Reviews for Naruto's Fetish

BY : BigE2955

  • From ANON - MrCrowley on January 11, 2019

    Tighten up the plot ,add more cuckolding ,stop being emotionally vague apart from sasuke ,increase cuckold dialogue ,recent chapters are weaker than well anything over chapter 15 I think . 

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  • From ANON - Satan on January 10, 2019

    Move out of your moms basement, get a job and stop making money off of naruto fanfics. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were pouring out your hate for naruto that you had to make ntr fanfics of your boyfriend sasuke being a sex god. And another thing your stories are so predictable it so pathetic 

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  • From ANON - on January 03, 2019

    I wasn’t one of the vocal ones about a Sakura/Sarada impregnation scene but it was something I secretly wanted to happen. I also liked that it happened in between Sasuke’s inner turmoil about the Naruko situation. That way it didn’t feel forced or just happened for the sake of it happening; Sasuke needed a pretty big reason to do it. 

    Thanks for this update! Awesome work as always.



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  • From ANON - colby on December 29, 2018

    Lovin it ! How about a harry potter cuck fic like this harry/ginny draco/ginny. ginny could become a dom wife. Or a young teen harry potter/older women fic either Molly weasley cause of the motherly apeal or Rita skeeter cause she sexy af or delores umbrige cause she could try to control harry with his cock. Please consider these !

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  • From ANON - Guest on December 27, 2018

    Yeah finally!

    That was good.

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  • From ANON - narchwan on December 27, 2018

    Stop being so ambiguous when it come to hina ...

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  • From ANON - BigE is a Sasgay fanboy on December 26, 2018

    Lmfao it doesn’t takes a genius to know that you’re sasgay fan boy that uses him as their self insert and it seems that you’re desperate to get comments and dragon prints. I mean does sasgay really mean a lot to you that you can’t cuck him? Whatever then in the end Sasgay is canonically a emo bastard that likes to be around men than women. 

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  • From ANON - shiv on December 26, 2018

    I'll take it . We should touch on Narutos past desire for sakura sometime btw hinata is much more sexy with curls surrounding her womenhood than shaved also sakura

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  • From ANON - timmy on December 26, 2018

    You the best. I'm being a glutton but please do another !

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  • From ANON - cherryb on December 26, 2018

    I prefer sakaura in a dominating roll assisting her husband in cuckolding naruto

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  • From ANON - gert on December 26, 2018

    Nice nice next one pls sir

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  • From ANON - anon on December 26, 2018

    I like where this is going but there was no cuckolding here

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  • From ANON - silly time! on December 26, 2018

    good stuff good stuff...

    I think your missing a golden opportunity though.

    TEAM SEVEN 3 way. with Naruto turned Naruko and Sakura and Sasuke and Sakura saying all the NAUGHTY THINGS and sorta cutting right into them and helpless bits and stuff. all the you secretly always wanted this, and all that turning into a naked girl in class and the shebang.

    also cause feelings help would be apreciated!

    still quite amusing. while id have loved a hilarious Boruto dates Sarada as all this goes on and they are the freaking NORMAL memebers cause oh JEEZ our familes are crazy or something... well.

    still! Uchiah first and stuff.

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  • From ANON - Hyperx on December 22, 2018

    Just finish  the story already.Its getting boring


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  • From ANON - on December 21, 2018

    Jesus Christ, how long do you intend to keep this going?! The story was already over by what, ten chapters or so! This is all filler full with whatever perverted fantasy comes to mind! Start writing your other stories already! Some are still stuck at fucking chapter 1, if you even intend to write more about that.

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