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Reviews for Hot Springs and Gloryholes
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Pete91888 2012-01-16 id # 3000203235
This is an awesome fic. The one with Hinata was the hottets one shot I've ever read about her I hope you do a sequel. As for other women it would be pretty hot if you did the 3 Uzumaki's Kushina Naruto and Mito (young).
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Anon 2012-01-16 id # 3000203237
if you're looking for ideas as to which women to feature, i say you can't go wrong with kurotsutchi :D
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Freed 2012-01-16 id # 3000203238
I agree about Hinata's chapter was the_Best one and right behind the first one, with Sakura and Ino. I loved the anal parts the most. About the other ones, I never was a Temari fan, so skipped that (espacially because I saw there's Gaara in it too). The one with Mei & Tsunade was pure awesomeness (I loved Mei's personality a LOT) even having the Akamaru surpirse. And about the Samui & Karui chapter; well I had really high expectations for that one, but I haven't felt satisfied about it somehow. I felt it kinda fast, espacially Samui's scene, they gangbanged her from one second to the next. I feel you somewhat rushed that one, maybe I'm wrong. But Great job overall, can't wait for the next chapter!
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Anon 2012-01-17 id # 3000203242
Man you are so awesomeeeeeee=) when you gonna continue????? best series ever

Put Kushina and Mikoto plz plz plz, those two would be fantastic together^^
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Anon 2012-01-18 id # 3000203253
Still no new chapter ?:( *sob* *sob*
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Senoue 2012-01-27 id # 3000203397
With all due respect, is there any chance for an upcoming chapter?
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jordan (Email Hidden) 2012-01-31 id # 3000203452
I honestly think you should have Naruto bang Mikoto, you know just because i hate sasuke, but also Sasuke and Itachi are bishonen boys...pretty boys.

I honestly think that if you're using other Naruto boys beside Naruto himself, you should use Kiba, him and Naruto are built properly for this type of thing :P
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spiritwolf35 2012-01-31 id # 3000203456
So far I really like this fic but if you do the next chapter with Kurneai and Anko I say make sure Naruto is there as well and not just Kiba because he shouldn`t be the only one to do both of them I don`t if he has Akamaru with him just make sure Naruto is there getting some of them and that goes when you do Hana or Tsume don`t get me wrong I like Kiba he is a trip but when it come to getting some from Kurenai and Anko or Hana and Tsume Naruto has to be there as well to get some of them
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Anon 2012-02-01 id # 3000203461
Kiba is more enough for Anko/Kurenai especially if he has Akamaru as well there's no need to put there naruto too, unnecessary. You can focus more on the characters when there are less, and we all know there are lots of narutos.;p

Great story btw Konan got it hard! She will have another gloryhole chapter or a completely different story?
The anko/kurenai story gotta be awesome too. About the Mikoto/Kushina and I don't really know why is it that hard, no offense, just say that they aren't dead, everything is an alternative world where there is no akatsuki, madara, just the kyuubi incident and that's all. lots of other authors does the same.
And then, since they're friends (mikoto&kushina) they go together in the hotsprings and there will be anyone you like (naruto x sasuke, naruto x kiba, only naruto, etc.). Or if you want to stick with the plot (which means in the past) then just put there jiraiya (he never got anything yet anyway;p) or Minato. But the first option is better and easier.
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Robert 2012-02-01 id # 3000203466
Maaaaaaaaaaaan this is so awesome!! Konans chapter was the best!>< Will you consider one with Ayame(the ramen girl? OR Mabui (the raikage's assistant)? PleasE!
Thankyou in advance!
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