Reviews for Naruto's Revenge

BY : ImmortalUzumaki

  • From NaruSaku69 on May 30, 2019

    I love stories when Naruto dominates and cucks someone elses s/o. Keep going with this story mate! 👊👌

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  • From SniperJoe on September 11, 2018

    Oh, this is actually a different story from the one in the A/U section?


    Anyway it's off to a good start. I can't tell you how many times I passed over it thinking it was a repost.

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  • From Carnageknight92 on September 08, 2018

    Pretty good looking forward to the next chapter! Especially if there’s a threesome scene between NarutoxHinataxSarada!

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  • From pitbull4567 on September 08, 2018

    Interesting story

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  • From Xiaomaome101 on September 08, 2018

    it seems a bit rushed. You should do a bit more world-building. you should mention what sasuke did to make naturo so mad, and you could try leaving a place or something to denote a scene change between the night of sex and the morning after, as that one line seems a bit inadequate.

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