Sakura's Harem

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Sakura Haruno groaned happily as she held Hinata Hyuuga's face against her crotch, the Hyuuga woman's face dark red as she slowly licked at Sakura's clit. The Hyuuga shyly spread Sakura's pussy lips, slipping her tongue in without hesitation. As she licked around, Hinata played with Sakura's clit as well, teasingly rubbing it with her thumb. Sakura let out happy moans and sighs of pleasure as the Hyuuga woman ate her out, Sakura running a hand through the woman's hair, a goofy grin on her face as she watched Hinata pleasure her. Sakura let out a loud gasp of pleasure as Hinata suddenly pushed two fingers into Sakura's ass and when Sakura looked down she saw Hinata had activated her Byakugan. Sakura studied the veins around Hinata's eyes as she bit her lip to hold back her pleasured sighs. Though it had been odd looking the first time Sakura took Hinata, Sakura now find it hot when Hinata had her Byakugan on during sex. "God, Hinata, you really are skilled with your hands!"

Sakura suddenly found herself in the Hokage's office, sitting up on the desk with her legs wrapped around Naruto. As Naruto pumped his 8 inch cock in and out of her dripping snatch, Sakura found herself grinning like an idiot as the pleasure shot through her body. Pressing her face against Naruto's shoulder, Sakura groaned happily as she felt Naruto sink balls deep and unload in her, her walls spasming around his cock to help him flood her tight pussy. When Naruto slowly pulled back, Sakura looked down slowly to see some of his seed leaking from her hole. At the sight, the Haruno looked back up at Naruto and smirked a little. "Mmm, same time tomorrow, Naruto-kun?" Naruto simply grinned and sank back into her pussy as a response, causing Sakura to moan his name.

Sakura grinned to herself as she kneeled behind Tsunade Senju, spreading the older woman's ass cheeks to stare at her tight anus. "Wow, Tsunade-sensei, you have really cute holes," Sakura teased her former teacher. Tsunade grumbled under her breath but spread her legs a little more for her old student. Taking this as a sign of Tsunade being fine with their current position, Sakura grinned again and moved closer. Slowly, she dragged her warm, wet tongue from Tsunade's pussy up between her cheeks. Sakura took several seconds to lick at her teacher's asshole before she licked higher, teasingly licking the Senju's crack. With that done, Sakura gave each cheek a kiss before-

Sitting up in bed, Sakura panted as she looked around her dark bedroom, her face heated and red. As she tried to calm her breathing, the Haruno woman looked down with a frown to find her panties were soaked. Sakura groaned softly as she ran a hand through her hair, shaking her head with an annoyed look. For the last week, every night Sakura went to bed, she had had sexual dreams. Dreams of people she didn't think she would ever have those feelings for. Tsunade was her teacher, Naruto her best friend and Hinata... Sakura supposed she was also a close friend as well. What annoyed Sakura the most (and turned her on, though she refused to admit it) was the fact that in the dreams, Sakura hooked up with many women. She was straight, damn it! Why was she even dreaming about all those people?! She loved Sasuke Uchiha!

Still, as Sakura thought about the dreams, she noticed her pussy ached with need.

"God, I need to calm down," Sakura muttered softly to herself. Getting out of bed, Sakura moved across the room. She slipped out of her wet panties, leaving her in just her light pink night shirt, before she put the wet panties in her hamper. She then went over to her dresser and quickly grabbed a new pair of underwear, planning on simply getting dressed and going back to sleep for the rest of the night. But after Sakura slipped on the fresh underwear, she froze, seeing a scroll sitting on top of her dresser next to a note. She picked up the note, looking around her bedroom with her eyes narrowed. Someone had been in her room! Setting the note down for the moment, Sakura turned her bedside lamp on and scanned the room for any signs of the intruder. She checked in her closet, under her bed and even checked her window which remained locked. Sakura relaxed, though only a little. She didn't feel anyone in her house, so she slowly returned her focus to the scroll and note. Picking the note up once more, Sakura began to read.

"Hello, Haruno. I have a feeling this scroll might be able to solve your nightly problems," Sakura read before setting the note down with a frown. There was no name on the note, and Sakura wondered just who it was that had snuck into her home to deliver the scroll. They clearly weren't an enemy, Sakura reasoned, or they would have simply attacked her in her sleep. This thought helped Sakura relax even more. After another moment of hesitation, Sakura picked up the scroll. It was golden with small hearts across the paper. Sakura raised an eyebrow at the design but then shrugged and slowly opened it. Instantly, a cloud of pink smoke popped from the scroll, causing Sakura to cough harshly. She even breathed in quite a bit before jumping across the room to get out of the smoke, holding the scroll in her hands as she looked around once more. She stood still for several tense seconds before frowning. Other than making her cough, the smoke didn't seem to do any harm to the pink haired woman. Looking down at the scroll, she began to read.

