Reviews for Lust, Love, and Friendship

BY : BigE2955

  • From ANON - cherryblossoms on April 02, 2018

    is sakura going to Invent the futanari jutsu and take naru chans anal virginity while sasuke makes love to his wife ? or maybe an anal vibrator for naru . sakura could lock him in chastity all week till its time for sasuke to fuck hinata

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  • From ANON - sasukeuzumaki on April 02, 2018

    maybe a guy like sasuke bullied pidgeon guy and cucked him . probaby why he is so worked up over your fic and still reads it  lol . anyhoot keep updating pal !! look forward to chap 5

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  • From ANON - A pidgeon on April 01, 2018

    Honestly, I think you project yourself into Sasuke, and that in real life you feel that you are dark, cool, moody, and misunderstood. Also, I feel that you were cheated on by some woman in real life. That some guy (perhaps like Naruto) took your girl/wife, or you had no chance. So you project that guy in Naruto. You hate that some other guy was better than you and that he was the main guy in your girls life. So you project that into your fics. So this is your slightly pathetic and sick way of getting revenge. In your fucking imagination LOL. It doesn't take much to see how it ties into your real life. While your writing is pretty damn good actually, your reasons are unhealthy.

    It's as many physchological and behavorial journals say: folks who really like cuckolding of main characters tend to either have some sort of trauma from a similiar event happened to them in the past or present. Or they've experienced lost love/heartbreak from cheating, stolen love, or lost chance. TLDR you must have serious angst in real life. Perhaps you lost a chance at a girl you liked to some other guy, or some girl cheated the fuck out of you. So you use fanfic and Naruto to vent.

    LMFAO. Get over yourself and find another womanl. Because you got yourself some pretty seriously messed up issues. Your pattern of writing NTR/cuckolding fics constantly is extremely telling of your angst in real life.

    If I'm wromg, then heres a cookiee for all your troubles. Chiao! ;D


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  • From ANON - sublime on March 27, 2018

    update please 

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  • From ANON - sakuraslave on March 26, 2018

    I'm sure sakura knows a way to shrink narutos Dick properly as he would want it. She's a top medic nin so its possible right ?

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  • From ANON - han on March 25, 2018

    Weaker than chap 3 sorry. But chap 5 should be best. Let's see

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  • From ANON - og on March 25, 2018

    This is my favorite fic. Please update

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  • From ANON - pliers on March 25, 2018

    I luv mean sakura she's so sexy. I also like how she instagates naruto to dive deeper into his fetish. She does it with love too.

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  • From ANON - yourfan on March 25, 2018

    Update sometime soon please friend.

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  • From ANON - anonymousmike on March 24, 2018

    I was waiting so long !

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  • From ANON - applepie on March 24, 2018

    I want another slice

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    Can naruto fuck some hot girls and not just get cucked in this fic sincce he's a vouyer he can get some but gets more turned on while watching sasuke get some

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  • From ANON - on March 24, 2018

    Can you have naruto use henge to fuck sakura or other women and gets turned on by how he is inferior to Sasuke not shikimaru or sai or kiba but sasuke only like naruto is great at sex they are just good but sasuke is amazing

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  • From ANON - gama on March 23, 2018

    I loved how it started lol. Good work.

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  • From ANON - random on March 23, 2018

    This was a build up to the next chapter right ? Bring it dude !

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