Reviews for The Lone Wanderer (Remaster)

BY : BigE2955

  • From eevee_erin on May 07, 2019

    I loved your story. I love a good plot line and actual story that incorporates plenty of intimacy in it. I'm currently working on a story here as well. Best of luck, and hope to see more from you!

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  • From ANON - on November 25, 2018

    The master/slave dynamic always works for me

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  • From ANON - anon on November 24, 2018

    naruko was very aluring here and sakura was the cherry on top.

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  • From Shortcake on August 13, 2018

    I’m glad you’re writing this piece. It’s a great story premise to begin with and it’s nice to see you revisit it with your writing skills at a higher level.

    The way you portray the women of   Kumo is delightful and Sasuke’s methods for dealing with them is wonderful smut.

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  • From ANON - on August 07, 2018

    Great chapter 👍

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  • From ANON - Anon on August 06, 2018

    This story needs more Sakura.

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  • From ANON - on August 05, 2018

    All in all this was a good chapter. I like some good ol' anal and you paid great detail to it. You also rounded off the harem 'properly' for this arc in the sense that Mabui wasn't left out. I was a little worried about that but you did good lad.

    Beyond that, I feel the real gem of this wasn't the smut itself but rather the ended. It demonstrated emotional development to varying degrees in all relevant characters which is something that's usually missing in smut. They didn't only do something that wasn't sex, but even articulated to some degree their emotional state. Was gud. 10/10.

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  • From ANON - Scet on July 19, 2018

    I know that this character is not in the original story of yours but could you add in chino

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  • From -oddity- on July 19, 2018

    Always happy to see updates from you! Keep it up!

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  • From ANON - on July 17, 2018

    Had a stiffy when I read through this one. Excellent all around and the characters feel a lot more rounded than they did in the original. Sasuke himself is also narrating a stronger internal sense of development right out of the gate. The only thing I felt cheesed out of in this chapter is that Samui didn't actually get pounded to completion either.

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  • From ANON - on June 29, 2018

    Update please! :D

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  • From ANON - Alphasauce on May 28, 2018

    Bring please make a harem of all the women! 

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  • From Shortcake on May 28, 2018

    I like the way you’ve re-written this. While the original is nice, this one shows much deeper characters. Especially Mabui. The description of her need to really live goes far in explaining her reckless behavior. 

    Looking forward to seeing what happens next;)

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  • From ANON - on May 11, 2018


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  • From Shortcake on April 19, 2018

    I’m really enjoying this fic. 

    While the original you wrote is nice, the quality here is much higher. The way you develop the characters is especially strong in this version.

    I look forward to seeing what’s next 😊

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