It was a pretty...interesting scroll, Sakura noted. It talked about a jutsu that had two levels. The first level, Sakura read, allowed the user to send a special chakra into whoever they placed their hand on. Once the chakra was in the person, according to the scroll, the user and the target would fall in love with each other. According to the scroll, this level of the jutsu only lasted for an hour. To make it last forever...

Sakura stared, her face heating up once more, the woman shifting a little as she stared down at the scroll.

"No way..." Sakura mumbled.

The second level of the jutsu, used to make the connection last a lifetime, required the user to send the chakra in a more direct way. Sex.

Or, from what Sakura read, the user of the jutsu had to focus the chakra to their cum and have it enter the target in order for the jutsu to become lasting.

Below the description of the jutsu it showed two sets of handsigns. The first set of handsigns showed how to use the first level of the jutsu. It seemed easy enough to Sakura, requiring only five quick signs. Rat, Ram, Rooster, Dragon, Dog. Again, simple. But looking at the handsigns for the second part of the jutsu, Sakura froze, staring with wide eyes.

Not because of the difficulty of the jutsu, no.

The details of the jutsu.

"Futa?!" Sakura shouted, her voice echoing in around her as she stared at the scroll. "It gives the user a...?!" Sakura began again, her face as pink as her hair. Sakura looked around her room shyly, as if worried somebody would hear her words. Slowly, she looked back down at the scroll in her hands, a frown on her face as she began to read again.

"The user's body will return to normal after orgasm, although the user can have the futa jutsu last longer if they wish" Sakura mumbled. She read on, but soon stopped again, her eyes going wide, a gasp escaping her lips. In large letters at the end of the scroll was a warning.


Sakura threw the scroll across the room, anger flashing into her emerald eyes. "GOD DAMN IT, WHO EVER SENT THAT SCROLL IS GOING TO GET AN ASS KICKING WHEN I FIND THEM!" Sakura shouted to herself, clenched fist raised in anger. Sakura had breathed in a good amount of the pink smoke, and as her anger died down she could feel an aching between her legs. She glanced down, an annoyed look on her face. "Fuck," she mumbled, groaning. She quickly went to the scroll and picked it up, scanning it quickly to see if there was any way to get rid of the effects of the smoke. She didn't find anything she hadn't read before, other than the handsigns needed for the second part of the jutsu: Tiger, Ox, Snake, Monkey, Tiger, Dragon, Hare. Sakura let out a groan as she rubbed at her eyes, setting the scroll down on her bed. "Damn it, nothing useful." The aching between Sakura's legs caught her attention once more and the Haruno woman clenched her teeth, letting out an annoyed growl as she stomped off to her bathroom. Once there, she turned on her sink, waiting several seconds for the water to become cold as possible. She then cupped her hands under the water and splashed her face, yelping from the cold. She repeated this four more times before she was able to relax, shivering as she grabbed her towel to dry off.

"Man, this night got weird fast," Sakura mumbled to herself as she looked into the mirror, her cheeks a soft pink. "I should get rid of the scroll before anything else happens," Sakura decided, "and then see if I can work out some sort of fix." With that, Sakura left her bathroom, heading back to her bedroom. She paused when she arrived, staring blankly at her bed. The scroll was gone, nowhere to be seen, nothing but a small pile of ash remaining where the scroll had been. Of course, Sakura thought, feeling more annoyed than anything. Taking a breath, Sakura forced herself to calm down, knowing it would be useless to freak out. "I'll go see Naruto and Hinata. Maybe they can help me," Sakura decided with a nod. She quickly got dressed in her usual day clothes before she hopped out of her bedroom window, walking as soon as she landed. She quickly made her way to Naruto and Hinata's home, her face flushed by the time she made it. Despite splashing ice cold water on her face multiple times, Sakura could feel an ache starting between her legs already. When she made it to Naruto and Hinata's home, she knocked quickly and waited, squirming a little. It was Hinata that answered.

"S-Sakura? What's w-wrong?" Hinata asked softly, the blue haired woman tilting her head a little as she studied Sakura, frowning a little. "You looked annoyed," Hinata added. "It's late..."

