Reviews for The Lone Wanderer

BY : BigE2955

  • From Dai on September 17, 2017

    You know, it sort of makes sense. No matter how things go in Amegakure, they lost their "god" and cannot believe that only the "angel" being there would be enough. They need that sense of security. So what better than to go with the concept that their god as returned in a new form. Now Sasuke is the new Pain. 

    Guess for Konan, she had her own sexual frustrations. Honestly, I found her to have some of the most sex appeal in the Naruto series, with Tsunade having the least, which is weird, considering that Tsunade has the biggest breasts. Might have to do with her presentation.

    So Konan finds stability in her nation at last, and she's got herself a new lover, or master. Or maybe god. A sex god. Or all of the above. XD

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  • From Dai on July 20, 2017

    Wow, what a chapter. First had him try and help people out, but then realize it was getting nowhere and he needed a lot more people to help out. Then he gets interrogated for a bit, only to offer help. 

    The nice way of how he took down all those people without getting too much blood out was nice. Though fear is not the best way to control someone, but I guess since its Sasuke and he's essentially a god now, they should not push their luck. 

    Mei's tits are big, but not as big as Tsunade's. Funny thing though, despite how big Tsunade's tits are, I don't find her as attractive as others. 

    Damn, just seeing how Sasuke gets beaten by Mei's insane libido is impressive. It is interesting to see how Sasuke dominated everyone, but now lost this one. Maybe he'll get stronger so he can win next time.

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  • From Dai on July 15, 2017

    THANK YOU. I really liked what you said to Glk. I saw a LOT of Naruto harems, or Naruto fics in general with lemons, and a LOT of them has Naruto being a complete asshole that makes Sasuke looks nice in comparison. Naruto harems are really common. In a way, that's kind of why I like your fics, cause you have SASUKE be the harem lead instead. Hell, doesn't even have to be lemons, somce just have Naruto act like he's some big deal and could kill Sasuke easily and makes Sasuke look like a pussy. It annoys me. I love Sasuke a lot, so your fic is a great refresher, and how you at least respect Sasuke a lot more than others. 

    Now to the chapter itself, I like the fact how Sasuke was uncomfortable in how he feels he doesn't deserve to be in the village because he was so cruel. One thing I wanna point out is that one sentence wasn't worded right:

    "Naruko, Sakura and Kakashi had automatically accepted him back, as if he had drove his chidori through Naruko's lung, or as if he hadn't been a millisecond away from slitting Sakura's throat."

    In the part with the chidori, you said, "as if he had", when it should be "as if he hadn't" instead.

    Fuck yes! Sasuke with Shadow Clones. That jutsu is literally the ultimate sex technique, allowing for gangbang without relying on other guys. But the fantasy play is that with the Transformation Jutsu, you can easily make them be other guys. In Naruto's Fetish, imagine Sasuke actually transforming into Naruto and fucking Hinata. XD

    Oh wow. Anko actually one upped THE Sasuke Uchiha now. Damn. Hell, the very fact that he got sexually frustrated that he went and fucked Karin just to relieve himself is hilarious and just amazing on Anko's part. Guess Sasuke should be careful, as some girls can get the drop on him. XD

    I see what you mean about not all girls being the same way and just throwing themselves at his feet or him just winning automatically. Anko with her long tongue would be the best cocksucker of them all. 

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  • From Dai on July 15, 2017

    The very fact that Sasuke leaves and then you show an aftermath on how they are feeling now definitely leaves up to a lot of stuff of having more smut with Sasuke later. :3

    Bet they will just jump him the next time they see him. 

    Poor Sakura. With her super strength, I bet she is destroying entire landscapes to cope with the frustrations. That might be why Tsunade is also worried. Too bad for her, she shouldn't have messed with Sasuke Motherfucking Uchiha!

    The way that you had it that Tsunade was thinking similar to Mabui in a win-win situation is hilarious, but now the last Senju is just a cumslut for Sasuke. If Sasuke knocks her up, we'll have Senju Uchihas. Oh god, babies with Rinnegans!

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  • From Dai on July 13, 2017

    Hot damn, foursome already? You just skipped the threesome and headed straight for the foursome instead. XD

    Honestly, I didn't really find Karui all that sexy. But that makes sense since she wasn't sexy that much, but rather a total bitch. Of course, glad that Sasuke showed her who's in charge by putting her in her place. And yeah, she beat Narut-I mean, NaruKo up. Payback's a bitch, and a bitch like her deserves a bitch. 

