Reviews for Kage Sexbomb

BY : SniperJoe

  • From Gmon01 on July 16, 2018

    I don't think Naruto's the only one with blue balls after this chapter. Also, TFF has a discord channel. Hawk's on there and it's much more active if you wanna join.

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  • From elchabon on July 16, 2018

    Very good chapter.
    It's always refreshing to read some fic with Kushina. hehe
    Waiting for the continuation.

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  • From Cakei5 on July 15, 2018

    Fuck, do not leave us like that, the truth despite the fact that there is little action, is very well written that catches the reader and leaves him wanting more to end, the truth all the chapters of Kushina has this effect. Leave wanting more and I can not wait for the next chapter, keep up the good work.

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  • From LincolnJohnson on July 15, 2018

    Daaaaaaaamn! Smoking chapter. Don't be leaving us hanging.

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  • From Zephyr_Fauchelevent on July 14, 2018

    Is this Kushina real or is it just a figment of Naruto's imagination? Because if she isn't real, he can fuck her all he wants with no concequences.

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  • From Siklos88 on July 13, 2018

    Damn, man. You’ve gotta do more Kushina. My preference for lemons usually isn’t the Naruto is a sex god who breaks every woman in the series, (though I do like mindbreak just not the sex god) but you write it really well. The teasing especially is great, though I hope it leads up to something good slowly. This reminds me a lot of God of Fertility in the slow build, though that one had loli which I’m not too much a fan of. 

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  • From elchabon on July 12, 2018

    Excellent chapters
    Fabulous story
    The truth you overcome with each chapter.
    I hope to see another chapter with Sarada or Hanabi.
    Will Shion or Shizuka be in the future?
    Keep it up.

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  • From TheTastelessMF on July 08, 2018

    To BigE2955

    you really got some nerve saying some ignorant shit. Of course you have a problem with this fic since your boyfriend sasuke is being cuckold and this is a naruto harem fic. Seriously man? Your whole comment was pathetic and hypocritical at the same time. If this story had sasuke instead of naruto you would’ve already fapped to it. But hey that’s nothing new coming from a 21 year old basement bottom dweller making money off of Naruto fanfics using mommy’s internet. Seriously man your profile, and biography on HentaiFoundry screams “hypocrisy”

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  • From Berseker96 on July 07, 2018

    Good chapter bro

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  • From Gmon01 on July 03, 2018

    I think there are other places besides AFF that would like Eva smut. Have you ever heard of The Fanfiction Forum?

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  • From LincolnJohnson on July 02, 2018

    Nicely done.

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  • From LandRaider on July 02, 2018

    Has anybody here ever read a blond mother lover it’s a Naru/Kushi Naru/Miko ntr fic that’s really good and about 8-9 decently lengthy chapters. Also well done on this chapter it’s fun to see Kushina willing to cross that line for Naruto

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  • From LordSinnoh on July 02, 2018

    Great chapter,

    All hail character development chapters. Seeing how you seem to be expending the fic and trying to do more. Are you planning on adding girls from other villages? Or are you keeping it for another fic?

    I do also appreciate the references to the backstory of this fic. We have seen Naruto dabble in NTR and take wives? But we have yet to know what exactly happens when they go back to their husbands/bfs.

    Sakura 2 or a Sakura/Sarada chapter is beyond overdue at this point. The fact that your fic reminds me of Sahara Wataru's doujins also helps with that.

    I don't think we have had a chapter where a girl comes to Naruto purely for sex instead of him seeking them out or seducing them. I do also wonder how this Naruto deals with the eventual fangirls that comr with his status of Hero of Konoha and Saviour of the Ninja World.

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  • From Arkwright on July 02, 2018

    Eh. Fair enough regarding the Mebuki thing. Truthfully, I don't think she's that hot either. But she's not someone you typically see in smut fics. Also...not gonna lie, Sakura's reaction would probably be pretty fucking hilarious haha. She treated Naruto like complete shit the majority of the time for years. And not only has he turned her into his slut/mistress, but her mother too. It's like the best kind of karma. 

    Anyway, no big deal. It was just an idea anyway. Have you considered including women from the non-canon arcs and movies? Like Koyuki Kazehana for example. By the end of her movie, she was pretty attached to Naruto. And that was in a universe where he wasn't like he is in this one. It's implied that she goes on to star in Jiraiya's Icha Icha movie after the fact. That could be a point of interest if you were so inclined, i.e. Jiraiya coerces Naruto into appearing in the film with promises of teaching him jutsu during the time-skip. If not, that's fine too. It's your story afterall.

    While I find the taboo between Naruto and Kushina to be interesting, I actually find these chapters to be a refreshing change so far. While the hardcore lemons are excellent, the slower, more teasing, chapters are equally as good. And while my interest in this dreamworld is still piqued, but I can wait for the reveal. 

    Thanks for the pretty conistent updates man.


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  • From Gmon01 on June 29, 2018

    Are you going to work on any of the other stories you've written? Or work on a new one?

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