Reviews for NaruHina & MenHina Lemons

BY : Veradux

  • From Ookami88 on November 13, 2020

    First of all, let me express my admiration on how you've managed the past 2 chapters. Despite being no-sex ones, they are very sensual and do keep the reader's attention. Very good job.

    Next, I'm glad you like the unusual tone of my NH ideas. It just strucks me weird that some of the most erotic stories out there involve Hinata with either other men (going for NTR genre) or include some rather... questionable choices in fetishes (diapers, mother-son incest, scat, urination, bestiality)... ugh!

    Thus, responding to your final message in your latest chapter, I must vote for my proposition of Naruto sexually torturing/teasing/edging Hinata. I'm pretty sure you can find some fun and creative ways to use a few utensils like feathers or brushes, not to mention sex toys, for Naruto to try on the lovely Hyuuga. In this kind of setting only imagination is the limit.

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  • From Ookami88 on October 22, 2020

    I really liked the 3rd part of my idea written by you. Really nicely done.

    If possible, I'd like to request another story, this time focused a little more on Hinata - due to a special assignment young shinobi and kunoichi have to go through a 'special' training, where they will have to experience how to deal with interrogation and how to deal one. It is Hinata's turn to take part in this training, her partner being Naruto/Menma (can be both), she's tied up in just her mesh shirt and pants, a blindfold covers her eyes. Her job is to withstand any soft torture and not give in, while Naruto/Menma's is to use any means to make Hinata talk.

    The theme here would be sexual torture, teasing and soft bondage, where Hinata is mercilessly brought to the edge of an orgasm multiple times, before giving in, and Naruto/Menma also cannot help it and ravishes her when she starts begging for the relief.

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  • From TheFlamingDictator on September 02, 2019

    (edited for clarification)

    I felt I should say something. Since you give us so much each and every chapter. It's somewhat wierd to review an anthology work that's not necessarily a single overarching story. But you hit the jackpot with the beastmaster and swimming pool oneshot and you are hitting them out the ballpark with this three chapter awesomeness of pure steamy sexyness. I love stories where teh partners are all in on the sexy fun, where everyone is loving and gets treated like a whole person (a rare find sometimes. It's either full of bashing cuckholdery or unnatural interactions). You managed to avoid all the pitfalls that come with writing an adultfanfiction. And you deserve all the praise for it. I'd love to see the rest of whatever you might write. And regardless of whatever happens in the future. Remember this, you are an amazing writer.

    With kind regards,



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  • From Ookami88 on July 25, 2019

    Looks really good, though you could've make the stripping scene a little longer, go layer after layer of clothing, and the foreplay could've also be a bit more detailed, but that last one is more my own preference.

    Can't wait for the DP part!

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  • From Ookami88 on April 18, 2019

    This new chapter was pretty good. And I'm glad you're considering my idea. Regarding the surname for the twins, why not make it that they have a double one Namikaze-Uzumaki? It's not that weird, I have some relatives also have surnames like that.

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  • From nightwind83 on February 14, 2019

    nice .chapter hot and sweet. id love to see a chapter with the two going on a mission together or Naruto finding a hinata who had been captured and druged

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  • From Snake_King on February 04, 2019

    Interesting setup you got.

    I do have a few ideas for scenarios if you're interested:

    1. Post-Hokage lemon - Naruto and Hinata enjoy some risky marital sex while at the Hokage office.

    2. Barbarian AU - the traveling warrior, Naruto, must satisfy the needs of his new sex slave, Hinata, who swore herself to him after he saved her from an evil wizard that destroyed her home and family.

    3. Naruko Futa AU - Naruko uses her clones to perform a one-woman gangbang on her girlfriend, Hinata

    That's all I got for now, and my tags for all of them would include; Anal (MUST), Spanking, Playful Degradation, Exhibitionism, Blowjob, Paizuri, and Doggystyle

    Please let me know in the A/N if any of this sounds to your liking.

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  • From Ookami88 on January 25, 2019

    This sounds promising. Though, I was wondering, do you consider of writing a NaruHinaMen chapter? It's just I would love to read a story where Hinata is subjected to have the two Uzumaki men tend to her sexual needs at the same time.

    I'd love to talk with you more about it. If you have an account on then here is my contact:

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