Twisted Love

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Bit of a shorter first chapter, but things pick up quickly. Enjoy. 

Sarada, Boruto and Mitsuki stood quietly in Naruto's office, watching as the Hokage let out a long sigh, the blonde looking stressed.

"Boruto, Sarada, Mitsuki. As I'm sure you heard, three men escaped the village a little over an hour ago. The leader killed three Genin as he escaped, with the help of his two friends. This isn't exactly a typical mission, but I want you three to track them down and bring them back alive, if possible. Do what you can to bring them back, but if you have to...end them."

Boruto and Sarada glanced at each other for a moment before their focus returned to Naruto.

"We'll get them, dad. Relax, you know we won't let you down," Boruto promised.

Naruto eyed his son for a moment before finally nodding.

"They were last seen hiding out in a nearby forest, just a few miles outside of Konoha," Naruto explained as he leaned back in his chair. "Go get them."

"This will be easy," Sarada agreed. "We'll make it back in time for Papa's birthday, no problems."

With that, the three Jonin left Naruto's office.

Once outside, Boruto handed over a headset to Sarada and Mitsuki.

"We can contact each other when we have our targets," Boruto explained as he put the headset in place.

Sarada and Mitsuki did the same before the three split up, rushing away from Konoha.

Sarada was the first to find her target.

From her spot in the tree she landed on, Sarada looked down at the man with a glare, her eyes becoming crimson as the Sharingan activated.

"Oh, looks like it's my lucky day. I get to capture the leader," Sarada said, giving away her position to the man. He didn't seem very strong, but Sarada figured they had been given the mission so they could quickly capture the men, stopping their chances of escaping.

"Back off, Uchiha scum! I'm not goin' back to Konoha!" the man yelled, quickly doing handsigns before slamming his hands down. A second later, six earth spikes shot out toward Sarada. Acting quickly, and able to easily follow the quick spikes thanks to her Sharingan, Sarada ducked low and dropped to the ground. When she landed, Sarada stood and grinned a little.

"What's your name?" she questioned.

"What?! Shut up!"

"Ah, come on. I wanna know your name so I can put it in my mission report later!" Sarada said before rushing the man, focusing chakra to her fist. She swung, but before her hit connected the man used another jutsu, a rock wall forming between them. Sarada punched through the thick rock wall, her hand poking through the other side. She stood still for a moment before she yanked her arm free, the wall exploding as she pulled free. When Sarada looked around, the man was nowhere to be seen. She let out an irritated sigh and slammed her foot down.

"That little..!" Sarada began.

Behind her, her target popped out of the ground and aimed a punch at the back of her head. Sarada quickly spun and grabbed his wrist, twisting it. With a cracking sound, she broke his wrist and pushed him back. The man landed on his ass and Sarada sighed.

"Really, do both of us a favor and stay down! I have to be somewhere today!" Sarada shouted.

When the man tried yet again to get up and attack, Sarada narrowed her eyes, looking furious.


With a bone cracking punch, Sarada sent her enemy flying, the rogue ninja slamming into a wall of rock with a grunt of pain. With an angry look in her eyes, Sarada slowly walked towards the man, raising her fist in rage.

"Asshole, I'm going to miss my dad's birthday if you keep getting up!" the young woman shouted. She reached down and picked the man up by the throat, slamming him into the wall roughly. "Now sleep!" she ordered as her three-tomoe Sharingan spun in her eyes, sending the ninja into a deep sleep. When the man slumped over, Sarada easily picked him up and put him over her shoulder. Letting out an annoyed sigh, Sarada ran her free hand through her hair. It had gotten long over the years and now came down to her waist. Sarada was 19, and a Jonin, so she knew long hair could be a potential problem during missions. It could be grabbed by the enemy or get in her way. But since Sarada never had any problems, and thanks to her slightly cocky attitude, she decided to keep it long.

Pulling herself away from her thoughts, Sarada tapped her earpiece to turn it on.

