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"Happy Birthday!" Naruto heard his mom call, as she watched him stare at his cake. An excited smile plastered on his face, blowing out the candles. Everyone around the table cheered many friendly faces all around him. His two best friends, Ino Yamanaka and Sakura Haruno, both flanked him hugging him as they laughed with him. His Aunt Mikoto Uchiha, smiling at him from across the table, next to his mothers good friend Tsume Inuzaka. He felt a hand ruffle his hair, looking up to see two very large, very perky breasts, the face of his Aunt Tsunade peeking from over them. He looked around, taking in all of the love from everyone in the room. "All right everyone, lets get the presents started" His mom said, sitting a large box in front of him. He already knew today was going to be a great day, he just hoped it wouldnt end soon

Four hours later

Naruto sat on the couch, cuddled between Tsunade and Sakura and Ino, His head pressed between the blonde womans impressive bust, sinking into the sof flesh as she snored in a drunken sleep. His two friends, one face pressed into the side of his neck, her strawberry pink hair tickling his nose. The other, in a far more scandalous position, her face pressed deep into his crotch, hot breath seeping through his shorts. An innocent scene, between family members and six year olds to most, turned obscene by the large rod now hardening against Inos sleeping face. Her breathing having a strong effect on him, as his cock, much to large for a boy his age, grew to its full 10 inches. To focused on the sensation of the warm breath bathing his dick in a pleasant heat, he did not notice the drunk kiddie cock craving bimbo above him waking. 

Tsunade woke suddenly, feeling a weight on her chest, more importantly buried between her JJ-cup breasts moving slightly. The person using her as a pillow began to move, seemingly uncomfortable with something. Her eye cracked open, spotting a familiar head of hair, similar to her own, smiling lightly at the boy. Leaning her head forward, she gasped before she could say anything to him, watching the outline of the biggest cock she had ever seen grow against the young girls face. A hand unconsciously moving towards the newly found tool, entranced by the fat spear of meat on the boy. If she had known what she was doing, she might've laughed at the comically large cock, but with a drunk mind, suddenly clouded in lust, she couldnt help but reach and grab a handful.

Naruto yelped, a sudden pressure on his member, the culprit, a pale manicured hand massaging the fat cum sacks just below the shaft lightly. He heard the woman behind him coo lightly. "oooh~ Naruto... such a big boy" She moaned out like a whore, not caring that a six year olds fat kiddie cock meat was turning her into a bitchy bimbo. She could think of nothing more than sucking the little boys dick down her throat, showing him just why she was called the "Legendar Sucker" Taking him down her throat until his chunky load rested in her stomach. Her free hand moved to the hem of his shorts, sliding them down his body slowly. The young boy panicked, not fast enough to stop the shouta slab from falling and slapping his his blonde friends face, leaving a slight cock print on her cheek and lip. The young girl moaned lightly, the manly smell filling her nose, causing her to dream of a very special "present" she could give Naruto one day. The hand on his cock never stopped working, the second joining its twin to slowly rub up his uncovered shaft. Now in plain sight, Tsunade couldnt help but flood her panties, every thick vein, and deep throb almost pushing her over. The whole ten inches, a perfect tool for taking fertile sluts, and pounding them into pregnant pets. 

The hands began to work faster, bringing the boy far more pleasure than he had ever felt. His aunt, tugging on the fat dick, moaning herself as the simple act of touching such a prime piece of meat nearly causing her to cum. She leaned forward, hot breath washing over his ear, causing a cute moan to escape from his lips. *Naruto~ you shouldnt hide such a perfect fuckstick from your aunt* She purred, adding a slight twist to her wrist, massaging his glands with perfect practice. She bit her ruby lips, feeling the boys balls tighten. Upset that her fun would be over soon, although understanding the stamina of a young boy would not be much, she gave a few strong strokes before her nephew shuddered, groaning as the first pearly shot erupted from his tip. Tsunades eyes widened, in all of her medical training never did she think actual cum would come from a six year old. She watched mesmerised as the cock erupted, the first shot plastering Inos face. The shot producing enough of the thick ball gravy to cover her face, the cute features now covered in smelly cum, causing her to shift, but surprisingly she didnt wake, the only reaction she had, a sudden rush of wetness on Narutos leg, where Inos, small puffy pussy rested, covering his knee. 

Tsunade giggled as she watched the young girls body become covered in Narutos cum, six shots raining over her, covering various parts. Tsunade ran a finger over Inos face, gathering the warm sticky cum on the digit, before popping it into her mouth, swirling the boy cum with her tongue, eyes crossing as she swallowed. She leaned back, packing the boys meat into his shorts, closing her eyes before whispering. "Good luck explaining your mess to her tomorrow." Falling asleep, leaving Naruto to stare at his bestfriends face, now covered in his cum. 

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