Sakura studied Hinata, staring first at her soft lips, then her large breasts. Her gaze lingered on the Hyuuga's breasts, her blush growing as she squirmed more. Realizing what she was doing, Sakura shook her head quickly, raising her hands. "N-no, sorry, I didn't mean to stare!" Sakura shouted quickly. Hinata flinched slightly from Sakura's loud voice, the woman frowning more.

"S-Sakura, what's wrong? You're acting s-strange," Hinata asked again, stepping aside to let her friend enter her home. Sakura stepped inside and followed Hinata to the living room where the two sat on the couch to talk. Sakura turned to face the Hyuuga-Uzumaki woman, taking a few deep breaths.

"Hinata, I woke up and found a scroll and a note. When I opened up the scroll, a pink smoke appeared and I breathed it in. The scroll said it put a special chakra in me, but it also has...well...a side effect," Sakura began, shifting a little. It was getting hard to ignore the ache between her legs.

Hinata frowned again and studied Sakura. "Pink smoke? Special chakra?" Hinata paused before activating her Byakugan, staring at Sakura. She stared for several seconds before looking up, nodding. "Y-yeah, I can see your normal chakra. But there also seems to be a pink chakra as well," Hinata explained. Sakura stared at Hinata's Byakugan, remembering her dream. She quickly looked away as the memory of the dream came to her. Hinata's soft tongue...skilled fingers...the way her Byakugan had-


Quickly, Sakura stood up, shaking her head. What the hell was wrong with her?! Hinata was her friend, and yet all Sakura could think about was how hot it would look to have the woman between her legs, licking her-

"No!" Sakura shouted, shaking her head before groaning. Hinata watched with a nervous look, the woman shrinking into the couch at Sakura's outbursts.

"S-Sakura, calm d-down please," Hinata whispered softly.

"Is Naruto here? Maybe he can help me. I mean, he's an Uzumaki! Surely he can find some sort of seal or something?! Pull the pink chakra out or something?" Sakura paused, staring at Hinata's nervous look. "What?" she asked slowly.

"W-Well, N-Naruto-kun isn't h-here right now. He won't be back for a few days. Hokage business, Na-Naruto said," Hinata explained slowly. At Hinata's words, Sakura froze, staring at Hinata. "Maybe you can explain m-more of the scroll and I could s-see about helping?" Hinata offered. Sakura thought it over for several seconds before finally sitting back down by Hinata on the couch. After taking a few deep breaths, Sakura gave a nod.

"Okay, Hinata. I'll explain as much as I know, though that isn't exactly a ton," Sakura agreed. Sakura explained waking up (though she left out the dreams), finding the scroll and note. She explained opening it and breathing the smoke, explained both levels of the jutsu and the final warning of the scroll about the greatly increased libido. By the time Sakura finished explaining, Hinata was blushing just as much as Sakura was, the poor woman unable to look at Sakura.

"S-so it...uh...Causes both people to fall in love, for good if the second jutsu is used," Hinata said, recapping what Sakura said. "But the chakra also give a much higher s-sex drive," she added slowly, twiddling her thumbs shyly. Sakura gave a quick nod, sighing as she ran a hand through her hair.

"Yeah, that's pretty much it," Sakura agreed. Hinata paused before glancing at Sakura again, looking curious suddenly.

"W-what exactly does the first level of the jutsu look like?" Hinata finally asked, curious about the jutsu. Sakura paused a moment before frowning.

"I uh...I don't know. I didn't exactly test out an unknown jutsu, ya know?" Sakura replied slowly. She found herself staring at Hinata's body again, too difficult to look away anymore. Hinata shifted a bit, Sakura's hungry look making her feel embarrassed. When Sakura looked up from staring at Hinata's tits, she found Hinata was staring at her. Smiling shyly, Sakura scratched the back of her head and laughed nervously. "Sorry, sorry," she mumbled.

"Could me?" Hinata questioned finally.

"...Show you what?" Sakura questioned, raising a brow.

"The j-jutsu," Hinata explained. "T-the more we k-know about it, the easier i-it'll be to find a solution right?" she pointed out with a shrug. Sakura looked unsure, but slowly she gave a nod and shifted to face the other woman once more.