"Boruto, Mitsuki, I've captured my target. I'll see you guys in Konoha soon," the Uchiha woman said before taking the device out and putting it away. With another soft sigh, Sarada began walking, grumbling to herself. "Damn rogue better not make me late," she muttered, gripping the man over her shoulder tighter.

With Sarada's strength-enhanced speed, it only took her 30 minutes to make her way back to Konoha. When she arrived, she slowed to a stop at the gates of Konoha and let out a breath. With a smile and a nod at the gate guards, Sarada entered the village.

"Next stop, Seventh's office," Sarada murmured with a nod to herself. She began moving again, walking now that she was back in Konoha. With her prisoner out cold, she had no trouble getting to the Hokage's Mansion. When she arrived, the ANBU guards waved her in, smiling at the young Uchiha. Sarada smiled back before entering Naruto's office.

When she entered, she found Naruto on the phone. When Naruto noticed Sarada, he smiled and held up a hand, mouthing 'give me a second'. Sarada waited quietly as Naruto listened on the phone, but soon enough he hung up and grinned.

"Ah, Sarada! Welcome back. I take it things went smoothly?" Naruto asked with a warm smile.

Sarada grinned back as she dropped the rogue ninja to the floor.

"He'll be asleep for another hour, Naruto-san. That should give you and your guards plenty of time to get him in a cell for what he did," Sarada explained. When she was younger, Sarada had had a silly childish crush on the blonde Hokage. Now at 19, she didn't feel the same. She still respected the hell out of him, and thought he was great, but she also treated him more like family. After all, Naruto was basically her uncle. The Uzumaki family and the Uchiha family were very close.

"Good job, Sarada. I'll be sure my ANBU get him locked up right away. Are Boruto and Mitsuki returning soon, or are they still hunting their targets?"

"I think they'll be back soon," Sarada said slowly, tilting her head in thought. "If I see them on my way home, I'll tell them to see you right away," Sarada promised.

Naruto nodded before calling for his ANBU. Sarada watched them cuff the man before dragging him away.

"I'll have my mission report finished by tomorrow," Sarada said when the guards had left. "It's Papa's birthday, so I might not be able to finish tonight," she explained.

"Oh, don't worry about it. I know you'll get it to me as soon as you can, so don't sweat it. Tell your dad I said happy birthday, Sarada. I won't be able to drop by today, but let him know I'll stop by tomorrow."

Sarada gave a small nod before she bowed and left.

"Right, now time to find something for Papa's birthday."

Sarada froze mid step and frowned a little.

"What the hell am I supposed to get him?" she wondered, letting out a frustrated groan. "Papa has pretty much everything he already wants...Maybe a new cloak?" Sarada hummed as she began walking again, looking at the shops with her Sharingan on, quickly looking around for any possible gifts. Her gaze landed on a bonsai tree. She studied it for a moment before she went into the shop.

"Excuse me, how much for the tree?" Sarada asked the shop owner as she pointed at the exact one she wanted.

"Oh, that one? 300 ryo and it's yours," the old man replied with a soft smile.

Sarada returned the smile as she pulled money from her pouch, handing it over as she picked up the bonsai tree with her free hand.

"Keep the change," Sarada said before turning and heading out. "Now, time to head home," Sarada said to herself before she turned and headed toward the Uchiha home. On the way, Sarada saw Boruto and Mitsuki carrying their own targets.

"Hey, guys," Sarada greeted. "Better hurry up and check in with Seventh. Wouldn't want me making you two look bad," she teased.

Boruto glared for a moment before chuckling.

"Tell Sasuke-sensei I'll stop by later tonight, alright?" Boruto asked.

Sarada gave a nod and began walking again, calling back, "Hurry up, slowpokes!"

When Sarada reached her home she pulled out her key and unlocked the door. After stepping inside she shut the door and put her key away before calling out, "Mom, Papa, you home?"

The house seemed silent at first as Sarada made her way to the kitchen. Sarada froze when she heard noises coming from down the hall.

The room her parents shared.

Sarada shook her head and set the bonsai tree on the kitchen table before turning, planning on leaving. But when she heard a loud crash coming from down the hall, Sarada grew curious. When she heard the loud bang again, Sarada raised a brow.

