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Reviews for Naruto: Tales of Incest
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Inanna Orbatos (Email Hidden) 2012-05-13 id # 3000204613
Love the Storys, really got described sex scenes, hope you write more
if i could make a request Ibiki and Idate please
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DenimGiant 2012-05-13 id # 3000204616
I will make one of these for every chapter you write. Keep up the awesome work chief.
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Kitsurekei (Email Hidden) 2012-05-13 id # 3000204617
5 out of 5, as always :P

I just loved what you did with this chapter: the way you portrayed Tsunade and her feelings, Naruto's involvement in the story and how he's compared with Nawaki (just like canon)and of course the wonderful smut, specially how you made Nawaki a good partner despite him being, as you put it, "undersized, for the time being" (sometimes realism is really appreciated) The end is what really sells the story since it gives you that heart-warming feeling Tsunade will always treasure her little brother in her heart forever... damn, is smut supposed to make you feel like this?! xD

Hope to see some oneshots about the Inuzuka, Uzumaki, Uchiha and Hyuuga families in the future (Kiba/Tsume is still the one I fantasize the most! According to canon, Kiba's dad left because he couldn't keep up after all... I'd like to see a oneshot where Kiba proves to his mother he's best in bed than his father, then have the tables turned with Tsume fucking him to exhaustion! xD) Anyways, know that I end up reading everything you write my friend.

Keep up the amazing work!
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Anon 2012-05-13 id # 3000204620
Magnificent. The Tsunade/Nawaki chapter was pitch perfect. Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for the future.
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cuevadelobo6015 (Email Hidden) 2012-05-13 id # 3000204621
this series is really going great love the naruto-kushina story
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DenimGiant 2012-05-14 id # 3000204623
Said I'd do it. But seriously, the Kushina chapter is so wonderful.
Would love to see a Chapter 2 continuation of her, maybe where she teaches Naruto about safe sex...
*Laughs so hard my face uncontrollably slams into the key-rjubrhBNLB][[0844%$&^F72^rYBo&t({{ohtud^%ew%diff ygtHKIV HKIJUBFO*
But please don't, I think it's the modern taboo of practicing unsafe sex, or maybe just the sheer pleasure.
But doing it inside is, in my opinion, one of the best feelings in the world. Given how hard it is to do with a real-world partner, the addition of that single factor makes these stories just go up exponentially in the hotness factor.
Although maybe Kushina does a whole *Trial and error* approach to learning and Naruto keeps making errors...

Anyways, I wanted to also let you know that you do seriously good work. I know you don't have to do anything, which makes me truly grateful.
So on behalf of everyone on this site, I'd like to thank you for providing the some of the best smut on the site for those nights when the girlfriend has a headache, or for those with none at all.
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ninesenshi 2012-05-14 id # 3000204625
Very sexy. I always like Naruto x Tsunade so I would like to see more of that...
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YouWinOrYouDie 2012-05-14 id # 3000204628
Great job!! How about an extra chapter with a Kushina/Sakura/Naruto threesome?? Just an idea.

PS: You are the very BEST Author on this, period!!
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Pulsor93 2012-05-14 id # 3000204633
So, any chance of Sakura reaction chapter? Thought you did a great job.
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ReaperDemon (Email Hidden) 2012-05-14 id # 3000204635
Wow, that was amazing! Ino is by far my favorite women in Naruto, but I think the Kushina chapter stole it for me. Fantastic job.
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