Reviews for Stop teasing us Sensei!

BY : LordOfLust

  • From CrimsonDragonV on November 04, 2017

    Please give us an update, i think i speak for everyone who follows this story when i say, that we want to read more of this

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  • From Baku on October 08, 2017

    At least please tell the next chapter date 

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  • From Baku on October 08, 2017

    How long does one has to wait... Pls update... It's more than 3 months 


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  • From yttam50 on September 06, 2017

    Really liking this! Keep checking back to see if the next chapter is up since I can't figure out how to follow stories on this site.

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  • From dragonrider92 on August 20, 2017

    I feel it would be better if you stick to OC's for now. And Kiba winning against Naruto especially with Naruto being stronger than in canon, nearly made me stop reading. You're forcing a lot of things to happen, but since this is a good plot and I've not seen this in any other fics I keep giving it a chance.

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  • From hibiki6 on July 08, 2017

    Pretty glad you cut that scene it felt out of place.Personally I enjoy the story but I think it might be going on for a bit too long. Would love probably a Gaara seen where Kushina shows him people love him her on way. Then maybe an epilogue three years later where shes pregnant with one of their kids and no one notices.

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  • From fg7dragon on July 06, 2017

    Entirely worth the wait.

    As for her next lover, maybe Gaara?

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  • From Darkdream on July 05, 2017

    Hey, great Chapter as usual!

    Finally, all students got their action.^^

    You did a fantastic job waiting several chapters before going all the way to sex, this made it really exciting.

    Saying that I guess now comes the hard part. In the past fascinating to see each chapter how far Kushina will go/will be pushed. (Again thank you for the slow build up, it's sadly so rare to see. Most stories go straight up to boring sex). The challenge now is to keep the story exiting with creative (and maybe a bit humiliating for Kushina? ;-) ) situations. I am just voicing my thoughts, seeing how great the story is I am more than sure you will find a way. :-D

    Please update soon, I am checking daily! ^^





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  • From Pryde on July 05, 2017

    Hot as usual, though the gangbang scene came across as tacked on. I was honestly expecting that to be the finale of the next chapter, seeing as how Komachi got his turn in this one.

    The fact that Naruto unknowingly cockblocked them all got a chuckle out of me.

    I'm glad to hear that you're going to get Kushina involved with other characters. I would strongly suggest, however, that you don't use Omoi. Kushina obviously holds resentment to Kumo for that whole kidnapping thing. You even mentioned that in this very chapter, so I don't see that working.

    Personally, I would love for Rock Lee to be next. I mentioned in my previous review that in one of the other chapters you hinted at this very scene. Minato mentioned that the boy was in the hospital after his match and Kushina said something about going there and  'cheering up' Naruto's friend.

    Choji would also be a good choice. Give that chubby nin some love!

    I would also like to see something done with Teuchi at some point. Maybe it gets to the point where Kushina eats so much ramen that she's racked up quite a tab and so she suggests an 'arrangement' to get herself out of it. Kind of a flimsy premise, admittedly, but Kushina is such a ramen fanatic that its still plausible. Especially if you add it a bit later in the story when she's already started to sleep around.

    Now as for what you mentioned in the AN regarding that cut sequence of Komachi rubbing his cock on Minato's sandwich. I'm extremely glad you got rid of it. The whole point of this story is that while Kushina may be slutting it up, she still loves her husband and son. It just doesn't belong in this story.

    Plus, its fucked up to begin with.

    That being said, you're the one writing this story. If you really, really want to add that kind of questionable shit, its your call. But I think it would detract from an otherwise wonderful story.

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  • From Sovereign on July 05, 2017

    Like this overall, though I agree with SEF, that would definity make this story unique (honestly, every story one reads the one that is cheated on has a "pathetic 2 inch dick" .... dafuq?).

    Maybe bring Naruto into the mix somehow as well

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  • From Sef on July 05, 2017

    Yeah that's fucked up, and kinda ridiculous.

    Unlike the million other slutty Kushina stories you read on this site, in this one she still seems to love her husband, she's just a raging slut. I think you should keep it that way.

    Heck, if you really wanna be unique, treat Minato like the badass he is. There's no way Kushina could keep her 'extracarricular activities' hidden from him for so long, maybe he likes it - seeing his wife fuck around with other dudes - and that's why he hasn't said anything. Maybe he enjoys getting posessive/jealous and 'punishing' her, and she loves it. Bring him in on it, go the light-hearted, perverted route rather than the darker route I always see.

    It's why I've stuck with this story as long as I have. While shotacon/kid fucking is not my thing, that can be ignored because the tone is generally lighter than the usual fare.

    Would be cool if you kept it that way. 

    Your story, your rules though.

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  • From zeek17 on May 05, 2017

    One person talking per paragraph.

    You may not bother youself with other grammatics, but this rule you MUST follow.

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  • From Bageltiger on April 21, 2017

    I can't wait for kushina to get fucked by guys with huge cocks.

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  • From snake1980 on April 20, 2017

    what a chapter so looking foward to see what happens in the next chapter

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  • From SPG on April 19, 2017

    dont remember if i mentioned it allready but this story is great, definetly one of my top 10 stories. probley top 5 if i only include this site.

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