Reviews for Naruto's freshly minted genin team

BY : Roninjedi

  • From willthmps on April 25, 2018

       An interesting premise. Can't recall reading something like this in this format before. Look forward to the next chapter.

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  • From Scrubavore on April 15, 2018

    It was a decent read. An older Naruto with the Konoha girls; though, the chapter was far too much of a tease. I'm guessing this is exactly how the male protagonist must be feeling.

    Instead of completing this next chapter, you could continuously update this once in a blue moon with episodic shorts. It's an interesting setting. Only one other guy has a similar premise.

    Until your next update.

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  • From Berseker96 on April 14, 2018

    Good chapter bro

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