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Reviews for Naruto: Harem Shadow
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VFSNAKE 2009-09-10 id # 3000175035
Nice! Naruto is getting sex slaves and Hinata is the Queen. SWEET! Can't wait to see who he nabs next.
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nm1716 2009-09-10 id # 3000175037
I like the story and can't wait to see what happens next. I am glad that Naruto will not be an I rule the would type. I thank each of his girls should stay party true to who they are just more submissive. I can't wait to next time. PLEASE UPDATE AGAIN SOON!!!
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Anon 2009-09-10 id # 3000175039
This story is so good. Naruto going to have sex slaves! This first chapter has already caught my interest and I know it going to be a exciting and lust fill story. I hope you try to incorporate snake hypnosis like in the jungle book with kaa. I so looking forward to your next chapter.
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chm01 2009-09-10 id # 3000175041
this is great! think you can include Samui?
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VFSNAKE 2009-09-10 id # 3000175051
YEAH! That was hot! Naruto getting it on with his slaves and now Sakura joins. Sweet! KEEP IT UP! Get Ino next.
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Anon 2009-09-11 id # 3000175073
This is really good. Thank you for taking my suggestion, I love kaa power of hypnosis and how he coils around the victims body. I love snakes because of the jungle book. I know that a bit disturbing but hey to each his own. The spelling and grammar were good except in a few spots. Like how Hinata said pleading instead of pleasuring. However overall it very good. I how Anko next I love to see her wrap up in bondage wether with ropes or snakes. Good luck!
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reazion 2009-09-11 id # 3000175086
I think that this is an amzing story and i hope you make more like this plz
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VFSNAKE 2009-09-12 id # 3000175108
SWEET! Narto got it on with his sexy slaves. Get Sera "Kitty" Victoria frm Hellsing. That would be awesome! Don't forget Temari, Ino, Ayame, and Shizune in order to keep Tsunade in the dark. Also, use it on Tsunade so she can finally be a Mom, and use Kyuubi's chakra to make her young again.
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Anon 2009-09-12 id # 3000175120
This is a very sexy chapter. I love how you added Orihime and Yoruichi they are two of my favorite female characters in bleach. This story is so good, please continue it.
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Leria 2009-09-12 id # 3000175122
A good story up until the point where you had Sakura dump all her memories of Sasuke. Fact is that Sasuke is doing the right thing by being EXTREMELY pissed at the village and wanting to destroy them. If I was him and Konoha had done the same thing to me.... GOODBYE VILLAGE, BURNING IN FLAMES!
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