Reviews for Kage Sexbomb

BY : SniperJoe

  • From Gmon01 on September 19, 2018

    Also, how exactly is Kurenai going to raise Mirai? Will she raise her normally until she's eighteen and introduces her to Naruto or will she train her to worship him from birth?

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  • From JamesEverett99 on September 18, 2018

    More impregnation! More Tsume! More Hyuuga! Please...

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  • From kakashihatake.7799 on September 16, 2018

    I was away from this story for a couple of months but I must say, returning back to the story was a good decision. I totally agree with you on the Ino arugument, she is one of my own fantasies as well and I gotta admit SHE IS DAMN HOT! I once suggested Temari, u can use the laziness of shika and make Temari approach naruto not the other way around. 

    You were also asking for a way to revive the MILFs without edo tendsei, I may have a solution for that.

    Try giving naruto a fuinjutsu which allows him to summon shinigami without the sacrifice, he'll make some sort of deal with the shinigami and BOOM the MILFs are here!!! 

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  • From SaltySloth on September 09, 2018

    So, if Naruto is attracted to redheads, does that mean Karin will be given a chapter or few in the future, if only to have some IRL incest? I badly want to see her in this story, just to see how you characterize her since she isn't really attracted to Sasuke that much after the whole Danzo hostage 2 for 1 'deal', and when she felt Naruto's chakra shortly after he and Team 7 saved her, she was pleased by his chakra from how warm it was compared to Sasuke's, and desired to feel it again.

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  • From Gmon01 on September 09, 2018

    Loving those lipstick marks! Also, how's the TFF Discord been going?

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  • From notherAnonymousPleb on September 08, 2018

    Yay! A new chapter! With my favorite , Kushina.  Thanks for the chapter. I look forwards to more.

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  • From FakeACC on September 08, 2018

    great chapter, still waiting for tsunade 3 though

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  • From Siklos88 on September 08, 2018

    Yes, I love Mito, so glad you added her to this chapter. And this build up is amazing with Kushina, you are masterful at depravity my friend

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  • From MasterKyu on September 08, 2018

    Not the direction I was expecting when you said this was another Kushina chapter, but it was definitely interesting. 


    Im actually glad you decided to go more than just oneshots for the girls. Kinda limits the amount of chapters you can do like that, after all. And I’ve really been enjoying the overall story along with all the smut. You do well in making the world seem believable for what it is, and I really appreciate that. 

    Its too bad the female Jinchuuriki died, I would have loved to see what you pulled off with adding the whole demon beast aspect. 

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  • From Creature on August 26, 2018

    Hey I bet your busy and u probably get alot of suggestions about chapters but I don't know if u seen any of boruto but re reading the hyuga part 1and2 made me think of an idea. In boruto they made hanabi a sensei of a all female team u should have her train them to please naruto and all three r friends of sarada so u can bring her in as well it's just something to think of for a possible future 

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  • From Tagbaus on August 20, 2018

    I can appreciate the whole alpha-male dominance thing going on in the Kurenai chapter, but it does come off just a little... rednecky.  Like, if we didn't have a scope into Kurenai's head that she actually enjoys being treated that way, Naruto would come off like a wife beater.

    "TUNA CASSEROLE?  AGAIN!?" *slap*

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  • From TheTastelessMF on August 20, 2018

    To SniperJoe

    I’m emjoying your story. I’m hoping for you to do a chapter of Naruto/Kurama cucks sasuke fucking sarada and Sakura in front of him. You know a nice little chapter to make sasuke fan boys like BigE. Seriously man you need yo expose that broke ass/butt hurt fan boy. He’s bringing up stupid shit just to hide the fact that he’s a 20-21 year old (check his profile) broke ass faggot making money off of Naruto fanfics and then claims to say he’s not making money off of it 

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  • From Selmer on August 19, 2018

    People really need to chill out. We got flame wars going on about porn. To SniperJoe, really enjoyed these recent chapters. I like when your chapters explore the nature of the setting and characters. I do think the Ino stuff has run its course at least in the case of the Onsen chapters. I'd personally like if you moved on from the onsen specifically, not necessarily away from Ino but from the setting of the onsen itself. I think you do quite a decent job of worldbuilding and I am actually pretty interested in finding out about the political and social ramifications of Naruto essentially breaking the system of your setting. If you write any regular fanfiction, I'd be interested in reading since I think you're a decent writer.

    I hate to contribute to the flame war but I will say this, the whole you made Naruto like Sasuke thing is a bad argument. If we're going to talk about OOCness in stories, nearly every smutfic has this, especially if it's an AU like Kage Sexbomb. When it comes to Sasuke specifically, he is portrayed in most porn fics as a suave, smooth, and dominant sexual beast who charms every girl around him. In canon, Sasuke was a withdrawn, serious, and emotionally stunted guy with essentially one friend. He never showed interest in any of the girls around him and after the series concludes, still spends the vast majority of his time alone and barely interacts with anyone not named Naruto.

    To BigE, I like your stories but you should probably stop commenting on this because you come across as disingenuous. Onsen 3 and on essentially has the exact same premise as your story The Deal, Sai can't get it up so he has Naruto/Sasuke fuck Ino instead. Your story Naruto's Fetish operates similarly to this, Sasuke is a mega alpha who fucks everyone. The only real difference I would say in terms of quality between you and SniperJoe is your grammar and spelling is a bit better. Other than that, your complaints seem to come from a place of hating the fact that Sasuke is a victim in the story rather than the quality of the story itself. 

    Finally, to all those complaining about the logical consistency of the story itself, Tsunade 1 and Onsen 3/4 essentially explains the entire premise and why the characters act the way they do. You may not like it and that's fine but don't act like the story doesn't make any sense.

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  • From Gmon01 on August 17, 2018

    How will Kurenai handle having sex with Naruto while she's pregnant? Will he be more gentle with her or will he be rough enough to effect the baby? Also, I like the more subtle forms of male dominance that Naruto aasserts over her in this chapter.

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  • From Uchihagod247 on August 17, 2018

    Man I had to make a new account just to review this, and I just want to day I love the build up in this chapter

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