Reviews for Fuck Brothers

BY : BigE2955

  • From envioustothemax on December 17, 2017

    Absolutely fantastic and hot. I especialy love how the two of them are pretty content and aren't trying to one-up each other here. It's a nice difference. I can't wait to see more.

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  • From DevilHeart435 on December 17, 2017

    Ok I'll admit this definitely has a lot of potential! Not to mention it's fucking hot as hell! I definitely loom forward to more chapters!

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  • From pitbull4567 on December 13, 2017

    Interesting story

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  • From ANON - Anon on December 11, 2017


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  • From ElChapo on December 08, 2017

    This is actually a pretty unique idea. I honestly have never seen one which uses both Naruto and Sasuke as equals with a harem together. But I'm definitely interested since I like both characters. Hope you update soon. That goes for any of your stories. I enjoy all of them.

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  • From finny94 on December 08, 2017

    Not sure how original is the idea, but I've never read a story like this, or with a premise like this, rather. It's good as first chapters go, a bit more depravity, dirtiness would do the story good. Also, Ino's great, rarely see her in first chapters of stories. So I'm sold, see you in the next chapter.


    Thank you and good luck, BigE2955

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  • From ANON - DesertFOX on December 07, 2017

    Its good to see this two not cucking eachother for a change i look forward to this a nice change of pace they are pratically brothers cant wait to read more.

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  • From Dai on December 07, 2017

    I am already loving this story. Naruto and Sasuke, best friends, practically brothers, having basically equal cocks and stamina, and they will now go on a journey to bang every woman possible. Next should actually be either Sakura or Hinata. Or hell, both. Sasuke seduces Sakura, while Naruto seduces Hinata. Then once they fuck the girls enough, they reveal themselves to one another and the girls are too much into sex to even try to go against them. 

    So are other universe's girl safe even? 

    Either way, I think this is a good idea. If Naruto isn't getting upstaged and they are perfectly equals, I think it'll take off some of the hate that you wrongfully receive.

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