Reviews for Naruto & Naughtiness

BY : The_Eternal_Carnival

  • From bmpalt on May 10, 2018

    Hi I am really loving this so far. After reading it I went and looked at the CYOA this is based on and re-read and I can see a lot of potential for this! I also really love Lilinera as a character so hope you spend some good time on their relationship even as more characters are added!

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  • From doomqwer on April 12, 2018

    ooooooooo yippe a yandere kurama i look forward to how you portray her and how you have her obsession start with him 

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  • From Storyteller on March 18, 2018

    This Brothels and Barmaids thing looks super neat. Do you know of any other stories doing anything with the idea?

    You skipped the alignment part. Those included some pretty good abilities. Considering that he's trying to continue to be a good person, I'm guessing that he'd be Lawful or Neutral Good (Chaotic Good fit his personality, too... but his undying devotion to Hinata very much fits that True Love Conquers All ability, and the Neutral Good's ability to win over the hearts of those he rescues is a dead ringer for Naruto (and the chance of mother and daughter sex it mentioned is so tempting! Is there any sweeter reward in erotic heroism?)).

    Quick question. Youkai do well with Nature, yeah. But why badly with blessed stuff? Kitsune qualify as youkai, and IRL foxes and kitsune are favored by the deity Inari. And the penalty to weapons... there's even legends of foxes coming to tell swordsmiths secrets to making great swords, and Inari was a deity of craftsmanship (amongst many other things...).

    So, 4 points per supporting character... gah, too many were interesting! Teaching Lilinera to value herself! Trying to teach Sister Nessnara about genuine love! Protecting Emeline (and getting with her sisters)! Guiding Zena to a more righteous, but still badass, life! Although Elyscia and Ilmadia are certainly interesting (Ilmadia a touch less so, I think...). A pity that Naruto didn't take Priest: Missionary Position. Always nice to win over evil with the power of love. Might have helped with Esadora.

    I don't think Esadora will have an easy time corrupting him, though. Especially if she tries corrupting any of the girls into the service of her god; the Scent Marking will help keep them loyal to Naruto and hopefully make her disinclined from that choice. Although I have to say... I really, really would not like to be Esadora if she tries to use the demonic possession ability on anyone Naruto cares about. Heh... if Ogalath is the god of corruption, how much would he object if someone corrupted _his_ servant... one who wasn't even a dark knight or cleric? Even if not being corrupted to evil or depravity, his portfolio is still being followed, which as a god is in his favor.

    Is there any chance that there will at least be meetings with the others? Emeline and Zena, at least, are just too rich in potential to lose. Maybe one of Emeline's siblings? Nothing is mentioned about them, one could even be Naruto's mentor. He's got a luck deity's blessing, after all... We know there will be other lovers to take (and with that addiction, Naruto will pretty much be forced to take them because with demonic endurance I doubt anything less than the full party would be able to really satisfy him). And Brothels and Barmaids sheet made it seem like the possibility for more, long-term relationships was definitely a possibility there. It makes me wonder what other OC you'll be introducing. Very interesting.

    If it were me, I would probably have spent most of my points on multiclassing. Scent-Marking and Shapechanging Druid; Lady's Favor and Monster Layer Fighter (seriously, beautiful monster girls!); Seduction Techniques and Shadow Clones Ninja; Healing Hands and Missionary Position Priest of Hollia. Sure, it would take 10 points, but they all combine perfectly (especially with a LG or CG alignment) to make someone who excels at winning over girls, pleasing them, and keeping them, all in a relatively wholesome way. Nice mix of romanticism and perversion.

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  • From Masterdiaz4 on March 17, 2018

    Pretty good. An idea for at least one of the teachers/mentors naruto has can be tsunade. It would seriously mess with naruto to have her hitting on him which seems like something Morgana would do. And with the sex addiction he would eventually give in.

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  • From halbvoll on March 16, 2018

    Well, obviously Hinata is the dominant Hinata from the alternate dimension. I mean, that should be clear.

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  • From Dangerous_Zombie on March 15, 2018

    Dude, don't let Hinata join the fuck fest. Let her believe that she's the only one Naruto will ever pick, while Naruto fucks all of the sluts he can find without Hinata finding out. After all it's his fantasy to fuck someone behind his wife's back, Hinata ever the prude will never figure out that her dead husband has a lot of pussy on the side.

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  • From Zexios on March 12, 2018

    I personally am hoping for a mage Naruto with a perk that lets him basically do sith alchemy because it's a very intriguing branch of "magic" with unlimited potential and when he becomes evil it's really gonna be handy to make mutant beasts from captured slaves and animals.

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