Reviews for Broken Branches

BY : Cha's Aegis

  • From RogueMudblood on September 25, 2011

    This is intriguing! The way you've opened this has me interested in seeing more.

    I especially liked Minato's statement regarding aesthetics within the Shingami's stomach - very amusing! And the interaction between Minato and Hiruzen in the medical tent was priceless!

    I do have one question though: while Hiruzen is standing with his aids, you state:

    He knew what Minato planned on doing. Both understood the younger man would not survive.

    But later on, in Minato's office,

    "Why did you think that was the best option, Minato?" Hiruzen asks, confusion coloring his tone. "You know what life is like for a jinchuriki and if you and Kushina both lost your lives, Naruto would've had to endure that alone."

    Is there another action that Hiruzen is referring to besides binding the demon that would or should have killed Minato?

    Thank you for sharing this piece! I am very interested to see how it develops.

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