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It was a cold damp morning; miserable and cold, and a thick mist gathered by the ground of the large graveyard. I sat on a nearby rooftop watching one of my dearest friends mourn the death of his sensei, his face expressionless as he simply stared at the stone block in front of him.

Asuma’s death had been hard on everyone, however, it was even more difficult for Shikamaru. I could only imagine what this must have been like for Kurenai, who only recently found out she was pregnant. Both individuals seemed to take the situations differently, although both seemed ineffective. Shikamaru decided to take vengeance and took on two Akatsuki members and won… Kurenai, on the other hand, seemed to just want to shut most people out.

As I continued to watch, time seemed to stand still before my eyes. I eventually got tired of waiting for him to move and jumped off the roof; making my way towards the shadow ninja. When I finally got up to the grave I stood next to Shikamaru, looking into his saddened eyes. I reached out my hand and rubbed his back in hopes to comfort him.

“Shikamaru, Asuma wouldn’t want you mourning him like this. Wasting your life away staring at a grave stone, he didn’t risk his life for that.” I said, trying to be sympathetic.

“Mizuki… can you please just leave me alone. I don’t expect you to understand but please, just let me grieve the way I want.” He said not moving an inch, but clearly on guard and defending his mood.

“Alright, fair enough. Could you please just get out of the cold? You can come be depressed indoors, eating some Miso soup and Sukonbu with me.” I pleaded knowing that they were his favorite things, hoping the promise of his favorite food would coax him to get out of this gloomy place.

The brown eyed young man sighed out with frustration and turned away from the grave, before then taking my hand and walking with me back towards my apartment. We walked together in a comfortable silence, eventually walking through the busy streets of the village; passing a few market stalls and stores along the way. I made a few silly remarks in regards to old memories we had at certain stores, however, nothing seemed to put a smile on his face. It made me sad, I wished I could just make him laugh or even just smile a little… I missed his smile.

We finally got to my apartment and we walked side by side up the stairs to my brightly colored door. I took out the keys, slid one into the lock and swung the door open to reveal my quaint but comfortable home. The two of us walked in and took off our shoes before walking into my kitchen to start cooking.

Shikamaru was one of my oldest friends, and our story together had started when I had first moved to the leaf. We had encountered each other shortly after I had moved here with my parents; the hidden mist no longer a safe place for families with a Kekkie Genkai. My older brother and I had been miserable traveling on the road for years with no friends, when we had finally been accepted by the leaf village we had a home and opportunity to make as many friends as we wanted.

However meeting Shikamaru was the most memorable for me, and remember it quite vividly even after so many years.

“You’re in my spot…” said a bored voice coming behind me, causing me to look back and raise an eyebrow at the spiky haired boy behind me.

“How on earth was I supposed to know this was your spot? Your name isn’t on it.” I said in a small defensive voice.

The raven haired boy let out a small laugh before then sitting down next to me “It’s fine I guess… you're right about my name not being on it.” He said before laying down and staring up at the sky with a deep exhale.

“You like clouds too?” he asked me after a while of us just staring up at the big blue sky.

“Yeah… they just kind of float about enjoying the day; nothing to worry about.” The young boy next to me smiled, nodding as though he agreed with my silly statement.

“I’m Shikamaru Nara… what about you?” he said in a curious tone.

“I’m Mizuki Hamasaki, I just moved here with my parents and my brother Riku,” I remember replying. As simple as that first meeting was, it’s still one of my favorite memories and we’ve been good friends ever since. Shortly after I met Chouji and the rest of his guy friends from the academy. I finally had some friends, but best of all I had met Shikamaru who would become one of my best friends for years to come.

As I stood in front of the stove preparing the soup, I stared at our graduation picture from the academy; we looked so happy back then. The wall was littered with pictures of me with my family, some of my dearest friends and good memories from missions. One, in particular, was my absolute favorite; it was one with me and Shikamaru hugging after he was promoted to chunin.

