Reviews for Medicinal Conference

BY : Shortcake

  • From FieldDranzer on May 04, 2018

    I should start off by saying that, reading through this story, was fun. On that note, we can move on: 

    The events taking place in this story were amusing, the plot itself was strong and you've managed to depict the characters in a believable way. I will commend you for picking a somewhat unused character for the role of the male partner, as well as adding in details from the Ninja War about how his body has been transformed. 

    Starting with Ino's deposit and clean-up was a nice touch, likely unnecessary for the blonde, but a nice part either way. Sakura coming prepared with a spare outfit could hint at her own wishes for the conference. 

    Kabuto Yakushi as a character is interesting in and off of himself, and with his medicinal knowledge, it truly is believable that he could ruin a woman, heal them, and then repeat the process however many times it would take before their bodies would cease to heal. 

    The story as a whole was a nice read, there were a few points that seemed odd; though most of those points are minor.
    One such point is Sakura's eagerness to be participating in something like this, though based on who it was and how they were equipped, it is understandable to be a little giddy. This ties in with her carrying a secondary outfit as well, so whether that was intentional or not, you tied it all together. 

    A few words were split incorrectly, and a sentence here and there could have been rebuilt, but that being said, I don't have any direct "complaints" about your writing. It was, as said, a nice read overall.

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