Like Dripping Ice-cream

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A short pwp that I wanted to write to test my skills for future, longer lemons. The plot itself is crap and nonexistent, but the lemon part is pretty good if I say so myself.

Like Dripping Ice-cream

"Come on, please, Baa-chan!"

"No!" Tsunade hollered for the umpteenth time, arms defensively crossed over her breasts. What audacity! She'd been worried when Naruto ran into her office, flushed and out of breath, but worry quickly changed into anger when he suddenly demanded to see her breasts. "Go home and be happy I'm not executing you, you little brat!"

Naruto matched her defiance and then some. "Not until you show me your tits!" he yelled, pointing at the heavy bust behind her arms.

"Please, Baa-chan!" He got on his knees, hands clapped together as if in prayer. "I'll lose if I don't see them!"

"Lose?" The boy was quickly giving her a headache. "Lose what?"

"Kiba came to me saying he'd seen Hinata's breasts while changing," he explained. "He said I'd never see a bigger pair of breasts, and gave me two hours to prove him wrong. If I can see a pair as big as yours, there's no way Kiba can beat me!"

That was it…? "How exactly can you lose a stupid bet like that?"

"The loser has to pay a bowl of ramen to the winner." He continued to beg. "Please, Baa-chan, I really want that free bowl!"

Tsunade sighed as she watched the pathetic boy in front of her. Why did she have such a soft spot for the boy? "Fine…" she snarled. His goofy head arose with a bright grin. Damn him and his resemblance to Nawaki.

"Sit on the couch," she ordered her subordinate. Naruto did so without hesitation. She wondered if the genin had ever been as compliant as he was at that moment. He'd jump off the Hokage Residence if she beckoned him to do so. "Only a peek, okay?" He nodded eagerly. Her green haori had already been placed on the chair behind her desk, leaving her in her grey blouse. There was no need to dispatch her obi; she merely slid the top of her blouse down her shoulders.

So big! Naruto positively beamed as the blouse brushed past her breasts. Big, round mounds of flesh sprung into view as the grey fabric settled above her obi. Naruto ran his eyes over his Hokage's body, keen on remembering every single detail; taut everywhere, except for the massive globes on her chest. Her peachy nipples had already tightened into stiff peaks; both due to excitement and the somewhat chilly temperature in the room.

"W… wow~!" Naruto had all but forgotten his deal with Kiba as he watched the blonde bombshell. Already, he could feel his trousers tighten as his appendage awoke from its slumber. "You're amazing Baa-chan!"

Tsunade rolled her eyes at the compliment. "Satisfied?" she growled. This foolishness was beneath her. She had a village to run. She was eager to tuck her goods away and resume working. The genin had taken up far too much of her time already. As she waited for an answer of the drooling mess that was Naruto Uzumaki, she repeated herself. "Oi, Naruto!"

Naruto shot up, eyes glued to her chest. When Tsunade told him to leave, he rebutted," Leave? You can't expect me to leave now."

"What?" To her surprise, Naruto decided to show her exactly what he meant, clutching his pants and yanking them down. "Wh… what are you doing?" she asked in response to the sudden exposure.

"You can't expect me to leave!" he quibbled. "Look at the state I'm in. That's your fault, Baa-chan!" Tsunade couldn't help but take a peek; he was larger than she thought he'd be, standing at seven inches.

"So?" It was his own fault he was like that now. "What do you want me to do about it?"

At this, the boy blushed. "Well, can't you… you know…" He leered at her chest. "Use those."

Tsunade was silent. So, he wanted a titfuck. It was a position she was well familiar with. Every asshole she ever dated had tried to get at least one at some point in their relationship. It was probably best to just give him what he wanted. The sooner he was gone, the earlier she could get back to work. She ordered him back on the couch. Getting down on her knees in front of him – her heavy jugs swayed from the sudden movement – his cock throbbed eagerly as if to greet her. Up close, she found it to be a fine specimen; good length and girth. Perhaps there was some excitement to be had here.

Naruto bit his lip to muffle his groans as she smothered her cushiony mounds around his dick. Such sensations; it felt like waves of velvet surrounded him~! As Tsunade turned and shifted herself to sit comfortably in front of him, only the head peeked out from the two hills of flesh. "Are you ready?" she asked him, her large brown orbs coming up to meet his; he nodded mindlessly.

They kept their eyes locked as she started to move; hands against her tits to keep Naruto nice and snug, she began to bounce her jugs up and down his rod. Naruto was numb to the world safe for the wonderful sensations around his prick. He enjoyed it each time her fleshy mounds came down; they'd swell from the impact and rub against his thighs. Gingerly at first, the blonde waited for the genin's pulsating cock to release enough of the transparent liquid to up the pace. As a medical ninja, Tsunade knew how easy it was for such tender areas to get irritated. In the meantime, she enjoyed the warmth of the genin's cock as her sensitive jugs glided around his rod; she couldn't help but moan.