"That sounded pretty painful," Sarada mumbled to herself before she walked silently down the hall, wondering what the hell was going on. Sarada wasn't a virgin, having had sex with Boruto for a few months after she turned 18. But the bangs she heard sounded rough.

Sarada paused in front of the bedroom door and noticed it was open a little. Surely, if they were having sex, they would have closed the door? Sarada paused for a moment before she looked through the space of the open door, eyes going wide, her mouth dropping open. Thanks to her activated Sharingan, what she saw was burned to her mind.

Sasuke held Sakura up against the wall, her legs wrapped tightly around his hips as Sasuke pumped her pussy, his cock throbbing. Sarada couldn't tell exactly how big Sasuke was, but from what she could see Sasuke's cock was pretty thick. It stretched Sakura's tight, wet pussy, making the pinkette moan into her hand. She seemed as if she was trying to be quiet.

"S...Sasuke-kun! Slow down, Sarada could get here any minute!" Sakura begged. Sasuke ignored her and instead chose to speed up, sinking balls deep with a low groan before his dick began to twitch. When Sasuke slowly pulled out, Sarada's had to cover her mouth to silence her gasp. His cock was at least 10 inches, maybe a little more, and was very thick, his shaft slick with Sakura's cum and his own. Sarada glanced at her mother's pussy for a moment, blushing as she watched a large amount of cum slowly leak out, dripping to the floor.

Sarada knew she should leave. These were her parents! And yet, as Sasuke bent Sakura over their bed, Sarada realized just how wet the show was making her. Sarada squirmed a little, rubbing her thighs together. As Sasuke slowly sank his stiff cock back into Sakura's pussy, Sarada couldn't stop herself. Slipping a hand in her panties, Sarada began to finger herself quickly as she stared at Sasuke and Sakura, biting her free hand to silence her moans. As Sarada added a second finger, she teased her clit as well, rubbing it with her thumb as Sasuke slapped Sakura's ass hard. Sarada thumbed her clit slowly as she pumped her fingers. Spreading her digits, Sarada whimpered as she stretched her pussy. She imagined Sasuke's cock entering her stretched pussy and had to bite her lip hard to keep from crying out. When Sarada pulled her fingers out finally, she trailed them along her lips, teasingly rubbing her slick folds. The pleasure caused Sarada to shiver and when she plunged her fingers back in, Sarada let out a quiet gasp. Her focus never left her parents as she teased herself, wishing it was herself Sasuke was pounding with his long, thick cock. The feeling of him stretching her wide as he forced her to take every inch...

"S-Sasuke-kun, please, we really should stop..!" Sakura whined. Her protests died when Sasuke gave a hard thrust, causing the woman to whimper in pleasure as she came again, her juices soaking Sasuke's cock as well as the sheets under her.

How had Sarada never noticed how amazing her parents were..?

Sakura's body was in perfect shape thanks to the training she did with Sasuke. Her pink hair gave her an 'exotic' look, only making her look hotter from how rare it was. The seal on Sakura's forehead, though odd to some people, looked beautiful to Sarada. Her mother had monster strength, able to destroy a mountain with a single punch.

Sasuke...Sasuke had an amazing body as well. Though he had been home for several years now, Sasuke trained daily to stay in shape and to keep his skill sharp in case he ever needed them. His left eye, the purple Rinnesharingan, glowed beautifully when not hidden by his hair. His visible eye, which he usually had his Sharingan activated in, currently glowed crimson as it watched Sakura's squirming body.

Biting her hand, Sarada came hard as Sasuke pulled out and moved Sakura, blowing his load all over her face. Sarada soaked her hand with her orgasm, her face was bright red and she felt a little dizzy from the strength of her release. She had just had the best orgasm of her life...and it was from watching her parents.

As soon as Sarada's orgasm died down, her mood changed instantly.

