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Reviews for Kushina's Capture
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Rixxell_Stryfe 2012-11-03 id # 3000207704
Great story so far. I love the submissive Kushina and I'm very interested in who actually captured her. Keeping it a secret throughout this chapter was an epic idea. I personally hope it would either be E(because it would make sense for the Raikage to go after her again) or Sasuke to spite Naruto.

Thanks for writing and please update soon:)
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chm01 2012-11-04 id # 3000207716
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Dante 2012-11-04 id # 3000207717
Another great chapter. Go naruto!
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KayDelso 2012-11-04 id # 3000207718
It's Naruto ? Disappointing.
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Frebie 2012-11-04 id # 3000207723
Yes! Thank You for making a dark NaruKushi fic! There are some tics like this but this is by far the best and the most anticipated fic I have had the pleasure of reading! I just really hope that you don't make it so that other males fuck Kushina, cause I hate it when other men that aren't Naruto have sexual relations with Kushina. Anyways update soon!
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Wyrtha 2012-11-05 id # 3000207726
Glad to see it was Naruto after all, but now I wonder how he knew where she'd be and why he did this instead of just introducing himself to his mother.
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Grumpywinter 2012-11-25 id # 3000207950
Great chapter I hope you have Naruto or Dark Naruto whoever is in charge of his body at the moment gang bang Kushina or have her hve to suck off 50 or more of his clones to get a dick in her cunt or something else she could need.
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Takai153 2012-12-11 id # 3000208155
I love that it turned out to be Naruto! I can't wait to see more. Wish you would include anal sex.
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Wyrtha 2012-12-12 id # 3000208173
Good story. I look forward to seeing what you write next.
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chm01 2012-12-12 id # 3000208175
it was not that bad of an ending, but if it's over could you put in the summary that it's finished? also have you considered as your next project (whenever that is) a mikotoxkushina fic?
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