“Mizuki, Is the soup almost done…? I’m done setting the table and preparing the other food. I also took out some sushi out of the fridge for you.” He said sat down on the floor, waiting for me to serve up the bowls of soup and come sit down.

“Oh! I’m so sorry I was just distracted.” I apologized and tossed the soup in some bowls and brought them over to the table before sitting down with him. He thanked me for his soup and then started to eat his dinner now that I was at the table with him.

“So, how have your missions been lately Mizuki-chan?” he asked and then popped some pickled kelp into his mouth; looking to me with a curious glance.

“Not too bad, a little busy to be honest… I’m kind of hoping for a vacation soon. Perhaps I’ll turn into you and try to sleep until noon every day and eat out as much as I can.” I teased as I sipped my soup. Shikamaru actually grinned at my comment and then nodded. “I was thinking if we got some time off together we could play some shōgi and Go? Or we could simply watch the clouds roll by like we used to." I said with a small blush rolling across my cheeks.

“I have no idea if I can get any time off…” the young Nara said with a sigh, but continued “-however, I might be able to request some time off together.” His statement caused a big smile to cross my face and I almost jumped him I was so happy.

“That sounds like a plan to me, we could go somewhere fun and relaxing; away from all the crazy!” My excitement not easily contained; hugging him sideways at the table elated by the idea of taking a vacation together.

“Can you please let me go you troublesome weirdo… I’m trying to eat.”

“No! Let our weirdness become one…” I said hugging him a little longer; causing him to groan.

After a moment of throwing out ideas for vacation locals for us to visit we eventually finished our dinner. We cleared the table and then moved over to my sofa to relax and watch a movie on my television my parents had bought for me when I became a chunin. However, it wasn’t too long before we both became too comfortable and we ended up falling asleep on said sofa.

The next morning I woke up to the very sleepy face of my dear old friend, I couldn’t help but admire his sleeping features. My heart ached for him at times like these, I loved Shikamaru but I couldn’t bring myself to confess my feelings to him; especially now with him still mourning the loss of Asuma. I rested my cheek against his chest and continued to stare up at him.

I knew Shikamaru looked at me sometimes, he had pointed out that I was pretty before. Stating that I should be careful around guys, and not be a naïve girl thinking that they weren’t looking at me. I thought it was funny that he was jealous when other guys complimented my ivory skin, or played with my long brown hair or generally looked into my big hazel eyes too long. The Lazy Ninja was hard to read for most but after years of knowing him, he couldn’t easily fool me.

He opened his eyes after a while, causing me to blush deeply as I realized he had caught me staring at him like some idiot. I mean this wasn’t the first time I had fallen asleep with him next to me, but something about the look in his eyes made me feel like this time was different.

My train of through was soon cut off by a pair of lips coming into contact with my own, causing my eyes to shoot wide open in shock. After a moment his arms wrapped around me tightly and pulled me up to be closer to his face, deepening the kiss and causing my eyes to close in bliss.

When he pulled away I stared at him with a shocked expression once again, causing him to genuinely laugh for the first time in a while. He then kissed my forehead and I babbled incoherently for a bit before getting my words out;

“S-Shikamaru what was that? I mean, I-I just… ugh, what just happened?” I finally managed to cause him to smile at me.

“It was just a thank you for bringing me inside, and trying to make me feel better.” He said before then sitting up and laying me back down and covering me with a warm blanket. “-Anyways, I don’t exactly have a lot of time for a dragged out explanation. I need to head to see lady Tsunade… I have some time to book off.”  He smirked and then brushed my bangs back.

“You go back to sleep… I’ll come by later and let you know if I get some time off for the two of us.” He said before heading to the door and getting his shoes on; leaving me on the couch speechless.

“Hey, Shikamaru?” I finally asked as he swung the door open to leave, briefly turning back to look at me on the sofa.


“Let’s go to Yugakure… okay?” requesting hopeful l looked to my old friend with big eyes. “Okay.” He said with a soft smile and then headed off out the door, closing it behind him. I relaxed back into the warm fabric now that he was gone, and touched my soft lips in glee.

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