"What the fuck is wrong with me?" she whispered and quickly pulled her hand free from her panties. She silently left her hiding spot and made her way back to the kitchen, washing her hands with a scowl on her face. "They are your parents, Sarada," she scolded herself. And yet, she couldn't deny how arousing the show had been. Sakura's wet cunt, Sasuke's thick-

"Stop it!" Sarada ordered herself. When her hands were clean, she decided to finally let her parents know she was home. Taking several deep breaths to calm herself down, Sarada's face slowly returning to its normal shade, Sarada opened the door before shutting it hard. "Mom! Papa! I'm back!!" she called out loudly. Her parents became quiet then. The silence didn't last long, however. A few minutes after Sarada announced herself, her father came down the hall and into the kitchen, wearing a pair of sweats and a simple black shirt.

"Sarada, welcome home," he greeted as he took a seat at the table, giving his daughter a small smile. "Your mother will be out soon. She had to jump in the shower," Sasuke added, explaining Sakura's absence.

"Yeah, I bet she'd need a shower after that..." Sarada said under her breath, too quiet to hear.

"I'm sorry?" Sasuke asked as he raised a brow. "I didn't hear you."

Quickly changing the subject, Sarada handed over the bonsai tree.

"Happy birthday, Papa. I heard bonsai trees can be relaxing to take care of. Though...I have a feeling you have better ways to relax..." Sarada trailed off as she stared at her father, her face heating up.

"Are you feeling okay, Sarada?" Sasuke questioned as he took the gift. "Thank you, though. A new hobby couldn't hurt," he agreed with a nod.

"I'm...I'm fine, Papa. Just a bit tired I guess."

"You are a Jonin now. I'm sure you'll have your own team soon."

When Sakura finally entered the room, Sarada looked over and offered a shy smile. She found herself staring for a moment, thinking back to how Sakura's face looked when it was covered with Sasuke's-

"Hey, sweetie," Sakura greeted as she sat by Sasuke. "How was your day?"

"It..." Sarada swallowed, unable to meet Sakura's gaze. "It was pretty good, I guess. We had to capture some murderers before I got home, but other than that it was a good day. I feel a lot better now, now that I'm home." A powerful orgasm helped a ton, Sarada mentally noted. "I'm just glad I didn't miss Papa's birthday."

"She got me this tree," Sasuke pointed out, motioning with his single hand. "It should be a relaxing hobby taking care of it."

Sakura eyed the tree with a smile.

"A calm hobby would be good for you," Sakura agreed with a nod.

"Oh, Naruto said he wouldn't be able to make it tonight. He seemed pretty stressed earlier. Boruto will make it, though," Sarada told her parents.

"I'm sure it'll be fun," Sakura replied.

Sarada had to admit, it was pretty fun.

After Boruto arrived, they enjoyed a nice meal together. After they ate, they had a mini spar, with Sasuke and Boruto on one team, Sakura and Sarada on the other. Sasuke had agreed to not use the Rinnesharingan, knowing it would be over in seconds. Of course, Sasuke and Boruto still won in the end. Even without the Rinnesharingan, Sasuke was unmatched by all other than Naruto. Though, Sasuke admitted Sakura was someone he viewed as an equal and wouldn't want her anger directed toward him in a real fight. When the fight was over, they relaxed at the lake in the Uchiha compound, Sasuke holding Sakura in his lap. Sarada relaxed with her feet in the water, smiling to herself as she looked up at the stars. It was a lovely night.

When the night was over, after Boruto went home, Sarada found herself alone in her room. She was trying to fall asleep, and yet...Well, she couldn't stop thinking about what had happened earlier.

"What's wrong with me?!" she whispered angrily. "I should feel grossed out or something. Yet when I think about it..." Sarada shivered. "Damn it, I shouldn't be thinking about that!" Pulling her covers off, Sarada got out of bed and went to her bookshelf. She searched for a moment until she found a book she knew would be boring enough to kill of the current lust she was feeling. "I need to go to sleep," she muttered. Getting back in bed, Sarada began to read. It seemed to be working, and soon Sarada was falling asleep. Unfortunately, Sarada's obsession was only starting.

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