Reviews for Boys Life

BY : Mantis137

  • From pitbull4567 on October 15, 2017

    Great chapter 

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  • From Silber-D-Wolf on October 14, 2017


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  • From Frosten on October 14, 2017

    How many women is Naruto going to end up with?

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  • From Slurppy on October 13, 2017

    Some good shit. Your pacing is nice and you actually have somewhat of a story in each chapter. Many smut stories end up looking like 10 random tiny scenes smashed into one, but yours has actual connections to earlier parts. Things like him being naked at the end of chapter 2, actually having some effect on what happens before chapter 3. Or the lipstick thats mentioned at the start of chapter three playing some part in what happens later

    I'm sure you've already thought of some of this stuff but something that would be really cool to see would Naruto x Mother/daughter pairs. Another interesting thing you could do with Kushina is have her occasionally show up breifly in some chapters, like a chapter about Ino and Sakura and naruto goes home and theres a small bit with Kushina. Or a chapter with her waking him up with a BJ, even thought the rest of the chapter is about Hana and Tsume.

    Just my ideas on the matter. Cool story tho.

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  • From CompassOpposites on October 12, 2017

    Oh fuck yes. Hung Shota Naruto with a harem gets an instant seal of approval from me.

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  • From MastaK on October 11, 2017

    Nice so far I'm liking what I'm reading it just needs more chapters and since he's the only guy...he has to fuck every female in the world...maybe even when one or a few get pregnant and have a baby he'll have daughters as well

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  • From DesertFox on October 11, 2017

    THIS I NEED MORE OF THIS excelent work really i cant wait to read more

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