Reviews for Glue between the Cracks

BY : Sasunarufan13

  • From EntityLvr on March 12, 2020

    OMG THREESOME!!!!!!!!!! Okay, you're even more my favorite now!!! Oh please I hope this gets updated soon!! I'm currently going through all your Naruto stories and giving them love. Though, I already love all the ones I've read. You really have been getting me through some hard times and I just can't thank you enough for sharing your wonderful writing gift with the world. Keep on going! :D

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  • From Niremi on December 29, 2019

    No Deidara? You know what we want huh? xD Good chapter. See you in 2020

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  • From Niremi on December 09, 2019

    Can't believe no one has reviewed yet! I love your work so obviously I'm super excited about this development!! I like the idea of Sasuke not being alone. Please continue :3

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