty hose slid along my sides and back, lighting my skin on fire. I bumped into her cervix gently with each long stride, practically running through the door of her room to lay her on the bed. I stood next to it, shifting her legs so she could put her feet on the edge, rising up with a slick pop as she unsheathed my sword from her tight wet scabbard.
Before I could attack her, the phone rang. She looked at the caller ID, saying "Shit!" and reached over and picked it up, putting a finger to her lips. I stood next to the bed, not uttering a sound.
"Hello? Oh, Hey Honey! Yeah, I miss you; I'm horny as hell, too!" She grinned, I fought not to laugh.
"When you comin home to take care of my kitty, you know I need your massive thing to be satisfied baby." she said, laying back on the bed putting her fingers in her snatch, and licking them clean of our mingled fluids. Her eyes lit up as whoever it was said something. I assumed it was her husband. The disappointed tone in her voice was completely at odds with the joyous smile on her face when she said, "You have to stay another WEEK? Oh, Baby that blows! You were supposed to come home and take care of me, I've been bad!"
She switched back to understanding wife tone. "Yeah, okay. No, I understand. Meeting do that. Yeah, call me tonight okay?" She stared at my cock as she said "I'll get my big dildo out and you can tell me what to do with it. Yeah, me too. k. bye!"
She looked at me thinking hard, once she hung up. She bit her lip for a second and dialed a number. Holding a finger to her mouth, she waited.
"Naruto? Hey honey. Yeah, what are you doing? Uh Huh. okay. Yeah, Dad's gone an extra week. No, I'm okay. You have fun up there, I'm just gonna take a bath and crash early. No, don't worry. Yeah, I'll be just fine..." she finished, smiling at my slowly rising prick.
"Nope, I'm cool. When do you think you'll be home? I'm going to chain the doors so call me fir... oh, sure I can hold on."
She put her finger on her lips again but motioned me forward with her other hand. "I'm on hold" she said before taking the head of my cock between her lips. Sucking on it for a minute or so, she let it go suddenly saying, "You are? Okay. I'll probably go to the lake house then. Yeah, call me if you need anything. Love you too" she smiled, hitting the off button and putting the phone in the cradle.
She sighed, lying back on the bed. Picking up the phone and hitting it to turn it on, she heard a dial tone and shut it off again. She turned and dropped it into the cradle next to the bed.
"Okayyyyy" she said with a big sigh, lying back on the bed, her breasts standing up firm. Great Log, I loved her body, and now that I'd had a taste, my crush was turning into infatuation. I looked at her and stood back, folding my arms across my chest.
"Kushina, seriously, you never have to worry about me, okay?" Her smile was brilliant, like I'd just made her proud. "That was by far the most amazing experience of my life; I wouldn't do anything to ruin anything that just happened."
"Oh, so you're done?" she said non-committedly, unhooking the garter belt and pushing it down over her hips. "You bang the old lady and think that's all you're going to get" she said softly, walking across the bed to stand in front of me. Her nipples were just about at eye level with me, her hands on her hips, one hip cocked.
"No." I licked one nipple. "Fucking." I licked the other. "Way" I said, reaching quickly out, grabbing her ankles and pulling them towards me. She fell on her back in the middle of the bed as I scrambled between her thighs, burying my face in her sloppy wet cunt.
"Ohhh!" she wailed, her hands going to the back of my head. "Are you sure honey? Aren't I messy?" she asked, one hand pushing me deeper into her crotch, the other pulling me back. I shook my head, dislodging both her hands, my own gripping her ass tightly as I used my elbows and biceps to force her legs open.
"That's just us, you'd blow me after I came in you, wouldn't you?" I asked, propped up on my elbows ready to dive back in.
"Minato would never go near me until the next day or one time if I used an enema. He thought it was gross." I could see the conflicting emotions on her face. I let her legs go and reversed positions, putting my cock near her mouth. I pulled her onto her side to face me and lifted up a leg paving the way to her snatch. I kissed up one thigh, jumped over her pussy completely and kissed down the other.
"I don't know  Sasuke," she said doubtfully. I stopped and moved my face over her opening, the results of our joining still wet on her labia. I blew softly on her lips and clit, moving my head around. She grabbed my mostly hard cock in one hand, my ass in the other and speared her face with my cock. Bobbing up and down, my cock head bouncing off the back of her throat, she started going to town on me. Pulling me out of her mouth she gasped, "Oh god, Mmmmm, it's so fuckin YUMMY!" She licked up one side and down the other, pausing for several long moments to clean off any remnants lingering on my swollen sack.
I skipped light kisses all along her legs and stomach, getting closer and closer to her clit as she slid more and more of me into her throat. I felt her work the muscles around me so she wouldn't gag so by the time I felt her nose against my balls, I was sucking her hard little clit like it was a third nipple. Neither of us lasted much longer, her thigh collapsing, trapping my head on her clit as I blew my second load down the back of her throat, the vibrations from her moans as she came sending spurts of me spiraling down inside her. She thrashed about, a violent spasm dislodging me from her throat to slap against her cheek, a few drops spilling out the end to land on her skin. I managed to pull my head back to safety, my thumb driving her wild as I massaged her clit more. Finally, she slapped my hand away, "Too much" she gasped, breathing heavily.

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