"Are you sure? I'm not sure what the jutsu does, if it even does what the scroll says," Sakura pointed out. Hinata gave a quick nod, wanting to help her friend. After all, she owed the Haruno! She helped her and Naruto get together. With Hinata's nod of agreement, Sakura let out a long breath and gave a nod. "Okay, Hinata. I'll try to do the jutsu." Sakura thought back to the scroll, thinking of the handsigns for the first part of the jutsu. When she remembered, she did them. Rat, Ram, Rooster, Dragon, Dog. Sakura did the signs slowly, a little nervous about what would happen. She looked down at herself, wondering if there was any visible changes with the first jutsu. Seeing none, Sakura then looked at Hinata and offered a nervous smile before she reached out, gently putting her hand on the woman's shoulder. The moment her hand touched Hinata, a pink chakra covered Sakura's hand and faded into Hinata's body. The two stared at each other for several seconds, not saying a word.

But then Sakura and Hinata both got grins, the two leaning towards each other slowly. Their lips met in a shy kiss, Sakura placing a hand on Hinata's lap as the two made out. Sakura hesitated before she licked Hinata's lips, the blue haired woman letting out a surprised gasp. When her lips parted, Sakura slipped her tongue into her mouth, moaning as she teasingly licked Hinata's tongue. Hinata, though very embarrassed, soon began to french kiss back, moaning softly into the kiss.

When the two broke the kiss, both panting softly, Sakura knew one thing.

Though she had wanted to find a way to fix things, Sakura now didn't think she wanted things to ever end.

When Sakura managed to calm her breathing, she pulled Hinata close, wrapping her arms gently around the woman. Hinata blushed and smiled happily, hugging Sakura back.

"Hinata-chan," Sakura began, suddenly seeming shy. Hinata looked up, offering a warm smile to relax her pink haired lover. "Hinata-chan, can I see...them?" Sakura finally asked, blushing and looking away. Hinata bit her lip, feeling a little unsure. She loved her husband dearly, and yet she couldn't deny she loved Sakura as well. Hinata glanced at Sakura, studying the woman with a curious look in her eyes. All of her life, Hinata had ever only felt feelings towards Naruto. Definitely not towards someone of the same sex! And yet, Hinata did love Sakura now as well. Though earlier it would have seemed weird, to be with someone of the same sex, Hinata now thought differently. What did gender matter, anyways? Hinata thought. Love was love, no matter who the person was, wasn't it? With that thought in mind, Hinata made her choice.

"S-Sakura-chan?" Hinata whispered softly, Sakura turning her head to look back at Hinata. Slowly, Hinata removed first her shirt, tossing it to the side. After a hesitation, due to nervousness and not from being unsure, Hinata undid her bra as well, letting it fall to the floor by the couch. Sakura stared in silence, unable to take her eyes away from Hinata's body. Hinata squirmed a little at Sakura's staring, feeling suddenly worried that Sakura's silence meant she wasn't happy with the view. "S-Sakura-chan?" Hinata asked nervously, fidgetiting on the couch. "Please say something."

Hinata's pleading snapped Sakura out of her stunned silence. Grinning at her new lover, Sakura hugged her tightly, whispering in her ear "You're very beautiful, Hinata-chan." Hinata shivered at Sakura's words, a happy feeling rushing through her body. When Sakura pulled back, she added, "I guess it's only fair for me to strip as well, huh?" Hinata gave a small, shy nod. As Sakura worked on pulling off her own shirt, Hinata pulled her pants down and off, leaving herself in just her panties. Soon, Sakura was stripped down to her underwear as well, the two naked women staring at each other's body.

The two began to kiss once more, Sakura gently pushing Hinata down onto the couch, Hinata giggling as she wrapped her arms around Sakura's neck. As the two kissed, Sakura slowly slid a hand into Hinata's dark blue panties, her thumb rubbing teasingly against Hinata's clit as her index and middle finger slid into her pussy. Hinata's walls gripped Sakura's fingers as she began to thrust, Sakura kissing from Hinata's lips, to her neck, then finally she was kissing Hinata's breasts. Giving Hinata a goofy grin, Sakura took a nipple into her mouth, sucking and licking. Hinata let out soft gasps and groans of pleasure as Sakura fingered her and teased her nipple, the Hyuuga woman running a hand through Sakura's hair.

When the Haruno woman pulled away, Hinata let out a soft whine, a look of confusing on her face as she looked up at her lover.

"S-Sakura-chan? What's w-wrong?" Hinata questioned, calming her breathing, with trouble, as Sakura continued to finger her. Sakura soon pulled away even more, sitting up on the couch with an amused grin on her face.

"Hinata-chan, do you wanna try out the second level of the jutsu?" Sakura offered in a shy, hopeful voice, worried Hinata would back down due to being weirded out by the offer.

Hinata thought it over, humming softly. Though they just started their fun, Hinata did already want more from her pink haired lover. Sitting up to rest against the arm of the couch, covering her breasts with an arm, Hinata gave a nod.

