Reviews for Kage Sexbomb

BY : SniperJoe

  • From Creature on April 23, 2018

    Hey if your still looking for a bases for a new chapter try using sumire kakei something along the lines of repayment for all the trouble she caused or to be taught the true way to be a great leaf kunoichi by Naruto 

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  • From Hammer on April 16, 2018

    Can't wait for the next chapter

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  • From Ana72 on April 07, 2018

    Dude yes! I didn't even realize that you updated! This is honestly one of the VERY few stories on this site the I actually enjoy. And I loved these past few chapters with Naruto totally breaking Ino mentally and I'm also left wondering on how Tsunade ended up being handled by Naruto since she seems to be the dominant type and is crazy about him. Can't wait to see how that played out. As for the next update I really wouldn't mind another Hyuuga chapter, maybe with Hanabi and Hinata having a threesome with Naruto in the Boruto era. I always liked the idea of Naruto going at it with the Hyuuga sisters especially since Hanabi ended up becoming quite the beauty and Hinata being a total milf. Ultimately its up to you and thanks for keeping this story alive and I'm glad that you're back m8. Hope to see a new update soon

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  • From Zephyr_Fauchelevent on April 04, 2018

    I'd like to suggest a few chapters with Sarada at varying ages seeing Naruto fuck her mother regardless of her presence in the room they are currently copulating. Maybe a few where she also get used to being the Hokage's new bitch. A chapter that show the origins of Shizune and Naruto's physical relationship would not be amiss either. Maybe one where Naruto and Hinat have to juggle in between their physical needs and the good example to give to their children?

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  • From JLDavenport on April 02, 2018

    Love this story, glad to see it continuing and glad to see someone with a similar mentality to me towards Naruto Harems (I can't stand Sasuke personally).

    In regards to why you get so many people suggesting Tsunade, I think it's probably because of how interesting and unique the setup for that scenario was, combined with the fact that it stands out as incomplete. The Hyuuga one is more or less satisfied (you can add more, but the core of the idea is complete), same with the Onsen, but that one's only still at the start.

    In terms of ideas, one suggestion I could offer would be something detailing Naruto's interactions with Shion, following the events of her movie, specifically the fact that canon Naruto unknowingly promised to give her a child. Perhaps this Naruto would make the same promise without knowing, or perhaps he would have realised, but either way, Shion coming to Konoha to collect on their promise is something you could play with.



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  • From DoesLifeHaveAMeaning on March 26, 2018

    Damn, Naruto dominating her with just his words alone...Definitely can see that happening, especially since he typically did that to everyone in canon. I also like the slow steps to how Naruto dominates a woman of Tsunade's status, just means that when he eventually fucks her, she'll already be close to broken. As for the next chapter, I hope you show the background to how Naruto broke Anko because that's something I have been wondering. I mean, she likes sex rough, right? So that had to have been bed breaking type sex. And also the timeline of when he broke her, would it have been when he came back from his training trip or before. So many questions. Anyway I can't wait for the next chapter.

    PS: Savage 'theoretical statement', I respect you that much more for it. I also respect him even less for his so called 'apology'. I say good or bad to always stick by your words even if it's controversial. I also call bull on his offer to help since as far as I can see your story is doing better than most people on this entire site.

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  • From El_Zorro_Black on March 26, 2018

    I really enjoy how you handle the Tsunade/Naruto interactions, especially when Tsunade lets her lust rise to the top.

    I'm just enjoying this story very much, overall.

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  • From MasterKyu on March 24, 2018

    Reposting review for the latest Onsen chapter because of spelling errors. 


    Good to see you back again. 

    Sorry to hear about the writer’s block with the characters you were trying to focus on. Kurenai could be a good character to make a chapter for. Since Asuma dies and she’s no longer pregnant, she doesn’t have the distraction from not being regularly used and fucked. And Naruto was the only other Wind User in the village. 

    Not sure what you had planned for Shizune, but she could be sent by Tsunade to be Naruto’s first conquest of a girl/test his training she’s been putting him through. Depending on if either Shizune or Naruto knownits a year, but it’s up to you. 

    Could also make them take Tayuya prisoner and Naruto is the one to break her into confessing Orochimaru’s secrets with Anko watching, which in turn gets her interested in him and wanting the same treatment.

    It was really good to read a good quality NaruHarem again. They’ve been severely lacking on here, and yours was always one of the good ones. 