With his excitement at an all-time high, it didn't take long for the genin's pulsing prickle to release enough arousal for the Hokage to deem it the proper time. "Ah~! Baa-chan~!" Naruto rolled his head back and grit his teeth as the blonde suddenly bounced up and down more rapidly. He bit his cheek, fearful of moaning too loudly from the sensations of passing through her closed cleavage. Tsunade smirked wryly as she watched the usually brassy genin at a loss for words. Who knew all the tools she needed to silence the loud brat had literally been on hand ever since they first met?

Tsunade whimpered softly; the leaking pre-cum of his tip served as an adequate-enough lubricant, but it was starting to chafe a bit. She hoped he'd be done and cum soon. Her eyes observed him; eyes closed, head flushed red and sweat dripping. It was all he could do not to cum. For her own comfort, she changed her approach. Instead of bouncing her tits up and down his shaft, she juggled her breasts around his cock. As one got up, the other slid down, and vice versa. His member rocked from side to side in the process. He enjoyed the wet sounds from the clapping jugs around his dick.

Naruto could feel the end nearing as the blonde knockout coaxed him to completion. Already, he could feel the sensations of completion rising. It wouldn't be long until he'd be painting those wonderful knockers in white. He gulped audibly. His beautiful Hokage covered in pearly seeds… The thought didn't do much for his self-control. He wasn't planning on alerting Tsunade of his impending release, gung ho on coating her fleshy hills with his spunk.

Not that he could keep the imminent geysers of seeds a secret to a kunoichi with the medical knowledge of Tsunade. He was throbbing like mad, pre-cum trickling down his shaft in steady streams. Even the most inexperienced girl could tell he was about to erupt, let alone an experienced woman like Tsunade. The genin's plan of showering her in semen would triumph only because she willed it so.

"Ah fuck! Baa-chan~!" he wept, his face scrunching. His hips shot upwards, cock surging through her cleavage. Without warning, a jet of semen leapt from her breasts to stain her cheek. He was excited; strong, ample bullets of white shot from his tip in rapid fashion, staining her face before she could smother the blasting rod with her jugs, shielding her face from further harm. Naruto cussed as he ejaculated rope after rope of cum into her cleavage.

The amount was unexpected. Tsunade hadn't foreseen him to be this excited! When he was finally done, his tranquil, placid feeling of completion ebbing away, she released him from her hold. Her tits dripped with cum as soon as they came undone, rolling down her stomach. It reminded him of melting ice-cream! "I didn't think you'd be this excited…" she muttered in unbelief. She brought her hand to her cheek to wipe some of his sticky fluids away.

"Sorry, 'tebayo," he apologized, grinning sheepishly. He ruffled his hand through his blonde, spiky hair. He couldn't well be blamed for such an ample amount. It was only natural for a voluptuous woman like the Hokage to get him that roused! He whistled as he inspected the doused Hokage, impressed with his handiwork. "You should take it as a compliment, Baa-chan."

Tsunade gritted her teeth at his ridiculous nickname for her. How could he still think of her as an old lady after his confessed admiration of her looks? The color of her knuckles ebbed away as she clenched her fists. It was about time she sent the little genin away. He got what he wanted, so he should… just… leave? She gasped in astonishment as her eyes regarded the genin curiously, or rather a certain part of the genin. Her fists came undone. He was still hard, even after such a lengthy discharge. Perhaps this wasn't over after all?

As Naruto slowly recovered on the couch, he began to wonder why he was still here. He'd half expected Baa-chan to banish him from her chambers the minute they were done. Instead, she merely watched him. "You all right, Baa-chan?"

She didn't answer. He asked again, repeating his question. Rather than answering the genin, Tsunade surprised him by taking a seat on the edge of her desk; more cum dripped from her tits from the sudden maneuver. His breath hitched when, all too sudden, Tsunade threw her legs into the air and dispatched of her panty in a trice, sliding it past her feet. He couldn't speak. It was like a fist had suddenly been wrapped around his throat, clogging his voice "Baa… chan?" he barely managed to utter.

With her undies dismissed, Tsunade hooked both hands under her knees and spread her legs. She heard Naruto breath exuberantly through his nose as her drenched pussy was presented to him. Her excitement had been roused while treating the blond jinchūriki. It was only natural for the genin to return the favor.

"Come here, Naruto," she beckoned him to her with her fingers. "You can keep going, right?"

Oh fuck yes!

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