"O-okay, Sakura-chan. That sounds f-fun."

"Thanks, Hinata-chan! You're amazing."

With that, Sakura ran through the handsigns for the second level of the jutsu. When she finished, she paused, blinking. Did the jutsu not work? She didn't feel any different, nor did her body seem to be any different. Sakura frowned as she glanced down at her pink panties, a disappointed look on her face. But seconds later, she let out a soft gasp as she felt her body begin to slowly change. Soon, her underwear had a bulge, the imprint of her cock twitching. Her cock. It was a very strange thought to Sakura, and she was sure it would take some time getting used to. But for now, Sakura wanted to focus on her blue haired lover.

With her sexiest smirk at Hinata, Sakura slowly lowered her panties, her cock springing free when the underwear was out of the way. Sakura kicked her panties to the side before looking down. In truth, she was very curious about her new body part. Looking at it, Sakura guessed it was about 8 inches long, the thick shaft throbbing slightly. Her pink pubed rested at the base of her shaft. Though she had a cock, Sakura could tell she still had a pussy as well. Looking up, Sakura glanced at Hinata with a soft groan escaping her lips.

"Hinata-chan, it feels...odd," Sakura admitted. "The penis- I penis, keeps twitching when I look at you," Sakura admitted. Hinata grinned and gave a nod, scooting closer to Sakura to check out her new body part for herself. It was the same size as her husband's cock. Hinata blushed as she realized this. Looking down at the Hyuuga, Sakura paused before she slowly moved onto her back, letting out a nervous laugh.

"I...uh...have no clue how to use this thing. Think you could help out just this one time?" Sakura asked shyly. Hinata giggled and nodded, moving to straddle Sakura, slowly grinding her pussy against her cock. When Hinata was done teasing Sakura, she slowly raised her hips, placing one hand on Sakura's chest to balance herself. With her free hand, she lined Sakura's cock up with her snatch, smiling down at Sakura. She then lowered herself, slowly taking Sakura inch by inch until she had Sakura all the way in. Because Sakura's futacock was the size of Naruto's own penis, Hinata was able to take her without much problem. That isn't to say it didn't feel amazing, though!

"" both Sakura and Hinata whispered as Sakura placed her hands on Hinata's hips.

"You're really tight," Sakura gasped out, throbbing deep in Hinata.

"And you're so hard, Sakura-chan," Hinata moaned out softly. Leaning down, Hinata began to kiss Sakura, keeping her hands on her chest as she finally began to move, riding Sakura at a medium pace. For Sakura, who wasn't used to her new penis yet, it was the best feeling she had ever felt. Hinata's tight, warm walls quivering around Sakura's shaft...Hinata moaning in her ear as she rode her...It was a huge turn on for the Haruno. Hinata was enjoying herself, too, of course. The feeling of Sakura throbbing deep inside, being stretched by her new lover...It was all amazing. With a gasp, Hinata looked down at Sakura as she began to move her hips to meet Hinata's movements.

"Oh, wow," Sakura breathed, a goofy grin on her face. Pulling Hinata down against her chest, Sakura wrapped her arms around her tightly as she began to move harder. Soon, Sakura moved them so she was on top, slamming her cock down into Hinata. Wanting to make sure Hinata would have an orgasm when Sakura did, knowing not all women could cum just from penetration, Sakura reached between Hinata's legs and began to quickly thumb her clit. The sound of flesh slapping flesh echoed through the room, the two lovers moaning into a deep kiss, Hinata running her hands all over Sakura's body. Teasing her nipples, gripping her ass to pull her even closer with each thrust and even teasingly spreading Sakura's cheeks before letting go. Soon, the pleasure became too much for Sakura to handle and she sank all 8 inches in Hinata. With a loud moan, she began to cum as Hinata did, Sakura's seed flooding Hinata's tight pussy, the Hyuuga massaging Sakura's cock to get as much of her heavy load as she could.

When their orgasms finally died down, and the two lay panting on the couch, Hinata snuggled against Sakura, a sleepy look on her face. They stared at each other silently, Sakura's seed slowly leaking from Hinata's pussy, Sakura's cock fading away as the jutsu ended.

Giving Hinata's forehead a soft kiss, Sakura whispered, "I love you, Hinata-chan."

"I love you, too, Sakura-chan," Hinata replied softly, the two drifting to sleep.

Maybe finding the scroll hadn't been such a bad thing, Sakura thought as she fell asleep.

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