Reviews for The Beach Bitch! [Kushina's Fuck-Ventures 3]

BY : BitterNTR

  • From TopCat on January 11, 2021

    Nice story! I'm really sick of the amount of yaoi that is covering this Naruto fandom and kushina is a classic for me. Super hot!

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  • From Jack_blackfyre on January 11, 2021

    Great story love to see kushina being a depraved slut

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  • From ReturntheSlab on January 10, 2021

    " Some folks might say Slutty Kushina stories are generic and overdone "

    Because they are. They lack any appeal because of the oversaturation, especially since most authors can't be bothered to do anything than copy-paste an NTR plot. "Ooh, Kushina's cheating again!" How creative. I mean the Naruto fandom's a festering, maggot-filled corpse at this point and even moreso in terms of smut. But we're still getting this shit.

    Which is actually funny, because most NTR authors started writing it because, in their words, there was too much Naruto/Harem content. Now the same goes for Kushina cheating, Sasuke or Kiba-based NTR. To the point where they're close to being on level with harem fics, so the authors are literally doing exactly what pissed them off however long ago and it's a fucking shitfest.

    At this point I'd prefer people getting canceled for writing in the Naruto fandom than read any more of the shit coming out of it.

    As for the fic? Boring. Generic. Overdone. Predictable. About as exciting as your pencap falling off your desk. And a testament to why handholding memes took off like fucking rockets. Read if you're a basic bitch with shit taste and want to perpetuate the same problems you once whined about like small, bratty little children but deride/ignore otherwise.

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  • From john on January 10, 2021

    Some folks might say Slutty Kushina stories are generic and overdone and while kinda true doesnt stop them from being hot has hell when done right. and such I hope more of them pop up there gas been a lack of Kushina smut for a while 


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