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  • From cooltony101neo on March 24, 2018

    I hope you post the chapter of Tsunade getting pregnant soon

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  • From LandRaider on March 24, 2018

    So BigE shows his true colors what a whiny fucking hypocrite even his apology and I use that word loosely was half-assed. What little respect I had for him is gone completely 

    anyways it’s great to have you back this story is a gem and I’m glad you didn’t forget about it

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  • From JustaRandomGuy on March 24, 2018

    Hey man, glad to see your back! Really enjoy your work. If you're looking for a more hardcore idea, I would suggest maybe Tayuya or Fu, both have been shown to be more durable than normal, Tayuya with her curse mark and Fu being a Jinchuriki. 

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  • From Link29 on March 23, 2018

    Sigh thank you man just simply thank you for brining  some sense of sanity to this place i've had enough of big e's self righteous sasuke cucks naruto harem bullshit too and he has the gall to criticize your work when each and every story he shits from his asshole is like sasuke fucks naruto's wife and daughter he's happy with it boom done that in itself spells no rhyme nor reason and even the latest shit fest he shat love lust and friendship is way to predictable all i see is a sasuke cucking naruto with hinata being his virtual love slave while he puts a big damn smile on his face no seriously bige is a hypocrite you know how many naru/harem stories he wrote and barely even finished them and even then in some of the stories naruto is always dominated somewhat right he doesn't have the right to tell you to write something original when he's been wanking sasuke and bashing naruto for years "he dosent't like bashing naruto" cough yeah right he is also one of the main reasone why i didn't even bother to look up naruto fanfic's on this site anymore if any of you like naruto as a character i can exactly tell you how love lust and freindship will end sasuke gets hinata and sakura naruto smile like a whimp end of story so just warning you from now stay away from big e rant over welcome back sniper joe did you try out the jerk chicken and pork they had there?

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  • From MasterKyu on March 23, 2018

    Short chapter, but I loved the contents. Naruto starting to bend Tsunade to his will not through physical strength, but but his sheer stubbornness and strength of will. It fits so amazingly well with who Naruto is a a character, I can’t help but love how it works in the context of the world you’ve set up with. 

    Id actually love to see a chapter where he manages to utterly break a girl before he even fucks her or touches her, just through his stubbornness and willpower. Could be what you  use Shizune for if you’re still not sure what to do with her. Or TenTen, since there’s no real plan for her as of yet. 

    Actually, if you can manage something with the Princess from the first movie or Shion from the first Shippuuden movie, those would be great. He basically won them both over with his extreme stubbornness. In this universe, he’d break them into his without laying a finger on them. 

    Keep at it, you’re easily one of the better writers on here. 

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  • From Arkwright on March 23, 2018

    Yeah, I noticed that review that a certain wannabe Uchiha cuck lord left. While I can understand his attempt to give "constructive criticism", I found it to be utterly ironic that he preached originality whereas none of his stories possess a smidgeon of it. I honestly thought about messaging him on fanfiction (how generous of him to plug his FF account and discord), but he really isn't worth the time nor the effort.And where are all of these Naruto/Harem stories he mentioned? Kage Sexbomb is one of the very few that I've come across that hasn't been totally abandoned.

    In short, fuck him and his stories. He's one of the reasons why I don't bother searching the Naruto section of this site very often anymore. He's so thirsty for Sasuke that it's just fucking sad.

    Anyway, ideas for this story. I'd like to see Tsunade explored more in the future. We've had a Tsume chapter (two really). Karui could be interesting, but cucking Chouji? I don't know. Shizune, despite being somewhat unassuming, would be good. I'd also be down for Kushina and Kurama at some point. What about Mebuki Haruno? She's not a woman you see with Naruto very often. Given his relationship with Sakura, Mebuki wouldn't be a stretch in this story. Yoshino Nara could be another, especially since Shikaku died during the War. Was Ino's mother ever introduced in canon? Inoichi died during the war too. So she could be an option.

    What about women who live outside of Fire Country? Mei Terumi, Mabui (the Raikage's assistant), Samui, Shizuka etc. Someone who would be interesting, given their past and her role in the Icha Icha movie, would be Koyuki Kazehana. Perhaps she and Naruto could have hooked up during his training trip or something. Or she stopped in the Leaf during a diplomatic mission, etc.






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  • From suikofan on March 23, 2018

    Hardcore smut no plot next chapter? Hoping for Tenten she keeps trying to add plot but Naruto just uses her and she realizes she is as useful a woman as she is a kunoichi and breaks down crying as she licks his cum off the ground.

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