Reviews for Sasuke's Harem - A World Turned Upside Down

BY : BigE2955

  • From JohnLocke on July 19, 2017

     I'm very happy to see an update for this story. I look forward to seeing you add more onto this, especially since, after the Lone Wanderer, this was my favorite version. Good luck to you. 

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  • From NatDrake on June 19, 2017

    I dont know if you would read this but I like the way you handle harems. I would really like if you made a story with the pervy sage himself having a harem of the Konoha MILFs while their children(Naruto's gen). Honestly after reading this one and 'Dominos' Im really looking fwd for such a plot. 

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  • From Darkdragon2 on June 04, 2017

    How about you make a story where Naruto cuckolds other with the girls and make them his

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  • From Japanhero on June 02, 2017

    There you guys got your Sasuke/Kyuubi lemon. Can everyone please shut the f up now in requesting that (one of the most dumbass pairings ever brought up in anime) now... facepalm

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  • From JohnLocke on June 01, 2017

    A new character to introduce AND a good amount of appearance from other characters at the same time? Awesome. Thanks for this, it's always nice to see you active. I'm looking forward to who will be brought into the fold next, or perhaps what situation you have cooking.

    As always, I look forward to your next addition.

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  • From Spyash2 on June 01, 2017

    This was a good chapter. But I'm curious about something. 

    If all the men - excluding Sasuke of course - had turned into women, then what about non-gender beings like the Tailed Beasts? Having a female Tailed Beast under his thumb by breaking their minds would be hot. 

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  • From JohnLocke on May 31, 2017

    Another good chapter, though I kinda hate the short Naruko segment. Waaaay too short.

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  • From Venoms160 on May 28, 2017

    Good job overall!

    Personally, I have a small fetish for the domination of powerful women. They still stay powerful for society at large but become the protagnosists bitch or hate him but are in love with their cock and do anything that the cock's owner desires.

    The domination of power couples such as Kushina/Minato, Hinata/Naruto, Asuma/Kurenai maybe even Raikage/Tsunadde and even powerful shinobi like Kakashi, Madara, Kagyuya, Kisame, Bee gets me going. I realize this might not fit the plot of your story, but I just thought I'd put the idea out there. Maybe a "sexy jutus" plot would work well? Or even some sissy cock sucking and THEN the transformation? The dirtier it gets, the more debasement there is the better I guess haha.

    I completely loved your rendition of Kaka as a cum addict. Maybe you could go about making that "infront of the village' sex scence happen" and add Minako and Kushina to it to solidify Sasuke's hold over the village. Maybe make Kaka a biker slut, drug addict top bad bitch who acts all girly around Sasuke?


    Anyway, once again. Awesome porn!

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  • From JohnLocke on May 28, 2017

     An interesting chapter. I wasn't really expecting to see a female Kiva show up at all really. I am very glad that we got to see two new chapters in such a short amount of time, you must really enjoy working on this. 

     It's a little weird to see that you haven't brought up a female Naruto yet. Or even Ino or Tenten yet.  I think most of the people are waiting for the female Naruto chapter though. 

     Or the female Itachi chapter. No judgement...

    I'm not even sure which one I want more right now.

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  • From MrTediore on May 26, 2017

    Another great chapter.  I must say, kudos to you for making even a somewhat assholish Sasuke likeable in this fic.  Perhaps its the main character-effect, but still, I'm still digging the story.  Personally, I can't wait for the Naruko chapter myself...but good things take time to build and craft.  Seriously though, great work.  I can't wait for more. You're rather prolific in your output (something I sure as hell am not in my regular ff account), so i probably won't be waiting too long.

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  • From zeek17 on May 24, 2017

    One of the very few fics onthis site I actually like!

    If Narutoko and Hinata are an item here, I'd like Sasuke to go at Hinata first, with Naruko aware and joining no sooner than next chapter or one after that.

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  • From MrTediore on May 24, 2017

    I greatly enjoy this story.  Perhaps a few years ago i wouldn't have read it due to rampant, unprecedented Sasuke-dislike on my end, but i quite like this one.  Sort of a pallet-cleanser for the massive harem genre with good writing and a likeable version of Sasuke as the protagonist.  I feel like you've done an excellent job with it so far; some of the scenes seem to progress or fly by a bit too quickly, but it works well and keeps with the flow of the story.  I mean, Sasuke has a shit load of women to get through in this new world after all.  Anyways, I'm looking forward to more, keep up the great work!

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  • From JohnLocke on May 21, 2017

     I have to say I'm definitely liking the story more than the other one, if only for the fact that the chapters allow you to focus on a few people at a time rather than having to stuff a new character in every chapter. 

     I like to read more of the reactions of the characters than to just see an endless cavalcade of new characters that I can't really enjoy the situation with.

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  • From ElChapo on May 21, 2017

    Hey this is adult fanfic and it's about an anime. No one's gonna judge lol. Hell people right rape on here too all the time. Doesn't mean they support it in real life. So no one's judging you my man. This chapter was probably my favorite so far. Still holding out hope for that Sasuke X Any Fictional verse, thing inside of this.

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  • From MrStopteasing on May 21, 2017

    What happened to the other story? 

    If the site took it down that's some bullshit I say you come on FanFiction.Net and leave this one 

    man I really hate people seriously getting jealous cuz we like Sasuke to be main in the story and not anyone else 

    but anyways good luck fam hope I'll see you in future 

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