Reviews for The Game

BY : Uzumaki_38

  • From reto90kid on April 08, 2019

    hey can I be in the next story

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  • From Naruto-Shepard on March 15, 2019

    Your Formating got fucked dude.

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  • From Siklos88 on March 09, 2019

    Ayame is always a good start. Third chapter could use some spacing, but good job on the chapter itself.

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  • From Uzumaki_38 on March 05, 2019

    To Lucifer X-5, this story will be on Naruto, but there will be small crossover, and there will be a lot of girls, so stay tuned.

    Thank you

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  • From LUCIFER-X5 on March 05, 2019

    Hi, friend, I hope you are well. Hey, I just read your story and it's very good. I hope you can upload more chapter soon because I'm dying to see who you'll put in the next chapter.

    ps: I have 2 questions the first this story no more will be the naruto series or do you plan to put more series like fairy tail or highschool dxd.

    The second question is if you will put mikoto, anko, kurenai and kushina in the naruto harem in this story?

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