    Sasuke getting a little fatigued here since he's not used to having so many girls throw themselves at him at once makes sense. Once he's used to it, he can handle them all.

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  • From Dai on July 13, 2017

    It really is such a shame that Mabui dies in the story. Least you kept her alive here. And her desire to wanna live a little more, because of how close she came to dying is a good reason. It's like, she finally realized: life's too short. She wants to live a little, to find a lover, a husband maybe, maybe have kids, or something along the lines. 

    And then comes along Sasuke and she finds that Samui, a coolheaded kunoichi, ends up banging with Sasuke, and pretty well too, Mabui cannot help but want to see what this guy's got. Plus, if he isn't that great, she gets the satisfaction of humiliating the last Uchiha. Well, sadly she doesn't get her wish as he gets the last laugh on her. 

    In regards to how Samui jumps on him, felt like maybe some more showing of how she was losing herself to her lust, but then again, its okay since we shouldn't think too much on it as they are supposed to lose it. And no doubt that Mabui will lose it next.

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  • From Dai on July 13, 2017

    It is weird that Sasuke has to go on a diplomatic mission to the Cloud Village given that that was what led to him being a world-wide criminal, but it works since Sasuke can now bang on a hot chick like Samui. Samui is one of the three girls I know from Cloud Village, so I wonder if she'll be the only one? Doubtful. XP

    Now Sasuke got his very first virgin. Though one thing is that it's funny how the excuse was that he knew the entire time, when really the Sharingan doesn't work that way, but best to have an excuse to show that he wasn't all that bad before.

    Sorry, guess I have a small tendency to work logic and fanfic at the same time when I know it doesn't work that way. 

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  • From Dai on July 11, 2017

    I like Sakura, but only if her bitchiness is not so profound. Hence why I don't like the Uzumaki Restoration one where she abuses her power and is a huge bitch to just about everyone, using Naruto's cock to make slaves of everyone else. But this one I am okay with cause its nice and sweet and she does have love. 

    Wow Sasuke, tell the girl that you're not exclusive to her AFTER you banged. You're lucky she's addicted to you. 

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  • From JohnLocke on June 16, 2017

    A fitiing and well put-together ending for the story. Also impressive for the size of the story and the time it took to complete. Bravo.

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  • From Fapman on June 16, 2017

    Another great chapter for a great story, its awesome to see someone with your writing skills take an interest. Now that youre finished with this, you should consider different characters, you have been using Sasuke alot, but it would great to see not often used characters as MC, a story with Kiba for example would be cool

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  • From notherAnonymousPleb on June 07, 2017

    Welp, it was reaching that point and thankfully you have other stories in the line. There has been 40 days and more of enjoyment derived from this so thank you very much for creating a story of such great length. Rias with Sasuke's kid got lost after she was left Konoha so there were quite a few segments that were missed. I hope the epilogue sets things up for something else. Maybe the next generation picks up their parent's habits.

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  • From JohnLocke on June 06, 2017

    I will be sad to see this story go, but I look forward to what type of ending you'll create. Also, I suppose it would give you more time to work on your other Sasuke/Harem story, which I have prefered. All's well that ends well.

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  • From redlox on June 03, 2017

    decided to fimally review: interesting Kushina chapter.

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  • From Remy_Maxwell on June 02, 2017

    Really man, I'm dying here. Naruto has long twintails that are oftentimes forgotten when you randomly have Sasuke take her to town. Why hasn't he used them Handlebars yet? Cereal though, this chapter was great stuff. I think you've done more then enough setup for Sasuke to take them Bijuu and rock their worlds into Corporeality! Starting with the Kyuubi of course...

    On a side note, like my comment in the discussion topic on the forums stated, drifting slightly into the idea of secondary characters for your Crossover characters might be a good idea. Granted I've made my case for Lucy pretty clear, but I bring this up here for the sake of the Bijuu and Rias... Why not pull out Kuroka considering Matatabi is also a Two Tailed Cat? It doesn't have to last forever, but just random plotlines that drift into how the worlds left behind are playing out while you run the main goal. 

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  • From Lois on May 31, 2017

    Very good story , and as the 100 the reviewer I would like to ask for kushina to be added .

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