Reviews for Naruto the Kunoichi Toy

BY : TheDogSage

  • From outsiderMiracles on September 21, 2017

    Not bad, but if you'd like to I think I'd enjoy tiny-dicked Sasuke getting fucked by futa Naruko and Sakura

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  • From castiel on December 19, 2016

    amazing story so good and hot but i had a question is there anyway for me to follow and get a email when the new chapter is out??

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  • From SeedFan85 on December 09, 2016

    Will you be continuing Learning his true self, or has this one taken priority?

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  • From NarutoNTR on November 28, 2016

    I like this, especially that Naruto has a small dick. Firstly, are all of the kunoichi gonna be futas or just Sakura? Second, could you do one where Naruto is bound the bed again or bound in like a suspension rig or something. In this case, he is undressed by whoever has him, minus his boxers, which the girl or woman grabs and tears off him to expose Naruto's shame. 

    In this chapter, the girl mocks Naruto's small penis, cock & ball tortures him, flog him, and peg him. 

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  • From kaii on November 24, 2016

    you should make hinata and sakura use naruto as a toilet that way hinata could feed naruto her love by shit

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