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BY : animehentaiworks

  • From Berseker96 on February 07, 2018

    Good chapter bro 

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  • From Ruber on January 06, 2018

    You know, I was thinking, do you want to put even Arturia lancer (alter or not) in the harem ?

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  • From welltall44 on January 02, 2018

    Hey there great chapter as always and as for ideas for another fic I figured I would offer up 2 ideas. 

    The first is basically a kind of sequal or offshoot to Normality-Naruto.  The basic is what if the protaganist of Normality-Naruto instead ended up in the Code Geass Universe and decided to conquor and claim all of the ladies of Code Geass. This could also be done in the One Piece or Fairy Tail universe too but you are one of the few authors who seems to do Code Geass lemons so I definitely would prefer one set in the Code Geass verse.

    The second is a Highschool DxD fic where the other 2 members of the Perverted Trio, Matsuda and Motohama somhow aquire the power of "Normality" and deside to use it to claim all the sexy girls that seem to have surrounded issei for themselves.  Gradually they would expand out to other girls such as the Student Council and other supernatural beings etc.

    Hope you like these ideas, keep up the awesome work and I look forward to your next update.

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  • From sopinade on December 23, 2017

    Verry good hope to see your  raikage/hinata story soon ;)

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  • From pitbull4567 on December 14, 2017

    Nice chapter 

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  • From DomM on December 14, 2017

    I'm glad to see that you're return! Can't wait to see how you will update your DxD stories.

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  • From iamjmph on December 04, 2017

    it was alright until this chapter. didnt like the whole powerless elder god thing. Alaya should just die how  can she overpower him and make him powerless anyways?

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  • From Ruber on October 30, 2017

    I wold really like to see more of this story

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  • From pitbull4567 on October 15, 2017

    Interesting chapter 

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  • From Kaito1412 on October 13, 2017

    Well there is Nero , Altera, Tamamo no Mae, Francis Drake, Frankenstain, Nightingale, Lancuria, Mash? , Nitochris, Schezerade, Mushashi, Raikou, Kiyohime, Elizabeth Bathory (both?),  Xuang Zang, St. Martha, Atalanta, Penthesilia all from Nasuverse

    Girls from Kuroinu maybe? Or hentai in general

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  • From DomM on October 13, 2017

     Well, it was unexpected. Anyway, thanks for the new chapter, I'll be waiting for the next one.

    P.S. I hope you will update the "Revenge of the Incubus" next. And I put a few wishes for your story in the review, can you answer what do you think about them? Please :)

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  • From DomM on October 05, 2017

    Good chapter. I'm glad to see you again. Good luck on the exams.

    P.S. before them, can you update Revenge of an Incubus, please?

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  • From AFFModerator on September 21, 2017

    Please correct your disclaimer - Chapter 5.

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  • From DomM on September 18, 2017

    Good chapter. Will we get Scathach?

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  • From pitbull4567 on September 16, 2017

    Great chapter 

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