Reviews for Konohagakure's Smutty Stories

BY : MasterOfSorcery92

  • From c0p13r on June 25, 2019

    MasterOfSorcery92!!!  Did you think to hide from me?!  Impossible!  You forgot to add to your dating profile/bio page’s Personality Traits: ‘in cahoots with the Kage cock league’!!!  Mayhaps I’ve not read your story long or hard or with any interest, but the abundance of repetitive descriptions leaves no doubt in my mind! ...  Your superior authorial powers have betrayed you.  Confess, bearer of 92!  Confess the truth behind Kage cock!  Like... is it a cock hidden in the shadow of the actual cock...?  No!  I will not be distracted!  You stole this amazing term ‘Kage cock’ from the girl who swore to marry me if I find the one who stole this magic phrase!  Again, confess!  And again, I am off! copier away!

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  • From theoverlord on March 10, 2019

    How about hinata/naruto/kushina/minato 

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  • From theoverlord on February 24, 2019

    I would love to see a naruto/hinata/kushina/minato family fun chapter

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  • From Duck21 on February 18, 2019

    How about one with Kushina and Hinata 

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  • From Ookami88 on February 15, 2019

    Still waiting for some hot Hinata chapter.

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  • From Menasker on February 14, 2019


    Hope to see Naruto x Hinata x Toneri

    Or Jiraiya, Minato and Naruto sharing Kurenai

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  • From Siklos88 on February 12, 2019

    Is this missing something? Also would love some more with Satsuki, maybe one with Naruto where they’re married

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  • From CompassOpposites on February 07, 2019

    Releasement is not a word.

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  • From Ookami88 on February 06, 2019

    A little short, but I enjoyed it. Hopefully I'll see Hinata's chapter, longer if just a little, and stuffed with dicks in every hole.

    Can't wait for the next chapter!

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