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G 2011-11-17 id # 3000202375
Not that it has anything to do with the fic itself, exactly, but it's a question to ponder: if Naruto is transitioning into being female, and considers herself female, doesn't that technically make this het fic? She must be taking the hormones at this point and already has breasts (which Sasuke got an eye and handful of, LOL), though it doesn't seem she's ...completed... the process? I've read gender bender fic for this couple, and also sexual disguise, but I think this is the first transgender fic I've read with them. Very cool. I'll be looking for more chapters of this.
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MisatosPenPen 2011-11-17 id # 3000202378
I'm liking this . . . God, Sasuke's going to freak unless he's too drunk to care when he finds out! Or Narut(k)o does some subtle suggestions to break it to him gently enough.
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Jessica 2011-11-17 id # 3000202382
I love this story so far and I can't wait for the next chapter. And that sex scene was hot. Now I'm just wonderin how Sasuke's going to take the news that Naruko is really a man. I'm dreading yet anticipating it.

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MisatosPenPen 2011-11-17 id # 3000202391
Dun, Dun, Dunnnn. I've always hated Sakura, such a bitch. Can't wait to see how Naruto reveals the truth . . . I'm guessing he's classic tranny, boobs and the twig and berries. Can't wait!!!
I'm glad Itachi seems to be happy with a bunch of kids. He's my favorite!
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Jen 2011-11-17 id # 3000202396
Oh good. I'm glad that Naruko's secret is going to come out sooner rather than later. Sasuke has been honest about his situation, so she has to be honest in return, otherwise they'd never really be on the same page as a couple. He'd feel betrayed that he'd found the guts to tell her the truth, but she couldn't do the same for him, and he'd be right.

I have mixed feelings about Sakura. On the one hand, I think that she is hilariously horrible. (A pink car? What is she, a Mary Kay rep?) She is pretty much every bad stereotype of a rich girl rolled up into one and magnified. Are you planning on using her as a bit of comic relief in addition to her villain role? I think that might be a fun way to go with her character. On the other hand, she is SO awful that she has no redeeming qualities whatsoever (though if she was a humor character, you could at least "love to hate" her). The problem with this is that it makes Sasuke's decision ridiculously easy. As I see it, since his relationship with Naruko is so new, Sasuke's decision to get married ultimately has to be based on what he wants for his future without really factoring Naruko into it. That's pretty much what Naruko has been telling him, and I agree with her. So the question is, even if Naruko had never entered the picture, could Sasuke have manned up about refusing a marriage he knows he wouldn't be happy in? If it's a marriage with Sakura, who wouldn't refuse? At 22, he's still young and brash enough to think he could make it without his parents' money. If Sasuke were 42, then he'd have a lot more to worry about in being cut off and losing his job. To me, given Sasuke's age and Sakura's personality, this is a hard, but obvious decision. Sakura seems like the type to blackmail him in agreeing to it, but once he decides he doesn't want her, it's a matter of getting out of the blackmail rather than really being conflicted over it, you know? If Sakura were an ordinary girl who Sasuke has no chemistry with whatsoever, not only would I feel a bit of sympathy for her, but then him having a fiancee would really be a stumbling block for his relationship with Naruko. Saying no to a life with a person you can tolerate, but who can never make you happy is more difficult than saying no to a person you are 100% guaranteed to be miserable with. So that was just my take on why I both liked and didn't like what you are doing with Sakura.

LOL! I'm looking more forward to the conversation Sasuke and Naruko are going to have once he gets up to her apartment than the actual sex. ("I have a confession to make" scenes are always fun because of the awkwardness.) In real life, I find straight guys to run the gamut from impressively understanding to impressively disappointing when matters of non-heterosexuality come up. Which one will Sasuke be?
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Jessica 2011-11-17 id # 3000202398
Oh now that was a good chapter. Damn what a bitch that Sakura, I really hope he kicks her to the curb soon. And I'm wondering what Naruko is going to do next, is she going to come clean now. Can't wait for the next chapter.

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BlackSandGara 2011-11-18 id # 3000202399
All I can say is that I can not wait for the next chapter. I have not looked forward to a chapter this much in a long time. What a great story this is turning out to be.
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EmmyBBerry 2011-11-18 id # 3000202400
Argh! Horrible horrible place to cut it off! ;p Cant wait for the next chapter and reactions all round (if somehow 'she' doesnt get out of it haha).. Lovin the anticipation and build up you have going, looking forward to the next installment! ;]
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G 2011-11-18 id # 3000202402
Oh, it's yaoi. Hmmm... then does Naruto have boobs and think of himself as a woman or not? If he's cross-dressing for the sake of the bar (like he thinks it would get him more customers), or he just likes wearing women's clothes but identifies as male aside from that (e.g. cisgender, or identifying as the gender you were born with), then I guess I'd be disappointed because I got all excited hoping I was going to read transgender fic, LOL. I guess I'll have to see how Naruto tries to explain him (her?) self to Sasuke.
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smint45 2011-11-18 id # 3000202403
Hm I can say I really like it so far!!! Sasuke will probably soon find out that Naruko is actually a man, I wonder how he will react!!!! I can't wait for more see you again soon!!!
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