Reviews for Stop teasing us Sensei!

BY : LordOfLust

  • From KinaCunt on October 21, 2018

    If Komachi rubbed his dick onto Minato's sandwich, wouldn't that Minato ate Komachi's dick?

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  • From Lord on October 16, 2018

    Please continue 

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  • From superboy-127 on October 11, 2018

    Hey can I be in the story

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  • From Lord on October 07, 2018

    Would be nice to see a solo konohamaru chapter 

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  • From Lord on October 07, 2018

    Lordoflust please I've seen your review on burn my dread and I beg you to keep writing and not care about the negative reviews I really enjoy this book

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  • From darkfox72 on July 12, 2018

    I'm new to this website but so far your story is the best one I have read and I have read a lot on fanfiction and I got to say its brilliant and I can't wait for the next chapter and I wnted to give an idea that I think might be interesting you can use if you want like eventually kushina will get caught by anko and being her she would want to join in so she and kushina would have sex with the boys and it will be a rivalry between the two of them to see who is better and then somewhere down the line kurenai will get involved but because she likes asuma sh would demand that the person she has sex with were a condom and since there are three boys and girls they will have a contest between them like the girl would have a contest to see who can get the boys to cum first they split into pairs and the boys would see who can last the longest with out Cumming first and the boy who cums first is out but the girl who made him cum wins and the winners get to choose what they want to do with the other like anko could demand some s and m or kibe could fuck kurenai without a condom but still has to pull out and the guy would vote on the girls and tell them what there best at like anko is the best at blow job's and kurenai has the wettest and hot pussy and kushina has the tightest and rides the best and they would judge the boys to I really want that too happen just the six of them for the time being and add people later like lee and tsume

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  • From Darkdream on December 16, 2017

    I just read the story "Burn My Dread (Stop Teasing Us Sensei AU)".
    The reviews of it are not so kind towards your work, so I just wanted to tell you that I really like it despite my critics. Like I said, you have a great writing style and do something different from "Naruto/Sasuke is a god and gets all the girls" fiction. I don't think that you bashed him too much, he just lost against Kiba, that is all.

    This is an AU after all, and most important it is all about Smut. I don't expect and certainly don't want a pure sex oriented story being taken too seriously.

    In fact, I don't remember Stories where Kiba get any luck with Kushina before. I like the way he is an ass hole towards Naruto and is still fucking Kushina. (The more she is dominated the better) ;-)

    Please keep up the great work!

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    • From Pryde on December 12, 2017

      Really impressed with the flow of this chapter. I'm particularily fond of how Kushina has started to branch out the sexiness to more than just her genin. And, as someone who's been ragging you about the Rock Lee thing twice before, I have to say that adding that was a great way to kick things off. Not to mention the Konohamaru and Shikamaru possiblities.

      Makes me wonder if you might include Gaara in the next one. Maybe as a kinky way of stopping a Jinchuuriki transformation.

      *Wink, wink*

      *Nudge, nudge*

      Say no more, Say no more.

      The added characterization, even if it was only light, was a solid addition. Witnessing how Kushina's team interacts without her around was nice, and the discussions between the kages were good as well. I also liked that you included the Raikage-- with a legitamate explanation as to why the Kiri and Iwa kages are no shows.

      Truth be told, the explanation given for the Iwa kage's absence was weaker, but knowing the village's grand sense of pride it still works.

      I'm more interested in this Naruto/Samui thing you've got going on. Is it a legitamate attraction between the two or is Samui under orders from Kumo to do something nefarious, like get herself pregnant with an Uzumaki child?

      I suppose I'll just have to wait and see. I know writing can be tedious at times but I hope your next update doesn't take so long. I'm already in suspense!

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    • From C_Wade on December 11, 2017

      Hey there, great chapter! Really good to see this continued!

      While Lee wouldn't be my, or possibly anyone's, first choice, it was cool to see him getting some action. Same goes for Naruto. I'm not going to ask for you to write him in a lemon with Kushina (even though I wouldn't mind), but I always had a soft spot for the little kucklehead, so it's cool that he is at least getting some action, even if it's 'off-screen'.

      Personally, I can't wait for the KushinaXAnkoX??? Scene, which you foreshadowed several times now. However, seeing as the Raikage is in the exam for some reason (and I doubt it is because you added Samui to the mix), he is most likely (one of) the next partners for Kushina I assume. Not really all that excited by that, but as long as the rest continues as well I'll deal.

      One small mistake I noticed at the end. You had lee's size described as 5.3 inches, but you have him in the rankings at 5.0. Just wanted to point that out.

      Hope to see more soon! And once again, thanks for the great chapter!

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    • From Darkdream on December 11, 2017

      I am really happy that you continue this story, this site has not seen a good Naruto fiction for some months now. That said, for me Lee was the most possible boring choice. His character has nothing that would be interesting in this kind of settings (And I am creeped out by the idea that he can have sex^^). 
      So for me this chapter was just a sign that you are still writing but this alone is great!

      I hope you will write more with genin, I kind of like the idea that Kushina is such a slut that young boys can have their way with her, but I fear the Raikage is in the Exams for a reason...

      I don't want to seem like an asshole, I like the overall story a lot and you have a great writting style. I will definately keep tracking it. ;-)



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    • From CrimsonDragonV on November 04, 2017

      Please give us an update, i think i speak for everyone who follows this story when i say, that we want to read more of this

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    • From Baku on October 08, 2017

      At least please tell the next chapter date 

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    • From Baku on October 08, 2017

      How long does one has to wait... Pls update... It's more than 3 months 


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    • From yttam50 on September 06, 2017

      Really liking this! Keep checking back to see if the next chapter is up since I can't figure out how to follow stories on this site.

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    • From dragonrider92 on August 20, 2017

      I feel it would be better if you stick to OC's for now. And Kiba winning against Naruto especially with Naruto being stronger than in canon, nearly made me stop reading. You're forcing a lot of things to happen, but since this is a good plot and I've not seen this in any other fics I keep giving it a chance.

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