Reviews for There’s a hole at the hot springs!

BY : c0p13r

  • From ANON - Darealtristan on September 27, 2020

    Pls try to drop more chapters already🙏 It's been 11 days for goodness sake.😭 i can't wait anymore 

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  • From ANON - 😶 on September 20, 2020

    let's goooooo

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  • From ANON - JLDavenport on September 17, 2020

    Man, I'm really liking this story! Very interesting stuff!

    Had to suspend my disbelief quite a bit to see Naruto lose to Anko, but whatever, it's all in good fun. Kushina finally confonting Naruto about the fact that they've fucked is also very much in good fun and things heading towards Mikoto promises even more.

    But damn, some pretty dark premises playing out in regards to the Nara cage. Previously I read it as just Shikamaru being lazy and finding it convenient to have someone else fuck his girlfriend, but now it feels a whole lot less consensual and a whole lot him (and possibly Konohamaru) being put in a really unfair situation. I assume you're going for something that's somewhere between both, but yeah.

    Either way, looking forward to what's to come!

    We've got Ino in on the fun and Sakura fuming about it. But I think this is the first time Hinata's been properly referenced, with it being implied that Naruto's already popped her cherry. I don't know if you're a fan of her, but I like her a lot myself, so if there's space for her, I'd love to see her get a chance to get some more Naruto action. And there's always her mother and/or sister if you want to do more things similar to what you've done with Kaori too.

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  • From Siklos88 on September 17, 2020

    This was quite the ride copy cat. Honestly a take on a smut fanfic I haven't seen before, not so much in the concept and the girls, but in the way it was told. I really enjoyed it though, and looking forward to Part 2

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  • From ANON - John on September 09, 2020

    Can you make Naruto sleep with Mikoto or Yoshino and have Kushina come onto him and entice him into bedding her again also, will any of the girls get regnant, i wanna know as each time naruto sleeps around he has unprotecred sex.

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  • From ANON - MagicMan on September 08, 2020

    Fucking hell, that scene between Kaori, Ino, and Naruto was god damn amazing @_@ 

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  • From ANON - 😩 on September 05, 2020

    Kaori pretty much has no character besides being a mother don't worry, chapter lit 😩

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  • From ANON - Mick Gesitt on August 28, 2020

    @Siklos88 - Oh! And don't forget that 92-chan seemed to under the mistaken dillusion that a lack of capitalization is a SPELLING mistake. Our extra special shinobi claimed that C0P13R "also misspelled it when starting your first chapter". Lol.

    How dare you C0P13R! You apparently mispelled 'There's A Hole at the Hot Springs' by spelling it 'There's a hole a the hot springs'! Shame on you! No dog treats for you.

    Oh my this IS fun. Maybe next time (and I hope there is one) I'll actually log in.

    -Mick Gesitt of the Mountain 

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  • From ANON - god bless on August 26, 2020

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  • From Walryder on August 26, 2020

    Oh wow! This story is so hot and lewdly described!

    I was wondering if you did writing commissions? :D 

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  • From ANON - on August 26, 2020

    I've been looking forward to this! And then it cuts off, right as it gets going!

    But I'm happy anyway because you've got Ino possibly getting in on the action, and that's even better. And you've got Naruto not completely oblivious about who he's been fucking which is nice, I've been worried about that.

    As an aside, I do hope Shiho gets revisited at some point. You had Naruto pop her cherry, but he didn't even finish... that can't feel good for her first time. She deserves at least one creampie, surely.

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  • From Siklos88 on August 25, 2020

    Lmao, even when 92-chan tries to correct you he still fucks up. Word of advice 92-chan, you don't capitalize the "a" in a title.

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  • From ANON - John on August 24, 2020

    Gonna laugh if Kushina get's pregnant, that'll be one hell of a explanation to try and spill.


    Do update soon, I wanna see Mikoto, Kaori, Yoshino, Tsume and Hana all join in as well

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  • From ShroudedShinobi92 on August 13, 2020

    Ha! I bet you thought I was long gone didn't you? I'm poised to make my triumphant return, but before I can do that there's just one thing that I wanted to point out while reading your story. I immediately spotted this when scanning through the various stories in the archive, so being the generous person that I'm known for in real life I wanted to tell you how to correct this mistake. The proper heading is written like this. "There's A Hole at the Hot Springs." You also misspelled it when starting your first chapter, now this makes us even because I've gone Ultra Instinct on you. 

    A Shrouded Shinobi chuckles in the darkness.

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  • From ANON - Gunny on August 10, 2020

    I just want a full on Naruto and Buta story now 

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