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EROKNIGHT 2012-06-03 id # 3000204822
good to see your work here
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DiabloSlayer 2012-06-03 id # 3000204825
Words.....cannot describe.....the awesome sexiness.....that I just read. Now I know how Kakashi feels when he reads Jiraiya's pervy books. Please update soon. Like now.
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wicked_smile360 2012-06-04 id # 3000204839
its suck that ff is cracking down when its theme is unleash your imagination. its good to see you have a back up plan.
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Jay_Frost 2012-06-04 id # 3000204842
I think I am the first to review, he he I followed over to AFF I do hope to see the rest uploaded and new chapters but i know switching it over can be a hassle
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Namikaze7 2012-06-05 id # 3000204847

U are one heck of a writer. i love ur story. this is really epic and i cant wait to read more from you. I was wondering if you are taking requests as well because i would love it if ur able to write the story i want to read. please let me know if u can do that for me. i would really appreciate it.

keep up the good work
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Kage 2012-06-05 id # 3000204850
Hope you don't get deleted of the other site.
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Skelo 2012-06-05 id # 3000204852
hey there sup i am doing the same but i won't post anything until my account gets banned. Btw how do i add to favs? this site is so fucking wierd
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MizoreShirayukiFan 2012-06-05 id # 3000204857
I like this story very much. It is a shame that is cracking down on stories like this now.
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juicedmark 2012-06-05 id # 3000204866
great to see you on this site... still love the story..
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Christopher 2012-06-06 id # 3000204901
An awesome story thus far. I don't say that easily either. A few minor spelling/grammar errors here and there, but nothing that really takes away from the story or makes me scratch my head saying "What are they talking about?"
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