Reviews for A Demon's Uprising

BY : 0ni

  • From elchabon on March 03, 2019

    Very good prologue. This is interesting history. I already look forward to see how you develop the plot.
    Keep it up.

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  • From Ookami88 on March 03, 2019

    This starts pretty interesting. I'd love to learn more about what you have planned for this story. If it's not too much trouble, could you contact me via PM on My profile there:

    I'll be completely honest with you, I don't really care about pre-canon characters. The one I'm interested the most in seeing here is Hinata, additionally I wouldn't mind seeing Tenten or Ino getting tangled by this demonic Naruto.

    So, I'll be waiting for the next chapter and/or your message.

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