Reviews for Wedding Crasher

BY : JJC_29

  • From elchabon on April 16, 2019

    Wonderful chapter. Very, very good Wow, please there must be a continuation, I beg.
    It's a pity that I could never read the "original" to say it in any way.
    Keep it up, waiting for the continuation.

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  • From BestOfTheBest on April 16, 2019

    Ah, Stormarrow's forum, You brought back some memories with that. It is a shame that it is no longer active since there were some good ideas and unfinished stories posted on there. I remember the story idea where this came from too. I believe the only way to read the original Cherry Blossom Wedding is through 0Jordinio0's Patreon. Unfortunately I don't have the story available but your version already seems to surpass his. Hopefully you can continue it or make something new because your writing is pretty good.

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